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  1. Hello Mark, same here, 3 computers, diferents cities and the same isuee. Just the keypad in a small size ( in the the three pc´s). The recomendation for QW dispatcher dont work. Tks in advance. (btw, p3d in adm mode)
  2. Hey Mark, tks for the update. All work, but; the image in my Tablet (samsung) are so little. How i can make most bigger, to fit in all screen?. Tks in advance.
  3. Hello guys, best. I´m trying to set to QW789 the CDU in a tablet. No instruction on their mainpage, someone?. regards.
  4. ferangel2000


    My pics from FSX or real planes.
  5. Wow Larry, very nice work man. I take it for me.......hehehe Regards Fher.
  6. Tks mate. work right now. a big tks mate Fher.
  7. Wow Robert a 1000 tks mate for youre answer. I try this too. Regards fellow. Fher.
  8. tks mrcooke, let me try those optios mate. regards. Fher.
  9. friends, how I can assign the ENGINE START LEVERS with FSUIPC. I want to use my command CH PRODC and I have several buttons available. What command can i use for this. Como puedo asignar con el FSUIPC, los engine start levers. Tks in advice. Fher.
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