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  1. Yes it is but to make it easier PMDG has modelled a spot on the MCP where the screw is on the left next to AT arm switch.So advance throttles to 60% N1 then push the screw type button on the MCP panel.By the way in order to work properly you need to have AT switch on and have set your FMC first.Also you need some mode selected like LNAV and VNAV for example. But basically the only requirement is to have Auto-Throttle Arm switch on and you're good to go
  2. As of now I think that 737-700ER with its 5.500nm capability is the only one that can compete with the 757.
  3. Instead of commiting to an entirely new product PMDG could very well offer the 737 Extended Range variants that will cover the gap left by the discontinued 757 in the real world.At least this would be the next logical step given if it is enough marketability for these to be made in the not so distant future.Boeing 737-900ER is a very nice candidate for your needs and it will be much more convenient for the team to offer it for us than investing in a new project that will obviously take more time.
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