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  1. jtrim1

    My cockpit build

    just thought I'd post a quick update on this since I've made a lot of progress on my cockpit since the last time I posted. Here is a link to my gallery where all of my progress pics are. I'm really to the point where I can sit in it and enjoy using it now. I've got a few more steps to complete. I'll be putting a ceiling on it and some cosmetic touches still need to be added, but it's getting pretty close to finished now. http://imgur.com/a/M2Dk6#0 Thanks for looking! Jeremy
  2. I'm not sure if it's related to this or not, but I notice on my 660ti with P3D 2.1 I have a strange "horizon" of shadow off in the distance that move with my plane. I notice that very far away, the terrain lighting looks great. small hills are properly shaded based on sun position etc, but at a certain point, that shadow horizon hits and everything closer to me looks to be in the shade. the horizon rotates strangely with me as I roll the plane, and you'll see the hills and terrain coming into the light and looking great as the "shadow horizon" moves. It looks almost like a reverse LOD. like, somehow, at a certain distance the lighting kicks in and looks great, but not closer to the plane. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. jtrim1

    My cockpit build

    yes! 32" in triple wide setup goes a heck of a long way. I'm pretty happy with them. In fact, I think if I went any bigger it might just get out of hand in my setup. I do use the 2d panel in an undocked window, then I drag it down to the 4th monitor. It took me a bit to get it to work, because there seems to be a bug (left over from the FSX days) where 2d panels don't show up correctly in wide screen mode, but I just dropped into windowed mode onto a single monitor, turned on the 2d panel, dragged it onto the 4th monitor and resumed the full wide screen mode. I saved the scenario and it starts up correctly every time now.
  4. jtrim1

    My cockpit build

    Thanks Flyin_Doc! I am using 32" LED televisions. They are all 1080p, which once I span them together with the Nvidia surround driver, I think my resolution turns out to be 5760x1080. The actual width from left to right is about 6 and a half feet. I will have to get into my settings again to see what all my display settings are, but I've got everything tweaked so that my frame rate is typically averaging around 25-30 or so. I'm running P3D V2 btw. and in my scenery settings, I've got terrain all set to max, the autogen all set to max except for the trees which I have set to "normal" (as I heard that this can help with the OOM errors). Lighting I have mostly maxed, but shadows I did dial back a bit because I saw some impact on frame rate with those. I'm running a Core-i7 (not sure which honestly) with a 660ti graphics card. I've been very impressed by the cards ability to span the view over three screens AND run a 4th screen just for the instruments. It's done very well! If I were going to make any hardware changes, I think I would go for a newer video card. I would hope that might squeeze a few more FPS out of the sim, but as it stands, it is very..... educational.... to fly.
  5. jtrim1

    My cockpit build

    I've made a little more progress on my cockpit build in the last few days so I thought I'd post some update pictures. I installed a countertop to the top of my desk. It looks WAY better than the plywood top. Then I flipped the desk and painted everything black I also painted the monitor wall section black Just a pic of the seats, but you can see the countertop on the desk in this shot Here is the desk and the monitor wall assembled and bolted in place. I just finished hanging the monitor mounts and adjusting the monitors. Next big structural piece will be the ceiling to tie everything together, then it starts getting really fun. I'd like to run some interior lighting and start getting the instrument panel fleshed out. It's getting pretty close now.
  6. jtrim1

    My cockpit build

    thanks for the encouragement! I will certainly post new pics when I've made more progress. My biggest fear (as with most of my do-it-yourself projects) is that I will get to a certain point that it is fully functional, and then I'll get too caught up in playing with it to put the finishing touches on it. As you might be able to see in the photo of the base with the wheels, I have a home made arcade cabinet that I was working on, and it got to that point where it was fully working, and I have yet to finish it up. Still needs several parts painted, it needs plexiglass and bezel to cover the display and the marquee is just a clear sheet of plexiglass right now. It's been in this condition for probably 2 years. HAHA Let's hope I can get enough momentum and motivation to take this project through to completion
  7. jtrim1

