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  1. Hi everyone, I could post this in the TrackIR forums, but I figured I'd come here first since Chaseplane has native TrackIR support. My question is rather basic: Are their any "recommended" or popular TrackIR profiles which work well in P3D? I'm at the first stages of setting up my profile and I'm slightly overwhelmed by all the options. In the meantime I'll keep tweaking until I have something I like. Cheers, Louis
  2. rvm33, Thank you very much for this detailed and thoughtful advice. I have since fixed all of my EZDOK issues, but I will make a note of your suggestions and implement them, should I encounter problems in the future :smile: Terence, I wrote a post on the EZDOK forum which collates everything I found regarding the middle mouse button issue, which I deemed to be perinent from my limited experience. You can view that post here. Hi Robert, Thank you very much for replying to my post, despite the fact that it's (sort of) not PMDG-related! I had already looked at this post, but I only scanned it. I'm pleased that the technical issues have been aknowledged and I look forward to the update. Hopefully my current set-up continues to behave. Thank so so much for a wonderful simulation! Best regards, Louis
  3. Hi Terrance, The issues you describe sound somewhat familiar to mine, although they could be symptomatic of something else. If it helps you to troubleshoot, I have been able to resolve my problem. The first clue was that the "EZCA 2 Config Tool.exe" shortcut which is automatically placed on the desktop no longer pointed anywhere, so at some point the file had been removed. I guessed that Windows Defender might have quarantined it, because when I first installed EZDOK I was warned by Defender that it's a virus. I added a temporary exception to all .exe files and any directory with the name "EZCA" or "EZDOK", then disabled real-time protection (perhaps dangerous, but I wanted to hit the problem with a hammer to be sure it's the firewall). Fresh install of EZDOK and QOTS II and everything works absolutely fine (minus the usual FSX nags). I ran a search in APPDATA to make sure that absolutely every file related to EZDOK was gone. I am still left with a trail of smaller problems, but they're not blockers: FSX sporadically rebuilds the config, resetting my resolution and display settings, and removing everything under [TRUSTED] so that I have to accept all the Windows UAC warnings again The middle mouse button-to-pan feature will occasionally stop working. I have to restart EZDOK and FSX to resolve this I'm sure that I won't want to go back to the default FSX camera system, but so far I'm feeling the pain of change. Just the fact that I have to window FSX to acess the config utility is annoying because, at least for me, FSX behaves very badly when switching between windowed and full screen, or when minimising and maximising. I hope this helps! Louis
  4. Dear all, I recently purchased EZDOK to complement the fantastic QOTS II. However, things have quickly turned sour. Because FSX issues can often be a mashup of misconfigurations between multiple software, I feel that this post could belong in either a PMDG or an EZDOK forum- I'm just completely puzzled. To make things worse, FSX doesn't let me take screenshots so I'll have to describe in words what's happening. First I installed QOTS II and it worked fantastically. The next day, I installed EZDOK 2.0, as a first time user with no previous EZDOK installations. The two were like a match made in heaven. However, after a few sessions of FSX, everything suddenly stopped working. When beginning a flight with QOTS II: The view freezes Textures don't load properly (looks like a cracked copy) The framerate drops to less than 1FPS I get a very bizzarre clicking sound (like someone is flipping all the switches in the flight deck simultaneously). These sounds come out of my monitor speakers, which shouldn't even be active I can see the initialization bar at the top of the screen, but it's lagging so badly that you can see the bar being drawn line-by-line I can't access the EZDOK config tool Basically, the sim is trashed. Why am I posting this to the PMDG forum? I decided to start a flight in another PMDG aircraft (NGX) and everything worked perfectly! I then uninstalled EZDOK and QOTS II, then reinstalled QOTS II (no EZDOK this time). The result: The 747 still does not work, but all other PMDG products still work fine. I am an EZDOK n00b but I've been using PMDG products since the original 737 NG, and I've never experienced anything this bad. I apologize if this post feels misplaced. I might repost this in an EZDOK forum later. However, I would like to know what people's experience has been regarding EZDOK 2.0 and QOTS II? I feel quite alone with this problem so I'm hoping there's a solution which doesn't involve reinstalling absolutely everything, though this may have to be the case! Thanks! Louis
  5. Hi guys, Are any of you using AES with 747 v3, and if so, do you have a good .cfg that you could share? Cheers! Louis
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