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  1. For me all of the US maps (IFR high, IFR low, Sectional, etc.) are out of focus when zoomed out. Have to zoom in pretty close to get them to come into focus.. Thoughts?
  2. Sir would you consider two months to be less than a "few" days?
  3. Hey, anyway to add these to the Carenado Phenom 300 virtual cockpit?
  4. How does one clear this CAS? I've tried pushing in and out on the oxygen button to no avail. Thanks.
  5. So.... after 2-1/2 years I finally stumbled on the solution. Using Jorge Rexach's Phenom 300 mods and with much help from Bert Pieke along the way.... here's what I found... the dsd_p3d_xml_sound_x64 DLL gauge needs to be placed in the .\gauges folder. That simple. The gauge can be found @ https://www.douglassdawson.ca/ .
  6. Hey Charlie, Thanks for responding. So, while I would like to find posts for my search in particular; what I'm trying to find out is out to do exact term matching in general in any forum. It appears that the AVSIM search engine is doing a "closely" matches rather than an "exact" match. Regards.
  7. So, all of a sudden these two CAS messsages appear -- "EMB BRK LO PRES" & "HYD LO PRES". Doesn't seem to affect flying the plane that I can tell. So far just a nuisance. As far as I can tell all of the switches are set properly. But would be interested to see of if anyone has a insight. Thanks.
  8. In the AVSIM RXP GTN 750/650 Touch forum https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/823-rxp-gtn-750650-touch/
  9. Does anyone know if a Garmin auto pilot that with VNAV functionality that will work with the GTN750 is available for anyone anywhere. Having just come from Flight1 GTN750 I have become spoiled with the major decrease in workload when flying a STAR. Thanks.
  10. Its the literal appearing in the HSI when doing an RNAV approach. It stands for no glide path. It started appearing during an approach but the A/P was coupled with the GPS and actually followed the glide path.
  11. Searching "no gp" returns posts with "gps" in them. I don't want to include gps. There a too many (don't know how to filter after that). Any suggestions? Thanks.
  12. Hello Everyone, Just purchased GTN750 (migrating from Flight1) and having same issues as dealt with in this post. However, as it has been 1-1/2 years since the last posting, I thought I would resurrect it in hopes of getting some help as it seems that trying to do the suggestion here is not going anywhere for me. I am very well versed in editing/modifiying .ini and .cfg files and have done so for the Flight1 GTN with the expert help of Bert and Jorge. To keep things simple I will take my issues one at a time as there may have been changes in the versions in the past 1-1/2 years. Fresh install of RXP (latest version checked in the config window) and of course the Trainer. Initial unit has very bright screen as described in this post and looks like this: I open up the config screen and change the display setting to what should be fairly dark like this: And the brightness changes accordingly However, when I reload the aircraft the brightness reverts back to the original brightness. [note also the the .ini file now has two new lines:] Rheostat.Display = 27 Rheostat.Buttons = 17 So first off, I should think that the changing the display brightness in the Configuration Screen would "keep". It appears that reloading the aircraft ignores the two new lines in the .ini file. Am I missing something here? I have read the user manual very extensively but it is a bit hazy on this (such as what is a Rheostat Source Index?) Thanks for your interest and input. P.S. no "no-bezel" I like having that and no 2D popout just yet until I can get this issue resolved. Then I'll move on.
  13. Please disregard. While I thought I did a decent search for this topic,I just discovered this thread while browsing: Thanks.
  14. VC imbedded with bezel/Popout window. Can anything be done to match the brightness of these? If I darken the sim using HDR lighting setting then the popout becomes too dark and visa-versa. Thanks. Prepar3d v4.5 Windows 10. GTX 1060 1440p monitor. New RXP GTN 750 install
  15. Sorry, I just realized that I'm probably in the wrong topic. I'll leave it here rather than create another one and ask the it be moved to the proper topic.
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