    My cockpit build

    that panel looks awesome. I don't think mine will look anywhere near that realistic. but seeing things like that is what gives me ideas and I can try to mimic some of that there. Thanks for sharing!
  8. jtrim1

    My cockpit build

    I thought I'd share my current project with you guys to both share my excitement and to also perhaps get some input from others of you who have ventured down the same path. I've decided to fulfill my lifelong dream of building my own home cockpit. I'm not going off of any plans whatsoever, this has been the product of years of looking at other folk's simulation setups and months of talking over designs with a friend of mine who's lending me a hand in the construction of this. I like going the "no plan" route because it gives me the opportunity to customize the thing to exactly what I am desiring. So, here' goes. Our first decision was that this thing needed to be modular and relatively easy to disassemble in the event that I should move. I was finally building this thing, I sure as heck wasn't going to want to leave it behind if we ever had to move. So, we came up with a plan that would include essentially 7 components. The 4'x8' base (on castors to make it easy to move around the floor should I need to do that), the back section which is structural, but also doubles as a convenient shelf, the seat box to which the seats will be bolted, the "desk" who's only real job is to support the instrument panel, but also double as a surface for keyboard/mouse when I need to do real work, the instrument panel console, the display assembly (which will also double as the front wall of the simulator, and finally the ceiling to help enclose the whole thing. All of these things will be bolted together with a few bolts which should give it strength but also allow for simple dissasembly. on of my concept drawings (I'm certainly no artist!): The base: The back framed in, and seat box built: a temporary "desk" to figure out spacing and measurements: desk is built, and front display wall is framed in: and this is where I'm currently at. My friend is working on the instrument console panel using MDF to built up a glare shield and the curved panel where the instruments will go. This is going to be made in such a way that it is easily removed from the cockpit so the thing can be used for other gaming or work purposes. I am planning on using a monitor behind the yoke, built into the instrument panel, to display the actual instruments. I've got a saitek radio panel and am considering other saitek panels, just haven't decided what I really need yet. Thanks for having a look! Jeremy
  9. jtrim1

    stuck right rudder on launch of p3d v2 flight

    I haven't experienced this problem. I have experienced the full throttle at startup. Is your rudder totally stuck, or will it center itself again once you press on the pedal? If you can get it centered again, maybe try saving a new default flight in the "flights" menu by clicking the "save" button, once you've got the rudder centered again. Not sure if that will work but worth a shot.
  10. jtrim1

    where are all my 2d instrument panels?

    Fantastic! that sounds like the solution I'm needing. I'll give it a shot and post here how that goes. it might be the best we can get for now. Thank you so much!
  11. jtrim1

    where are all my 2d instrument panels?

    argh, so sounds like a bug that might have been around for a long while. It's problematic because I was hoping to set my wide screen 3 monitors to the full outside scenery view, and then undock the instrument panel view and try to throw that over to a 4th monitor that I'll set up behind my yoke in my instrument console. but if I can't get the instrument panel to open, that dashes all my hopes. maybe I can find a way to trick it with the work around I found earlier by going into windowed mode and getting the panel to show up that way. I'll mess with it and see if I can get it to work. if so, perhaps I'll save it as a default flight and see if it sticks. Thanks for the feedback
  12. yes, I'm certain that you do. I have my p3d v2 installed on my D: drive into a special folder there. I don't recall at what point in the install that you get to choose, but you must have missed that option.
  13. jtrim1

    where are all my 2d instrument panels?

    my cockpit is nothing more than some 2x4s and plywood. so, it seems the only thing different I'm using is nvidia surround. If someone else out there is running with nvidia surround I'd be curious to know if you're having the same issue with the 2d instrument panels in full screen mode. although since the time I originally posted my question, I seem to have figured out where the issue is, and possibly how to work around it for the time being. at this point, it might just be useful to find out if anyone else is experiencing this problem using nvidia surround, or even any triple screen wide resolution setup (my resolution is set to 5760x1080). if this is a bug, it would be nice to get it on the list of things that might need to be addressed
  14. jtrim1

    where are all my 2d instrument panels?

