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  1. Thanks everyone for the info. I really appreciate it. Hope you all have a great 2017 and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Jas
  2. Ezdok will be track ir compatible on release. Chaseplane isn't currently but due sometime in q1 2017
  3. Hi everyone. Hope you all has an amazing Xmas...... Just a little time poor in getting information on a good system to run P3D. I have a budget of $1.8K and looking to make the switch from FSX to P3D. If anyone out there can put together some specs I would greatly appreciate it. A few months ago I picked up a GTX 970 4GB so was thinking of using it in the new system to save some $$. I also intend to use my existing 27inch monitor and not looking to go into 4K just yet. I have all the ORBX range (pretty much) and run PMDG, high quality scenery addons etc....... Appreciate your help guys. Jas
  4. Yeah sounds like it. Not sure why they had it to start with.
  5. Like you, I love this aircraft. Well done to Carenado but what were they thinking with the pop up?? Jas
  6. Will do. I will have a look tonight after work and report back. Jas
  7. Hmmmm. Not sure. All I did was install the GTN via the carenado .exe. I entered a simple flight plan from ENNK to ENTC on the bottom GTN and the flight path appeared in the top GTN. Jas
  8. I flew the bird a little last night with both GTN's showing up on the centre pedestal. I simply ran the installer for the GTN option and it works like a charm, no need at my end to muck around with panel configs. They are synced as well. Load a flightplan on the bottom GTN and your path is shown on the top GTN. All good. Jas
  9. Loving this aircraft. Everything came to life and ran as normal once that pop up disappeared. Starting up from cold and dark works fine, vc and modelling superb and the two panel GTN 750's is a great option. I can't work out why they did that with the pop up though. Jas
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