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  1. andrejzg

    Captain announcements

    Problem solved. Well in fs2crew control panel i turned CAB knob all way to left. Thank you all
  2. andrejzg

    Captain announcements

    This is not related to 'cabin crew' because I have my own customized safety message My mistake is about jetway. I meant stairs not jetway. To move stairs I use AES menu. I wanna thank for fast responses. Thank you all
  3. andrejzg

    Captain announcements

    If you watch Froogle video you will notice what I'm talking about.Announcement starts in 11:20. And also I noticed that my jetway is not moving when ground marshaller tells that they are moving the jetway!!!!
  4. andrejzg

    Captain announcements

    In Airbus MCDU i choose flight crew off and cabin crew on and still captain makes announcement
  5. andrejzg

    Captain announcements

    I mean on boarding when all doors close Captain starts his annoumcement. I mean safety message
  6. andrejzg

    Captain announcements

    Hello, Is there any way to disable captain announcements ?! In my AXE I have automatic announcements and captain announcements are just bother..