    Sure! So, when I load into the sim, I load the mooney (or any aircraft for that matter) which defaults to the 3d cockpit. I then click on Views-View mode-cockpit-cockpit to get to the standard cockpit view. Mine defaults to the full outside view at that point, no 2d panels at all. I will then click on views - instrument panel - main panel which is when the outside scenery view will squish up to about the top 1/3 of the screen, and I'm left with a big black box below the scenery view where I assume the panel is supposed to be, just no panel. However, I'm not sure if you saw my small update above regarding the differences I'm seeing whether I'm in full screen (triple monitor widescreen via nvidia surround) or in windowed mode. When I just got into the sim via a remote desktop in order to make sure I was giving you the correct menu buttons I click, the remote view (which was forced into a single monitor windowed mode because of the remote desktop software i'm using) worked just fine. When I clicked on views - view mode - cockpit - cockpit I was presented with what I would expect, a 2d instrument panel view at the bottom and the outside scenery in the upper 1/3rd or so of the screen. it definitely appears to be an issue with my full screen using nvidia surround with 3 monitors. I was just able to switch my remote screen to "full screen" mode, and it retained the 2d panel. the problem seems to appear when I am trying to enable the 2d instrument panel when the display spans across 3 full screens.
  15. jtrim1

    where are all my 2d instrument panels?

