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  1. I can also confirm major stuttering on landing with multiple aircraft (PMDG, FSLabs, CaptainSim). v1.2
  2. I am also having an issue where it keeps pushing, even after using the kill switch. I have nothing assigned to Shift+P and I am using button control. I was using the PMDG 777 @ EGLL. Did not happen in v1.0, and I was using a custom route.
  3. Hello all, Is it possible to speed up the ground speed of the towing function? 3 knots is quite slow. I have tried enabling the fast pace during pushback, but that does not have an effect on the towing speed. Thanks!
  4. Hello there, I have been messing around with UGCX for the past hour and it has been working great. The one question I do have is how do we load routes from the ini files that we made previously? I have created 3 pushback routes for Newark at gate 71, however, when I request the pushback, the window doesn't show any of them. How do we get these routes to show up? Many thanks, Sam
  5. Yeah seems to be after I load the sim I can pan around fine but as soon as I click out to say load Active Sky or PFPX and then click back the panning is slower and the cursor shows up. Except it stays like that till a restart. I have no clue what to try, I already run as admin.
  6. Still waiting on this, once I load the sim up, it pans fine, then the minute I click out of the sim and then back in the slow panning resumes.
  7. Will try today, seems to be whenever I click out of the sim and then back in, it does the slow panning thing..
  8. Nope still slow panning. If you need to do a TeamViewer to see the issue, I would be more than happy to do that as this is really annoying.
  9. Seems to be back again now, seems when I tab out of game then tab back in, it stops hiding the cursor and pans slowly. Tried restarting CP and reinstalling it, still no luck. 😕
  10. Randomly the mouse button just started to hide again. Not sure why but it's fixed.
  11. Mine is nothing to do with my joystick, it is panning with the middle mouse button that is the issue.
  12. Just panning. It's a real pain as the panning is so slow.
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