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  1. CaptBmckay

    Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 Released!!!

    They just posted an update yesterday that was supposed to address the AP engagement issue. They said it was possbily related to Trim inputs from the control column during climb out. I installed it and it works for the most part.
  2. CaptBmckay

    Help!!! P3D v4 doesn't start anymore!

    I had this problem also. Generally restarting the machine works to alleviate this issue. I ended up rebuilding my CFG and that resolved the issue.
  3. CaptBmckay

    Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 Released!!!

    The day has finally come!
  4. CaptBmckay

    What about Rex

    I just pointed REX 4 to P3d v4 and it worked. I dont have any problems. I am not "recommending" you do what I did, however I haven't had any problems.
  5. I agree. I noticed that too. I fixed the situation myself. I don't care for the XML add-on feature. Since New York X is a city scape, I like to have my scenery library in a special order. Like you, I just deleted the Add on XML file in the folder and manually added Washington X and New York X so I can control the scenery library order. I did this with all of my P3dV4 add-ons. I moved all of my add ons to a folder out side of P3d and manually added them all the scenery library. So far I've had no hiccups.
  6. CaptBmckay

    Few bugs with P3D v4

    I have the same issues. other than that Great product BTW
  7. CaptBmckay

    P3Dv4 Orbx Install Went Well !

    Totally agree
  8. CaptBmckay

    Positive and Negative points on V4

    Agreed. I am very happy with the new features. V3 was great and I am loving V4. I am very thankful for the performance increase and the 64bit possibilities :-)
  9. CaptBmckay

    Megascenery Earth and P3D4

    Yep thats all you have to do. I did the same thing and it worked like a charm. I didnt think photo scenery would be an issue anyway. Im loving the performance of V4! Very happy indeed
  10. CaptBmckay

    F16 no power to avionics

    This F-16 is by Aerosoft
  11. CaptBmckay

    Question about RAM and v4

    I have 16gb of ram and I can assure you, everything runs just fine.
  12. CaptBmckay


    Great news! I will most certainly buy the full version to the support Pete's incredible service to our great hobby
  13. CaptBmckay

    Prepar3D V4 addons compatibility list

    Ive found so far that all of the T2G, Latinvfr, drzweicki and megascenery Earth sceneries work. I just copied the respective folder to P3Dv4 addon folder and added to the scenery library manually. For the megascenery, I just linked each scenery folder to the scenery library in P3D. Works great. The performance is incredible for the dense city areas too. I never had that in P3Dv3.