    I appologize, I missed that very last, important line where you put "The panel.cfg file" Here is that info... // Mooney bravo panel.cfg [Window Titles] Window00=Main Panel Window01=Radio Stack Window02=GPS Window03=Annunciator Window04=Overhead Panel Window05=Mini Panel [VIEWS] VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=2.000, 0.000, 0.000 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window00] file_1024=mooney_background.bmp file_1024_night=mooney_background_night.bmp no_luminous=1 size_mm=1024 position=7 visible=1 ident=MAIN_PANEL gauge00=Mooney_Bravo!Clock, 105, 509, 65, 37 gauge01=Mooney_Bravo!Nav GPS Switch, 115, 586, 25, 29 gauge02=Mooney_Bravo!Magneto, 93, 695, 66, 67 gauge03=Mooney_Bravo!Airspeed, 314, 415, 120, 120 gauge04=Mooney_Bravo!Turn Coordinator, 314, 555, 119, 118 gauge05=Mooney_Bravo!Master Alt Bat, 86, 629, 40, 55 gauge06=Mooney_Bravo!Avionics Switch, 131, 629, 39, 56 gauge07=Mooney_Bravo!Fuel Selector, 321, 699, 57, 57 gauge08=Mooney_Bravo!Attitude, 445, 400, 142, 135 gauge09=Mooney_Bravo!HSI, 445, 549, 141, 134 gauge10=Mooney_Bravo!Standby Vac, 390, 702, 34, 54 gauge11=Mooney_Bravo!Prop DeIce, 430, 702, 34, 54 gauge12=Mooney_Bravo!Pitot Heat, 470, 702, 34, 54 gauge13=Mooney_Bravo!Boost Pump, 509, 702, 34, 54 gauge14=Mooney_Bravo!Elevator Trim Switch, 549, 702, 34, 54 gauge15=Mooney_Bravo!Altimeter, 598, 412, 120, 119 gauge16=Mooney_Bravo!Vertical Speed, 598, 554, 119, 120 gauge17=Mooney_Bravo!Fuel Flow, 196, 686, 110, 46 gauge18=Mooney_Bravo!Altitude Alerter, 190, 493, 110, 49 gauge19=Mooney_Bravo!DME, 200, 446, 88, 43 gauge20=Mooney_Bravo!VOR2, 183, 554, 119, 119 gauge21=Mooney_Bravo!Cowl Flap Display, 594, 691, 35, 74 gauge22=Mooney_Bravo!Cowl Flap Switch, 639, 702, 34, 54 gauge23=Mooney_Bravo!Flaps Switch, 693, 715, 30, 37 gauge24=Mooney_Bravo!Left Fuel, 734, 398, 56, 50 gauge25=Mooney_Bravo!Right Fuel, 790, 398, 56, 50 gauge26=Mooney_Bravo!Amps, 846, 398, 56, 50 gauge27=Mooney_Bravo!Fuel Pressure, 734, 460, 56, 51 gauge28=Mooney_Bravo!Oil Pressure, 790, 460, 56, 51 gauge29=Mooney_Bravo!OAT, 846, 460, 56, 51 gauge30=Mooney_Bravo!Turbine Temperature, 734, 511, 56, 50 gauge31=Mooney_Bravo!Oil Temperature, 790, 511, 56, 50 gauge32=Mooney_Bravo!CHT, 846, 511, 56, 50 gauge33=Mooney_Bravo!Manifold Pressure, 732, 569, 81, 81 gauge34=Mooney_Bravo!Tachometer, 823, 569, 80, 81 gauge35=Mooney_Bravo!Rudder Trim Display, 744, 660, 75, 35 gauge36=Mooney_Bravo!Rudder Trim Switch, 843, 660, 54, 34 gauge37=Mooney_Bravo!Thrust Controls, 737, 702, 245, 66 gauge38=Mooney_Bravo!Gear Lever, 935, 416, 26, 66 gauge39=Mooney_Bravo!Elevator Trim Display, 930, 518, 34, 85 gauge40=Mooney_Bravo!Wing Flap Display, 930, 613, 33, 83 gauge41=Mooney_Bravo!Master Caution, 131, 553, 39, 25 gauge42=Mooney_Bravo!Gear Light, 930, 487, 34, 18 gauge43=Mooney_Bravo!Autopilot Switch, 139, 483, 17, 16 gauge44=Mooney_Bravo!OMI Lights, 258, 418, 39, 15 gauge45=Mooney_Bravo!Flight Director Switch,160, 483, 17, 16 gauge46=Mooney_Bravo!Speed Brake, 87, 552, 37, 26 gauge47=Mooney_Bravo!Whiskey Compass, 957, 296, 61, 44 gauge48=SimIcons!Kneeboard Icon, 198, 742, 20, 20 gauge49=SimIcons!ATC Icon, 218, 742, 20, 20 gauge50=SimIcons!Map Icon, 238, 742, 20, 20 gauge51=SimIcons!Avionics Icon, 258, 742, 20, 20 gauge52=SimIcons!GPS Icon, 278, 742, 20, 20 gauge53=n_number_plaque!n_number_plaque, 663,677,67,19 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window01] Background_color=2,2,2 size_mm=157,270 position=8 visible=0 windowsize_ratio=1.6 ident=RADIO_STACK_PANEL gauge00=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Audio, 0,0 gauge01=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Nav-Comm 1, 0,29 gauge02=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Nav-Comm 2, 0,86 gauge03=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio DME, 0,142 gauge04=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Xpndr, 0,179 gauge05=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio AP, 