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    I've been trying to fly my computer since Bruce Artwick published the subLogic Flight Simulator II for Atari 800 (8-bit)... circa 1984. My safe landing-to-takeoff ratio is <1:1... :banghead:
  1. NoClue48

    "PMDG-Friendly" KIAD Scenery or AFCAD

    Hi Tino, No problems so far, but I'm sure I've just scratched the surface. I'll keep your forums in mind in the event there are problems. I'm not anticipating any, but thanks just the same
  2. NoClue48

    Flightsimcon 2015 Updates?

    I hadn't heard the phrase myself since I was transferred from Tidewater to CT back in the day. I thought the comments originated with us sailors...
  3. NoClue48

    "PMDG-Friendly" KIAD Scenery or AFCAD

    Thanks, all. Your suggestions and endorsements are appreciated! I've just installed the Flightbeam, but didn't see much of it as i just left it. I'll check it out in more detail later and see how it looks on the return flight B) .
  4. NoClue48

    "PMDG-Friendly" KIAD Scenery or AFCAD

    Thanks, Kyle. I'll give it a look!
  5. I am not seeking a PMDG endorsement for an upgraded Washington Dulles airport file. I am merely looking for an upgrade that doesn't kill the FPS and/or unnecessarily increase the VAS usage woes in the PMDG experience. I know there are several payware (Blueprint, Flightbeam, et. al.), but I also see some AFCADs that purport to add the "center" runways. Anyone comfortable with advising me? Or, perhaps sending me a PM with a suggestion? Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance! lf
  6. NoClue48

    Is this a "step-descent"?

    Got it! And it makes sense. Thanks, Kyle!
  7. I don't know how to properly search for this sort of descent so I can find how to approach it: 14.1NM 240/ 8000A 6.5NM 216/ 7000A 6.5NM 204/ 6000A 6.5NM 176/ 4000A 5.0NM 162/ 2700 2.8NM 151/ 1076 Do I set MCP altitude for each thousand-foot decrement or do I set it to 2700 as my final descent point prior to the landing? You don't need to explain it all, just point me to where it's described. Thanks!
  8. Thanks, Walter. I think I already have/had the latest versions; service pack 1d. I'll research...
  9. Thank you for the reply. I thought that myself, but in my version of the Ops Center, there are both FSX and FSX: SE tabs. Confusing...
  10. I don't really know where to start, so I'll just say that I had a crash of my FSX Deluxe (with SP2) installation a few days ago--so bad was the crash, that the FSX uninstall via the control panel was suspect. I've had FSX installed in the default directory on this rig for several years and have been nursing it along. In some respects it was a merciful crash because it finally forced me to re-evaluate my sim platform. I decided to take the leap and purchased FSX: SE and it installed quite well; in spite of leaving the FSX installation in its default. I did fight some with the controls (Windows 8.1--need I say more???), but having worked through them initially in the FSX install, it wasn't too bad. Now then, I've only recently (within the past two months or so) purchased and installed the PMDG products for FSX. When it came time, I installed the FSX versions into my FSX:SE and they seem to be running well enough. However, I have been wondering if I need to repurchase the licenses for FSX:SE. I think I know the answer, but would like the official stance. Thanks. Larry
  11. NoClue48

    "Star Alliance" Logo on Livery Reversed

    UPDATE - I realize this is a bit late, but I actually received a reply from Paul at PMDG support on the 26th of April. He said, he's "...passed it along to the painter to correct in the next update." Thanks to all who checked this post...
  12. NoClue48

    "Star Alliance" Logo on Livery Reversed

    Yeah, I don't find it all that disturbing myself. I was just admiring the eye-candy on the outside of the aircraft model and ran across it. I filed a ticket with PMDG, but haven't had any recognition that they've looked at it.
  13. NoClue48

    "Star Alliance" Logo on Livery Reversed

    Thank you. Will do...
  14. Hi, This isn't any sort of major operating issue, but just something I discovered... The "Star Alliance" logo on the United Airlines (Merger) Winglets FSX PMDG 737-700NGX WL is reversed or a mirror image of itself--at least the letters below the logo on the right side are that way. I'm uncertain where and to whom to report this, but if someone can forward this on to the proper folks or point me in the right direction, I'll follow through. Thanks.
  15. NoClue48

    PMDG Operations Center and Update to v1.10.6461

    Okay, thank you. I thought my name is/was there. I will re-edit my signature...