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  1. n116dh


    Hey Reality XP Staff and customers. Anybody going to FlightSimCon 2017?
  2. n116dh

    RXP 430 3d knobs & mouse wheel stopped working

    Hello everyone, must apologize for delay here. Had to take a hiatus from simming. So, in the end I reinstalled the product again and its working now. Thanks for helping.
  3. n116dh

    RXP 430 3d knobs & mouse wheel stopped working

    Mr. President, Reality XP, This is what I purchased from Flight1 taken from their "My Orders" page ( http://www.flight1.com/getorders.asp ): 1033313 Jan 15, 2013 RealityXP - Reality XP Garmin GNS 430 WAAS 1033313-TDYC93LH I have been using the product since 2013. I purchased from a link on the Reality XP home page. So, I don't know what you are talking about when you ask if I purchased the correct product. How can I be sure? Are there bootlegs being sold by Flight11? I used Flight1's order reactivation and key download process to reinstall on my new computer as using the old download install file and key did not work. This seems like a very cumbersome process for reinstalling on a new computer.. The product was working fine on the new computer and as stated in my initial post, the mouse wheel control of the 3d knobs stopped working. All I want is a little bit of help. If that's too much, I will look for another product. Regards, David Howell N116DH
  4. Bought a new computer. Reinstalled the 430 from NEW download package from Fight1. 3d knobs in Carenado Bonanza worked fine for many times when turning computer back on. But then all of a sudden the mouse wheel stopped working turning the knobs on the 430. The mouse wheel works for all of the other controls like the trim wheel and heading knob. Not sure where to look. Any help would be most appreciated.