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  1. I also experienced a ctd using gsx in combination with the pmdg 737 after being airborn for about 20min. Msfs was very stable before.
  2. Sorry to say this, but this is exactly what i did on the FSDT forum. I reported an update on my problem on February 13th and again on Febrauary 26th and got no response. But I'm more than glad to continue to solve the problem over on the FSDT if I get a response there.
  3. Hi, i have a serious problem with GSX/couatl. Of course I know this belongs first of all in the FSDT forum and I started a topic there to get help, but after some initial troubleshooting commmunication has ceased and my further questions have just been ignored. May be you can help me here with some ideas. Here is my problem: GSX is sometimes every buggy (especially in conenction with the FSLABS A32X) and I need to restart the couatl service through the top menu, the same is done automatically when you change the settings in the GSX menu itself. The service used to restart with no issue rebuilding cache etc. But for the last year or so, the serice just disappears and only the Addon manager entry in the top menu is left. No way to restart couatl manually. I have already done quite some troubleshooting: - reinstalling P3Dv5.3 completelly from scratch and GSX as the only addon present in P3D - deactivating all firewalls/antivirus services (I'm on WIn11 using only the default security/antivirus features), the complete Addon manager folder is excluded from the antivirus-program - uninstall and reinstall of many VC++ libraries Unfortunately, the issue persists. I even bought FSX Steam version and tried GSX there as well - the same problem happens there as well. So it seems it is not a P3D internal problem, but more some system wise problem. A complete Win re-installation is unfortunately not an option right now. Can anybody of you think of a way to solve the problem or at least give me a hint what might be causing this issue? Maybe a problem with simconnect? Here you can see the content of the log file: "Python 2.7.13 Stackless 3.1b3 060516 (default, May 22 2017, 13:45:26) [MSC v.1900 32 bit (Intel)] wxPython couatl v3.2 (build 4641) log started on Sat Feb 26 13:40:09 2022 connecting to SimConnect... connected to SimConnect connected to bglmanx disconnected from SimConnect." I really like the program itself and would love to use it, but this couatl service drives me crazy, many bug reports around the net and the customer service, at least in my case, is really not helping! Thanks for your help! Kind regards chris
  4. It has to do with an error in simconnect. Vpilot for vatsim users suffers from the same problem. Unusuable right now. But they say asabo is aware of the problem and working on it.
  5. Chrjs

    A2A P40 Module

    Thank you for your fast reply. I'm sorry to hear that. Kind regards chris
  6. Hi, I'm looking for the old A2A P40 Module, I can find it via a google search , but the download does not work anymore. A2A is offfering the P40 P3D Version for free right now and I expect others to grab this wonderful plane as well. I don't get along with the A2A Input configurator because you have to enable controllers in P3D (creating all sorts of problems using eg FSUIPC at the same time). Is the module still available or do you think it is unsuable in the P3Dv4.5 environment anyways? Thank you for your awesome work! I use your modules a lot. Kind regards chris
  7. What about pcaviator? I bought my version v4 there and i can't find a version v5/discounted update there yet. Will it be available there too?
  8. How were you able to get in contact with him? I tried it several times over a longer period via Email to get the sceneries working in P3Dv4 (see above) and he never responded!
  9. with a promised VC that was never delivered. broken promise...
  10. Nice, but still no enroute winds entry possible. I cannot understand why they would not make this feature top priority. Makes a huge difference for long haul flying - the thing this airplane is made for!
  11. very sad - both the lack of any information and the fact that this wonderful plane seems not be able to make it across the finish line for p4dv4!
  12. Anybody else in contact with him during the last weeks? I have already wrote to him twice but did not get any repply. I also would like to receive the P3Dv4 updates for Rio and Sao Paulo. Or can anybody of your sent me the files? Or do I have a wrong EMail address? I wrote to hotmaster@ig.com.br Thank your for your help chris
  13. One more vote for navigraph. I fly only online so an up-to-date cycle is necessary and in my opinion navigraph is the best. Pay for your subscription and you are good all year long for all your products. Thanks for your considering it!
  14. Any news about the JS41? or is this beloved aircraft forgotten..... very sad!
  15. Sure. here is the flight plan out of KPAE: KPAE TOU KBFI SEA V120 EPH KMWH (after TOU i flew the jawbn6 arrival for a touch and go Rw14R) Departure was to the north with an immediate turn towards TOU for a hold. I programmed a hold over TOU with an inbound course of 180°, right turns and 1min legs. I entered the hold on a heading of about 270° in an altitude of FL280. The aircraft slowed down to holding speed and overflew TOU, shortly before I could see the portrayed hold increasing an changing to a more circle like shape (see above). The plane didn't even bother to turn but kept going on a heading of 270° until i turned it around manually after about 15nm. Looking at the ND picture the enlarged "holding" pattern has about a radius of 40nm - of course way too much for a standard hold. kind regards chris
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