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  1. 19dcavscout

    20FPS- with high-spec HW iMAC/Win10

    Deftintely sounds like the computer is not as powerful as you may think it is, at least for gaming. As was stated above, what are the exact specs for it? A 4 GB Nvidia graphics card is not high end by any means.
  2. In the aircraft I fly, throughout the flight I am updating the FMS with the current fuel on board. The fuel flow sensors within the FMS and the analog gauges we have in the engine stack can be off sometimes and I will update the fuel with the actual fuel on board to get a better idea of how much I will have at my destination.
  3. Gamers Nexus is a very good source for the info too.
  4. It is not so much that the fuel will come in contact with the leading edge, but that the slats at the leading will change the airflow which will allow the fuel coming out to contact the trailing edge. Hope that makes sense.
  5. The GTX 1030 is probably not much better than your onboard graphics. The 1030 was designed for simple workstation use only, not gaming. Typically, using different types of graphics cards at once cause all sorts of issues. You may have to purchase another 1070 to get it to work correctly.
  6. 19dcavscout

    [29NOV18] A few things pending in the days ahead...

    Did I miss something? Or this an official announcement of the NG3?
  7. 19dcavscout

    Blurries continue with P3D v4.4

    Try reducing the autogen draw distance a level.
  8. 19dcavscout

    Samsung Odyssey+ $299 at Samsung.com

    You are correct. I did not realize there were two different versions. My mistake.
  9. 19dcavscout

    Samsung Odyssey+ $299 at Samsung.com

    It is also the same price on Amazon. 299 and shows in stock.
  10. Mine does 65C under full load at 5.1C on AIDA64. Real world, P3D use and it's never higher than 56C. It is also delidded, however I just paid the cash and had silicon lottery do mine. Also, its under a custom watercooled setup. I didn't see what your cooling setup is, but those temps don't look horrible.
  11. 19dcavscout

    8bit looking textures at night

    Simbol, is there anyway I can see a night shot of your setup? Mine looks like garbage as well. heavily gradient. I will try and take a better nightshot with my setup. Pressing V gives really crappy, low quality picture, that though you can see the banding, makes it looks a bit worse than it actually is.
  12. 19dcavscout

    8bit looking textures at night

    Mine are doing the same thing. I have been following the thread to see if anyone can spread some insight on what exactly is happening.
  13. 19dcavscout

    Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Dual Throttle

    Yes. It works great.
  14. 19dcavscout

    Terbulant Design Teraflora

    I have wondered about Terraflora. With ORBX now publishing Turbulent Design software, I wonder if they will ever just merge ORBX tress and Terrafloa.
  15. 19dcavscout

    PMDG BAeJ4100

    I was wondering this the other day. Last thing I heard they were waiting for 4.1 to release, which was last fall.