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  1. Hello to everyone here, i would like to ask how i can pick specific microphone input device for my fs2crew On my computer i have 2 microphones,actually 2 headsets. one for the simulator and one for games,skype calls etc. those 2 microphone are plugged in 24/7 and every application let me choose which microphone i prefer to use . except the fs2crew So the question is , does the fs2crew picks the default device or the default communication device for input
  2. I am thinking to buy this https://www.skroutz.gr/s/11105024/Logitech-G-Saitek-Pro-Flight-Radio-Panel.html But i want to ask first if its working with p3dv4 and pmdg 747-8 qots2. If someone have it please spare some information. I dont want to buy it and then have multiple problems with it. I only care to use it with pmdg.
  3. I sent a request too if you interested to give me access cause i will do few flights this days.
  4. Hello to everyone. I got fs2crew for pmdg 747-400 but i dont know where to find the update to move it over 747-8. Can you link instructions? I am gonna run my pc today after few months and i want to fly the new 747-8 with co pilot even with manual ecl Thanks
  5. Is there gonna be any update for this addon or the whole thing is dead? I am not happy with the current version and i feel disapointed for buying version 7 .I find bugs everyday in different airports and the co pilot perfomes pretty bad. I tried to contact via the vox atc site but they never answer. All other addons i have are working perfectly except voxatc.
  6. To launch the application, select the TERMINAL CHARTS button from the MAIN MENU screen. The first time you launch the Terminal Charts application you will need to enter your Navigraph account details in the pop up window that will appear. When i do the above step by pressing terminal charts in efb a white window pop ups but is blank. I cant type my username and pasword of navigraph. My default browser is microsoft edge , I tried with chrome too. https://ibb.co/dwn2sU https://imgur.com/a/PVrFHef
  7. True .If there are strong wings this bug is very annoying. Because it is possible to gain speed after the first hop on touchdown.
  8. I know its bad. they said they will fix it but i havent seen any update yet in operation center software.
  9. on this video the engines are off just to prove that there is no force and the plane gaining speed on its own . When i first tried this out and found the bug the engines were running normally .
  10. I like to watch accident/failure etc videos and try them on the simulator. (if possible) So as i watched Jet Blue Landing Gear Failure at LAX video on youtube , i was wondering for how long i can keep a wheelie before the front wheel touch the ground and also to see the minimum speed before that. Then i found out that environmental friction and few breaking on pedals wasn't working to slowly decelerate the plane while trying to keep the pitch back. After that i made this video with engine off etc to prove the plane accelerates on its own , also it can happen if you try to land with very bad weather. It might sound funny or stupid but this is how i like using simulator. trying failures and unfortunate events all the time.
  11. I found a video on how to connect p3d v4 / and my traffic 6.0a Complete this guide Note:IF YOU USE GSX AND FLY TAMPA AIRPORTS you have to go in my traffic installation folder and remove the scenery folder so the gsx can read the Lockheed scenery with fly tampa afcad else the parking areas are wrong. Since vox atc generates traffic on its own way **you dont need the scenery folder in mytraffic instalation folder. ** Delete or change the extension of this folder C:\My Traffic Professional\My traffic\scenery On every start up p3dv4 will make a question because of the missing file .Just press yes to unload it After run the voxatc 7 indexer and you are ready.
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