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  1. I pretty much have the same system. I also have Orbx SoCal, NoCal, & PNW. SoCal is the worst, but I landed at LAX 2 days ago at sunset with the PMDG 747-4...FPS was about 20. Took off from SFO yesterday, and FPS was about 35. SEA is similar to SFO from what I remember, but it's been a while since I've been there. If you fly jetliners the approaches and takeoffs are when you notice it the most. I honestly don't know if I'm looking at Orbx Base or regional scenery when I'm at altitude haha. I'd say if you fly GA aircraft you'd probably enjoy it the most, but I do enjoy it for my approaches and departures from the airports I mentioned.
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if there is an add-on for offline formation flying? For instance, if I wanted to fly a spot in the Blue Angel diamond, the other spots would be AI aircraft and I could simulate an air show. Thanks Marcus
  3. I want to say it typically comes out in the early afternoon based on SEA time. So, I think within the next few hours.
  4. Interesting news...OldProp (creators of ChasePlane) is now part of Parallel 42 (developing Skypark), and their products are now distributed via Orbx. You can transfer your license to OrbxDirect, but does anyone know if that's necessary? Looks like people are having some issues with the migration... Thanks Marcus Announcement on OldProp's homepage: https://oldprop.com/ FS Elite News post: https://fselite.net/news/all-oldprop-products-now-part-of-parallel-42-immediately-available-via-orbxdirect/ Excerpt from FS Elite: What if you own OldProp products already? Both Orbx and Parallel 42 have made available a simple license transfer process. You simply need to log into your accounts, click a few buttons and all your information will be transferred to OrbxDirect so you can instantly access your products. You can also use Orbx Central to easily download and update any changes. You can find out all the information on the transfer process here. It’s important you read the instructions provided to have a seamless transition.
  5. Beautiful...hope they're close to releasing it!
  6. Manual intervention using the MCP is standard when transitioning to approach. VREF+5 is the speed you need to plan to be at on final. So if VREF is 145, plan for 150 on final. Then I add 20kts to every 5 miles beyond that point. So, at about 20mi out, I typically set speed to 210. Then I reduce 20kts every 5mi while deploying flaps in increments until I'm at my VREF+5 speed, usually at about 5mi from the runway.
  7. C210 Gulfstream Jet F18 737, 747, 777, 787 Citation X Lear 35 King Air Malibu Turbo P51 (similar to A2A P51 Civilian)
  8. ATC Pilot Career to help stay engaged with the simulator Study level FMS and Garmin GPS Models A working storm scope and weather gauge by default Moisture effects on wings / vortices Seasons Pre-flight walk around with interactive actions (accusim like features) Simple multi-monitor setup with no FPS impact Active stadiums based on real-time games for fun flyovers Flight Planning tools Visible wear and dirt on plane after multiple flights Easy custom paint jobs on default aircraft to make it your own Visible damage for unfortunate landings and other in-flight events Actual star placement in sky (can visibily see Orion) Updated real world runway closures and airport construction Christmas lights during the holidays
  9. Why not hop in your plane in MSFS2020 and fly to Augusta? Then step into your CarSim 2020 and head to Augusta National. Then open up your Links 2020 and play a round of golf. All made possible by Azure AI and photogrammetry.
  10. Can't speak for JFK as I avoid NYC. However, i have an 8700k @ 5.0 with HT off and a 2080. I get 60fps on 1080p through most of NA. Very cloudy skies and bigger cities bring it down to no lower than 30 on approach at times. I mainly fly A2A's Civ p51 with F1 GTN650, so not the most demanding of aircraft systems. I'm guessing your main issue is a combination of maxed out settings, flying in NYC, with a PMDG aircraft.. Lowering LOD and autogen buildings might help smooth it out.
  11. I agree with @medx421. Should have full mixture.
  12. This next leg started early in the morning, taking me from Colorado Spring (KCOS) over the Grand Canyon and into Ramona, CA (KRNM). Approaching the Grand Canyon
  13. I've been a simmer for quite some time, but I've never really been a shopper for sim products around Black Friday. Can anyone shed some light on what to expect? For instance, does ORBX have any sales? I'm not looking for exact deals or discounts, just the general sense of which developers typically have deals. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Marcus
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