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  1. From limited testing over downtown Toronto, going to low graphics preset doesn't do much for me as compared with ultra. Frames don't raise dramatically, it just looks worse.
  2. Recommend taking a look at Hardware Unboxed video on YouTube about Nvidia driver overhead. Seems to slot right into the topic of CPU bottlenecked titles.
  3. To those in the know, maybe. To the rest of us it was advertised and sold as fully finished.
  4. Do youself a favour and search for "model name issues/problems/dead/etc" before buying. This will give you an idea of what users are experiencing and you can decide for yourself the level of acceptable risk.
  5. Really hope it works out for you. I also had no issues until it gave out couple days ago. There were no warning signs prior. This already expensive GPU will demand even more financial input over its lifetime. Just paid $236 to ship it back to EVGA (Ontario to California). UPS would not take it by ground with such high value and insurance. Canada Post would be cheaper but insures only up to $1000. I'm not in a position to chance it, so was forced to pay the high shipping. This is just the first RMA procedure. People had multiple replacements die on them also. Someone on EVGA forum just replied to me saying that shipping insurance doesn't always cover used items. Fine print and all that jazz... if this is the case, there's just no words...
  6. Ahaha. Just going over the thread again... and this is what I said a while ago. Here I am!
  7. Mine died yesterday after 3 months of regular use. Everything described below happened in one day. Started with screen going blank and fans revved up to 100%. Sound from MSFS kept going - ie. computer carried on, just no visuals. Rebooting worked, only to word not allowed out again with load applied to the card. When going dark the card would start off pretty hot to the touch but became cold in under a minute. Even once cold, it kept going without any sign of wanting to slow the fans. After a few cycles it got harder to reboot, had to cut power at PSU. At one restart there was a message about "VGA card not suported by UEFI". There was an option to "continue". Windows loaded up, MSFS loaded up, load to card applied (sim menu still does a great job taxing GPU), and now the card is dead. There is no video output at all. No red LEDs above power plugs like others are reporting. The eyecandy LEDs do still work. I'm not a fan of LED decorations, but switched them back on to indicate temperature for when the screen goes black. Not much luck with this test as it simply died before I had any use of the LED temperature indicators. Got myself a GT710 today just so I can use the PC for other things until RMA process completes. Hope it doesn't take too long. I have to ship it international fom Ontario to California. I hope EVGA isn't slapping a band-aid fix to broken cards and sending them out to people. "I get yours, you get mine kind of thing".
  8. For what it's worth I've been running this model for a while now without issues. Used the scan feature in EVGA Precision X1 app to find a stable overclock. Card runs great with +109 MHz GPU and +200 MHz memory offsets. Honestly not sure if overclock has any perceptible effect on in-games performance. The card does OK at stock speeds, just letting others know it is possible to bump stock speeds on this card. Fans never need to ramp up to higher-range speeds to keep temps down. The only time I got to hear fans at 100% is by setting them manually. At max they are really loud! In normal use it's either dead silent or barely audible. Good to know there's headroom in cooling. System is on 1300W PSU after a brief adventure where I hoped 650W would be enough - it wasn't. The PSU is major overkill, but I got it for the same reason I bought the 3090 - no stock of more common sense parts. Hope not to come back to this thread to report a dead GPU. So far, so good.
  9. I can confirm that I was able to get a 5600x to OC to 4.5GHz on all cores. Pretty useless overclock because PBO boosts dynamically few cores at a time to 4.6GHz - ie: single core performance is better at stock boost speeds. Decided not to overclock afterall.
  10. I heard the main intent of the attack was to deliver the following line of code: MSFS=DX11+1
  11. Republic3D congrats on your purchase! You will be happy with how it performs. Yes, it's expensive but there are ways to justify it. Zero money spent this year on concerts, cinema, eating out, vacations, etc. "Savings" all around that could be put towards toys. 😄 All the scalping is sickening to look at. "Selling, BNIB, only double the retail price. Selling the 3080 because just got my 3070 (or insert any other made up reason)". Some will even say right in the listing that you won't be able to find what they're selling in regular stores. Tried listing my 3090 on local service for $17,000. Just for giggles, saying 'the money will go towards another 3090'. My listing was removed because 'it's not serious and made in protest'. The thing is that my listing is just as serious as all the scalper listings. I WILL sell it for the listed price in a heartbeat. For the money, I might even deliver personally. Unfortunately the moderators saw my post as trolling and closed it. Scalpers win!
  12. At first I attempted to run 3090 with Ryzen 3600 powered by quality 650W PSU. Various sites said it would be enough juice for my system. No go. PSU started making crackling noises as soon as the video card use ramped up eventually leading to a shut down due to overload. My 3090 requires 3 PCI-E power plugs. I understand most versions are happy with 2 connections, so that might also affect things. i9-10900 needs more juice than 3600, so my suspicion is that 750W would not cut it or it will be just barely enough.
  13. They've got a lot on their to-do list. Hope all issues get addressed as soon as possible though.
  14. Not an option unless you enable developer mode. Keep in mind flights aren't logged in dev mode. Could try landing, enabling dev mode, changing plane, disabling dev mode. Maybe this way your flight and hours get logged.
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