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  1. I have been using PMDG products since 2005, and find them to be top quality and easy to use. the New B737 700 and 600 so have some bugs in them however PMDG is working on correcting and updating the product and they are improving with each update. Any new product is going to have bugs in it and a good manufacturer will correct them and come out with a good product if they are a descent company. I have always had good responses from the PMDG staff and users of the their products and they are happy to help out a fellow simmer to correct his issues and problems. From my experience they have the most accurate Add on's on the market. If you will just sit down and give them a good honest try I think you will have a very enjoyable time with PMDG Aircraft. Also the 737 for MSFS 2020 is a new venture for them and they are having to learn Mocrosoft/ASOBO's system and adapt to it, it is taking some time but they have come a long way, and the product is improving every day. If you will work with the PMDG people in a cooperative and civil way you will find them very helpful. However any developer is going to get defensive if you attack them. In my book PMDG is the best thing going in the Flight Simulator Community, Their product outshines all the others, and there are some good addon/simulaltor products out there. My Opinion.
  2. Are there any good Tutorials, or Printed instructions on how to Edit Multi Crew Experience, And VoxScript/ I found one Video using the DC-2, however the presenter obviously is good with editing but is goes through it so quickly, and the video is poor, so it is very difficult if not impossible to tell what he is doing. i need more basic instruction/help. Any help is appreciated. Ken Hand
  3. I Installed a Add on Livery for the PMDG B-737 Ngxu BBJ (file "texture.n.737.m") (the livery was installed using PMDG's Operations Center) Wheni loaded P3DV4, and the B-737 all of the instrument displays were blank and none of the controls worked, including all the switches etc. I loaded the B-747 and got the same result, However the B-777 works fine. I uninstalled and deleted all files related to the B-737 and B-747 on my C & E drives and did a complete reinstall, same result. I have left two posts on PMDG's Support form and so far no help or reply. I would appreciate any help someone can give me, I am not a computer guru so please keep instructions simple (SORRY) Thanks any help in appreciated. Ken Hand
  4. I Upgraded my Computer, and found the following Problem. I am Using windows 10, P3Dv4.4 and exclusively fly the PMDG B-747 B777, and Primarily the B-737 NG, using a Saitek X52 control. After my re-install i found that the aircraft on takeoff and after landing will start to turn to the right and usually uncontrollable. I am wondering if it is a hardware problem not software. Thoughts or Fixes? Thank you Ken Hand
  5. Would UT live or Active sky cause that problem? It does not cause a problem with the B-777 or the B-737. Ken Hand
  6. It loads Faster. also the slow load is just when the computer has been shut down, and it is the initial load of P3D any subsequent loads takes 2 to 3 minutes. that is not a problem. My big problem is the darn 747 keeps crashing depending on what airport it is at. It will load ok in KELP, KPHX, KLAS. But KABQ, KMKC, KSTL, Kjfk, it crashes. seems it is something to do with the PMDG B-747, the PMDG B-777 and B-373 are not a problem. Otter Pilit Ken Hand
  7. I should have added that i do have the full Megascenery addons that are available loaded. I think this is what is taking the time for the program to load.
  8. I Loaded the 747 at Phoenix KPHX and departed to Albuquerque, NM KABQ flew fine until I started the descent into ABQ and around 90 NM west the program crashed. for some reason the PMDG B-747 does not like the Albuquerque NM area. Puzzeled. KH
  9. I am running windows 10. Back to the crash I still have the crash detection turned off, and the B-747 loads then crashes when I locate it in Albuquerque, NM. i Loaded the 74 in El Paso tx and started a trip to ABQ and when it got within about 100 nm of ABQ it crashed. I then loaded it in Santa Fe, NM KSAF it loaded and ran iniililazitation to step 5 and crashed. I loaded it at Phoenix KPHX next, and it loaded. did not try a flight this time
  10. I shut the crash detection off, and it worked fine. for scenery I am using megascenery V3 and V317, works great no problem, it is slow toad initially when you first boot up and load the aircraft for the first time it takes about 20 minutes to get loaded and running, but then it if you close P3D and restart it loads fairly quickly. No problems Thanks for the help I really appreciate it. KH
  11. Not sure what you mean by adding a inAV for p3d and QOTS. I'm not real up on programming, I do appreciate your reply. Ken Hand
  12. I had to completely reinstall P3D and my PMDG addons, B-737NG, B-777, and B-747, all work well except the B-747, My home base i use is ALbuquerque, NM (KABQI load the B-747 on the ABQ airport, as the program loads at about the time the green tape with the count down gets to 5 it locks up and crashes, or does a complete load of the aircraft and then crashes, it does the same thing at the El Paso Texas (KELP) airport. I loaded it in Las Vegas, NV (KLAS) and it loads and works fine? What could be causing this? Any help is appreciated. Ken Hand
  13. I had to reload P3D, and each flight I make seems to go into the Logbook.bin file, but when I go to the menu and click on Analysis, Pilot Records it does not show my recently logged flights, Is there a fix for this? Ken
  14. I had to reinstall the client version of P3dV4 due to a crash. the program seems to be logging flights but when I go to the Analysis to look at the logbook it is not showing the flights flown after I did the client re-install. Does someone have a fix for this I hate to dump the past flight records. Thanks Ken
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