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  1. Eytan_Ofir

    Crash between greenland and canada

    After updating gsx with the update making gsx disabled over 10k. The crash dosent happen. Thanks
  2. Eytan_Ofir

    Crash between greenland and canada

    exactly this topic but it isnt got a solotion... only turning off coatl but now i cannot fly to fsdt airports
  3. Happends with all aircraft., p3d 4.3 gtx 1080ti i7-8700k oc to 4.7 all orbx stuff gsx active sky ect.. same spot every time its a NTDLL.DLL Error Please help.. http://prntscr.com/kpskmr
  4. Eytan_Ofir

    User waypoints file

    justflight have sent me a new gtn ini and that fixed it. thank you for your help
  5. Eytan_Ofir

    User waypoints file

  6. Eytan_Ofir

    User waypoints file

    anything to do?
  7. Eytan_Ofir

    User waypoints file

    Yes. And it worked for me before a fresh windoes install
  8. Eytan_Ofir

    User waypoints file

    Hapenning only with this one. yes main monitor. yes yes
  9. Eytan_Ofir

    User waypoints file

    simble as it sounds... i click the gtn once then i cannot click it more... only on the 2d panel. it happends in the warrior 2...
  10. Eytan_Ofir

    User waypoints file

    i can only click on the gtn when its 2d on the 3d panel on the warrior i can only click once.... please help
  11. Eytan_Ofir

    User waypoints file

    where is the user waypoint cfg/txt file? thanks
  12. Eytan_Ofir

    RESOLVED P3Dv4 CTD on Change Airport

    I have the same problem on new install please help...
  13. Oh yeah lol. So i need to chack it? The turn off title is confusing me
  14. where is that? http://prntscr.com/idg2a8 i did not found it