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  1. Dear Steve, Can you asses the impact of Cloud Shadows on VAS? I am still on FSX, and VAS is a problem. Best regards, Holger
  2. Thank you, I was able to open a ticket using yet another computer.
  3. Itried from yet another PC, and I was able to open a ticket.
  4. Jst to double check: Is this the link to the correct installer? http://files.100megabyte.com/realityxp/rxpGNS2-530-FSIM.exe The product in the order information reads like this: "RealityXP - Reality XP Garmin GNS 530 WAAS"
  5. Do you mean an email to F1? They do not show their email address. I have received a private message from Jeff on Simforums saying: "Reality-XP is aware of the issue. I would go to or http://www.avsim.com/forum/767-the-realityxp-support-forum/ to for further support help." This is why I came here.
  6. Thank you. I used the automated service to get a fresh key etc. It did not work. The 500 Erorr persists, and I actually forgot when I tried to use their service, but I think it has been more than a week now, so I am wondering whether there is something wrong on my side. But all my browsers are TLS 1.3 enabled etc. Best, Holger
  7. I bought the GNS 530 through F1. I am trying to reinstall using the wrapper. I have the keyfile and the password, but I am getting an error message (wrong password). I am wondering whether I have the correct installer. I tried to launch a ticket on the F1 website, but it is impossible (500 error). I was referred by F1 to this website. Can you help? Kind regards, Holger Tillmann
  8. Thanks for the input, everyone. Another question: Does the DX10 Cloud Shadows mod add substantially to the VAS? @vortex: I am still on FSX - because of the Level-D 767. Framerates are good, only problem is VAS. Does this get better with Win10? Best, Holger
  9. I vaguely remember that DX10 fixer and cloud shadows only work with Windows 7. I am considering an upgrade to Windows 8.1 Will the fixer still work? Best, Holger
  10. I am away from my setup, but I only have one EPIC Card which shows up as three different joysticks (EPIC 0 thru 2). So I guess there is no risk of "confusion". Will check in a few hours. Best, Holger
  11. Hi Scot, Thank you very much for this comprehensive explanation. I see much clearer now. 20 Hz processing should be more than enough. My apologies if I have sounded as if I was criticizing LINDA for lack of speed. What I found slow was PMDG. It also seems to me that the number of inputs that PMDG can digest is limited, so it might be a good idead to have LINDA in between as a buffer. I will definitely look into the option of using the reserved offsets and processing them through LINDA. And yes, you are referring to the correct EPIC card. If we can solve this, we might finally have found a way to use EPIC hardware with PMDG products. I will keep you posted, Holger
  12. Hi folks, In short: Why does the value of the course selector increase at glacial speed (maximum changes of three degrees per second) with button pulses? How can you build a realistic MCP when the values change like in a slow motion movie? Long: I am building a generic cockpit that can be used for a variety of aircraft. My hardware is the EPIC card. This hardware writes values directly to FSUIPC offsets. Let's take the course selector knob - if you change the course, a new value will first be created inside EPIC and then sent to FSX. As everything happens in EPIC, the impact on FSX is almost nil, and you can change course, heading, altitude very quickly. As I have programmed my scripts in a way that makes them "sense" whether knobs are turned quickly, I can do a 180° change with six notches of a turnable knob. Now, all this does not work with PMDG, as PMDG does not have writeable offsets, if I have understood correctly. So instead of generating values, I have programmed my turnable knobs to send a joystick button pulse with every notch of turn. With this, I need one notch of turn for every single degree of increment. In other words, I have to turn my 12-notch knob 180 notches i.e. 15 full turns to generate a 180° course change. This is not realistic. So I have adapted my script in a way that EPIC still senses if the knobs are turned quickly. And if they are, it sends 10 button pulses within 0.2 seconds. With only FSUIPC, this leads to a 10° course change, but the 10 degrees take 3 seconds to change, like a slow motion movie. With LINDA, this is the same only that sometimes it creates mayhem, and the course continues to change incessantly even if you close LINDA. => Can you help me find a way that button pulses are processed more quickly? Best, Holger
  13. PC-based flightsimulation has come a long way: A big thank you to all who have made this possible. Holger
  14. Hi folks, You can see my specs below, and so far the 744 is running very fluidly on my setup. I was wondering, however, if it is possible to have an alternative "lean" model, i.e. without the interior etc. to even further improve performance. I was also wondering whether it would be possible to create an alternative cockpit without seatbacks. That would make it easier to use camera add-ons such as EZdok and TrackIR. The way the 747 cockpit is laid out, you have to zoom out quite a bit if you want a wide view. Or you find yourself behind the seatback. Best, Holger
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