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  1. Hello Mark, same here, 3 computers, diferents cities and the same isuee. Just the keypad in a small size ( in the the three pc´s). The recomendation for QW dispatcher dont work. Tks in advance. (btw, p3d in adm mode)
  2. Hey Mark, tks for the update. All work, but; the image in my Tablet (samsung) are so little. How i can make most bigger, to fit in all screen?. Tks in advance.
  3. Hello guys, best. I´m trying to set to QW789 the CDU in a tablet. No instruction on their mainpage, someone?. regards.
  4. Hi guys, KCMH Port Columbus International Airport FSX since tomorrow in simmarket and pc aviator. Regards.
  5. Tks Ryan, the right answer for my stiation. My ASUS motherboard clock, are dead. tksa again.
  6. Hi captains. we want you for flight cargo planes. http://www.aerocargointernacionalvirtual.com/ Your previous VATSIM hours give your rank inside the airline. we are VATSIM and VATMEX official airlines since 2014 and counting. Native spanish and english are welcome A year in the skies, we are differents, we make the way.
  7. ferangel2000


    My pics from FSX or real planes.
  8. Wow Larry, very nice work man. I take it for me.......hehehe Regards Fher.
  9. Tks mate. work right now. a big tks mate Fher.
  10. Wow Robert a 1000 tks mate for youre answer. I try this too. Regards fellow. Fher.
  11. tks mrcooke, let me try those optios mate. regards. Fher.
  12. friends, how I can assign the ENGINE START LEVERS with FSUIPC. I want to use my command CH PRODC and I have several buttons available. What command can i use for this. Como puedo asignar con el FSUIPC, los engine start levers. Tks in advice. Fher.
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