0,224 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=456,378 position=8 visible=0 ident=GPS_PANEL window_size=0.5 gauge00=fs9gps!gps_500, 0,0 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window03] Background_color=2,2,2 size_mm=156,34 position=0 visible=0 windowsize_ratio=1.6 ident=ANNUNCIATOR_PANEL gauge00=Mooney_Bravo!Annunciator, 0,0 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window04] file=upper_1024.bmp file_1024_night=upper_1024_night.bmp size_mm=178 position=2 visible=1 windowsize_ratio=1.6 no_luminous=1 ident=OVERHEAD_PANEL gauge00=Mooney_Bravo!Rotating Beacon, 9,0 gauge01=Mooney_Bravo!Taxi Lights, 37,0 gauge02=Mooney_Bravo!Strobe Lights, 66,0 gauge03=Mooney_Bravo!Recognition Lights, 94,0 gauge04=Mooney_Bravo!Landing Lights, 122,0 gauge05=Mooney_Bravo!Navigation Lights, 150,0 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window05] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=550,90 windowsize_ratio=1.6 position=7 visible=1 ident=MINIPANEL no_luminous=1 child_3d=1 gauge00=Mooney_Bravo!Airspeed, 0,6, 81,78 gauge01=Mooney_Bravo!Turn Coordinator, 90, 6, 78,76 gauge02=Mooney_Bravo!Attitude, 180, 0, 93,87 gauge03=Mooney_Bravo!HSI, 283,0, 91,85 gauge04=Mooney_Bravo!Altimeter, 386,5, 73,76 gauge05=Mooney_Bravo!Vertical Speed, 470,6,77,77 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=1 pixel_size=512,512 texture=$Mooney_Bravo gauge00=Mooney_Bravo!Clock, 159,468,78,44 gauge01=Mooney_Bravo!Airspeed, 187,0,158,158 gauge02=Mooney_Bravo!Turn Coordinator, 346,0,158,158 gauge03=Mooney_Bravo!Attitude, 0,177,186,177 gauge04=Mooney_Bravo!HSI, 0,0,186,177 gauge05=Mooney_Bravo!Altimeter, 0,354,158,158 gauge06=Mooney_Bravo!Vertical Speed, 187,159,158,159 gauge07=Mooney_Bravo!ADF, 194,319,148,148 gauge08=Mooney_Bravo!Cowl Flap Display, 343,377,57,101 gauge09=Mooney_Bravo!Manifold Pressure, 346,159,108,108 gauge10=Mooney_Bravo!Tachometer, 346,268,108,108 gauge11=Mooney_Bravo!Rudder Trim Display, 402,402,100,57 gauge12=Mooney_Bravo!Elevator Trim Display, 454,159,58,120 gauge13=Mooney_Bravo!Wing Flap Display, 454,281,58,120 gauge14=Mooney_Bravo!OMI Lights, 402, 378 ,51,21 gauge15=Mooney_Bravo!Gear Light, 159,445,34,18 gauge16=Mooney_Bravo!Whiskey Compass, 238,468,77,44 gauge17=Mooney_Bravo!Flight Director Switch, 162,388,23,23 gauge18=Mooney_Bravo!Speed Brake, 319,480,39,28 gauge19=Mooney_Bravo!Autopilot Switch, 162,416,23,23 gauge20=n_number_plaque!n_number_plaque, 419, 483, 89, 25 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit02] file=Mooney_Panel_Decals.bmp Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=1 pixel_size=512,512 texture=$Mooney_Bravo_2 gauge00=Mooney_Bravo!Fuel Flow, 0,419,145,66 gauge01=Mooney_Bravo!Altitude Alerter, 219,349,132,63 gauge02=Mooney_Bravo!VOR2, 352,350,160,160 gauge03=Mooney_Bravo!Left Fuel, 0,221,72,65 gauge04=Mooney_Bravo!Right Fuel, 73,221,72,65 gauge05=Mooney_Bravo!Amps, 146,221,72,65 gauge06=Mooney_Bravo!Fuel Pressure, 0,287,72,65 gauge07=Mooney_Bravo!Oil Pressure, 73,287,72,65 gauge08=Mooney_Bravo!OAT, 146,287,72,65 gauge09=Mooney_Bravo!Turbine Temperature, 0,353,72,65 gauge10=Mooney_Bravo!Oil Temperature, 73,353,72,65 gauge11=Mooney_Bravo!CHT, 146,353,72,65 gauge12=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Nav-Comm 1, 260,49,252,95 gauge13=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Nav-Comm 2, 260,142,252,95 gauge14=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio ADF, 260, 235 ,252,66 gauge15=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio DME, 1,0,252,65 gauge16=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Xpndr, 1,65,252,77 gauge17=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio AP, 1,142,252,78 gauge18=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio Audio, 260,0,252,47 gauge19=Mooney_Bravo!Annunciator, 295,301,215,47 gauge20=Mooney_Bravo!DME, 232,413,119,59 [Default View] X=0 Y=0 SIZE_X=8192 SIZE_Y=3500 Day=255,255,255 Night=255,255,255 Luminous=201,64,64