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  1. 19dcavscout

    MCP2 and Q400 Help

    Got it working! Thank you again for help!
  2. 19dcavscout

    MCP2 and Q400 Help

    Ok thank you! I will experiments a little more.
  3. 19dcavscout

    MCP2 and Q400 Help

    I apologize as I am sure this is posted elsewhere. I did a search but I could not find a solution to my problem. I recently purchased a Vrinsight MCP ii Boeing and I cannot get it to work with the Majestic Q400 Pro for P3D V4. PMDG aircraft work fine, but no matter what I try nothing comes up with the Q400. I am sure it is something simple. Does it have to do with the VriSim program? I have no idea what aircraft to select when I start this for the Q400. Any help, including directing me where I need to be looking would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
  4. 19dcavscout

    Ice buildup on windshield?

    Looks like the windshield is de-laminating. That's what it looks like. I believe it has been said before.
  5. Thats $900-$1100 USD! That is high. I got mine when it was released for $700usd, which is MSRP.
  6. 19dcavscout

    EFIS TERR button on VRI MCP Combo II

    Just curious, and off topic sorry, but how do you like your VRI MCP? I have been looking at it for a while. I am ok with it not looking 100% like the actual unit and love the increased functionality of it as well asd the price. Thank you.
  7. 19dcavscout

    Thrustmaster Warthog -30% at Newegg US

    In my opinion, hands down the best joystick you can buy. Also the MFG Crosswinds truly complete the set. Incredible pieces of hardware.
  8. Sorry for the later reply. I have had the yoke for about a year now. Overall my impression are pretty good. There are definately some things I wish could be changed about it however. The build quality is a solid 4/5. It is metal, feels incredibly durable, and will probably last 15+ years with little to no problems. However, there are some things that should be addressed. The grease that they use from the factory is not very good and causes binding along the elevator axis. I was able to get some aviation grade silicon grease and applied it and have not had a problem yet. In fact I have only had to apply it once. Just be prepared for a quick little trip to the hardware store. I was not only one with this issue. When I received the yoke, the hat switch did not work. I am currently living in South Korea so shipping it back and forth was a bit of a pain, especially over the holidays. The mail system takes longer. I wish the QA department was a bit better, but I also understand these things happen sometimes. On a positive, the tech support was fast they were able to RMA the device for repair quickly. The device is incredibly precise and wonderful to fly with. My only request with actually using it would be if it was a little heavier on the springs. So a little more force would be required when actually flying. Even better would be a spring tensioner of some sorts to adjust it as necessary. Oh one last thing, it takes up quite a bit of desk space. And you have to have a piece of velcro on your desk to help prevent the yoke from moving while using it. I have gotten used to it, but it can get in the way of my keyboard when I am not using the yoke at times. Overall I would give it a 4 out of 5. Wait for the Black Friday sale they usually have.
  9. 19dcavscout

    Clouds tank framerate

    The OC is stable and has been for years. I did another stress test on the system a week ago to see if that was the problem. The PC ran both CPUID's CPU-Z stress test and Heaven 4.0 test for 2 hours a piece with no issues. Temps for the CPU are in the 65-70C range for the package and never go above that. GPU stays in the 60's while running P3D due to the aggressive fan profile used, (It's a founders edition and they are known to temp out relatively quickly. I would rather deal with the noise). To further this that it is not the CPU, when looking at the clouds and my frames drop, the loads on the CPU consistently drop to 60% or so, showing that the processor is waiting for the 1080ti to catch up. Look away from the clouds and the GPU usage drops significantly and the CPU goes back up to 90-100% (As well as frames too). The PSU is 3 years old not and I sort of cheaped out on it back then. It says its a 750W, but I know that particular model has had issues with other people. I just couldn't pass up the $50 price tag. Plus I was running a 970 back then and the power requirements are not what they are now.
  10. 19dcavscout

    Clouds tank framerate

    I am not. I even reset Nvidia Inspector to default settings. I will double check the power cables and will see if that helps at all. Thank you! I never thought to check that. Definitely will try this thank you. I had upped the resolution to get smoother looking shadows in the VC. I never thought it could be the cloud shadows. Definitely trying this. Thank you!
  11. 19dcavscout

    Disc A/P @ 1000 feet for landing... tips?

    I fly King Airs and its always fun when they tell you to keep your speed up in that thing going into a major airport. But that is better than getting the "Turn right 90 degrees and climb to..." call because you are too slow. I know its your approach once cleared, but in practice it doesn't work out that way.
  12. 19dcavscout

    Clouds tank framerate

    Hi all. I am having some issues with overcast clouds. Whenever there are heavy clouds (typically overcast), my framerate tanks from 70+ to single digits until it finally hard reboots my system. I am positive the reboot is due to my power supply failing, and is in the process of being replaced (just waiting on slow APO shipping). I have reduced cloud layers in AS4, reduced AA, reduced the cloud texture sizes, all to no avail. I did a fresh reinstall of 4.1 (it was doing this in 4.0 as well), and I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. This can happen in any aircraft that I am flying. The frames mentioned above are with the PMDG 777. I have, what I think, a pretty good system and I really don't think it should be tanking that bad with the clouds. Here are the specs and what I am running. CPU: i7-4790k O/C 4.7GHz GPU: EVGA 1080ti Founders RAM: 16GB DDR3 RAM HDD: 2x SSD and 1TB HDD Addons: ORBX Global/LC/Vector AS4 w/ ASCA + ENVTEX + ENVSHADE Various aircraft. Not sure what else I can do. Thanks.
  13. 19dcavscout

    Blurry Textures Upon Arrival

    In Prepar3d.cfg change the following value: [SCENERY] "MaxRegionsPurgePerFrame=1" The possible numbers for this is 1/4/16/64. 16 should be the default and was originally used when VAS was more of an issue. I set mine to 1 and have had no issues since.
  14. 19dcavscout

    P3d 4.1 - GPU suddently goes to 100%

    Mine is hitting 100% everytime I fly. In fact, I think it is trying to pull more watts and its crashing my computer (causes it to hard reboot in heavy clouds). New power supply is being ordered, so I hope that fixes it.
  15. 19dcavscout

    A question regarding real-world approaches

    Increased drag from the flaps and gear, as well as decreasing the throttle. Without thrust there is a fair amount of drag outside the airplane.