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  1. i assume that by PG you mean photogrammetry Like i just said to DJJose, it doesn't matter where im landing. (read what i've just replied to DJJose) I Don't have any mods, only a couple of super basic addon airports for argentina and addon aircraft.
  2. Again, it's not a problem with my graphics settings. If i spawn on short ginal for RWY04 at LaGuardia right next to manhattan with a taxing airliner like the 737 the sim runs without issue even on higher settings. It only happens if i've been flying for a couple hours beforehand on the same flight. Even on less demanding airport, like a default airport in a non-photogrametry city, and it happens on the lowest of settings
  3. As i said, it's been present since launch. SU5 only fixed it briefly.
  4. Title. Since the sim launched i've had the game turn into a slideshow whenever i get within 100ft of the runway on airliners. However, it only happens if im doing a full flight. What i mean is, for example, if i enter the world map, select a random airport with say the new pmdg 737 and select it only as arrival so that i spawn in short final to land the plane, the sim runs perfectly. But if i come in to land from a full flight, the mentioned issue happens. No matter how low i set the graphics and how many performance tweaks i try, since it runs perfectly in any other situation. The issue dissapeard in Sim Update 5, but came back on sim update 6 What could be causing this?
  5. I know this sounds like we are in 2008 but is there any way to merge this two? i would like to do it because of the lack of liveries for the CLS. Thanks in advance.
  6. Recently my middle click in my mouse broke, is there any way i can change how to open the in game menu and pan around?
  7. So, i recently decided that i wanted to purchase xplane 11, but before i decided to check the demo, since my sistem isn't particularly good for flight sims, or that's at least what i think. I ran the demo with medium-high ish graphics and it went fine, around 30-40 fps Great! then i purchased xplane 11 via steam, and it recently finished downloading, so i boot it up and crashes when i load my flight. And that's basically what happens, the only way i made it run was putting everything on the worst possible setting, and it ran around 70 fps. But anytime i change anything, it crashes. I already tried rebooting my PC and disabling threaded optimization in the nvidia control panel. These are my specs: i7-6700 GTX 1060 6GB OC 8GB Ram 2400mhz Thanks in advance! UPDATE:The same thing is going on with the demo now
  8. Hey. I'm really sorry for the late reply. I was kinda busy and i've got to the sim just now. I noticed the error was actually that i got to many programs running and thats why it disconnected. Thanks for your time anyway!
  9. Sorry, ill update it later and i will let you know what happens
  10. the chaseplane menu says im in 1.0.9, how do i update it?
  11. Hi! I bought Chaseplane a couple hours ago. Everything seemed to work fine after some time configuring it. So i decided to make a full flight in the Aerosoft A320 to make a final test, and i found out chaseplane disconnects after a couple minutes. It doesn't freezes or closes, it simply disconnects. The only way to fix this is by restarting the program. What do i do to fix it?
  12. It actually worked! Thanks for your time (and patience).
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