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  1. I'm already on Sp2D. Do I have to uninstall this Version and than run the new full-installer? Or Do I have uninstall only liveries before?
  2. Hello people! I have one question regarding step-descend in the 737. Please view the follow flightplan: DET L6 DVR UL9 KONAN UL607 REMBA/N0400F230 UL607 SPI UQ50 ARCKY L607 ROPUV As you can see, there is a waypoint with an altitude restriction in the flightplan (REMBA/N0400F230). But this waypoint is very far from landing. My question in this case is: If i program my FMC to calculate ToD for the REMBA/F230 restricion, than the further descend caclulation is very stupid. The FMC caclulates a further continous descend path with about 500fpm until landing. The better solution is to make a new Cruising altitude for FL230 and get a new ToD caclulatad after passing REMBA. But I don't know how to make this in correct order. Please provide me help with the correct order of the steps to make this. Thank you.
  3. Hello people! I'm not able to turn off the audio indication of NAV in the JS41. I turnd off all knobs on the audio panel but the sound is still playing. How can I mute this?
  4. Hello!I found an XL Airways Texture on avsim.com.This Aircraft is from september 2011. So, can I use it this pack with the new SP1b 737 NGX?When no, what do I have to do for use it?
  5. Bleeds autoPacks auto It occours @ cruise.
  6. I don't get any beep.Failure simulation is off for all. I get only the light on.Booth packs are auto and bleeds are on. (except APU bleed)
  7. Hello! Sometimes, I get the "Auto Fail" Led on during cruise flight. I think this mean a problem with air condition.After a time, the Led goes off. What is the correct reaction todo when this problem occurs?
  8. I downloaded Austrian Airlines but it is American Texture inside. Where ist the Austrian Texture?
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