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  1. Mine does 65C under full load at 5.1C on AIDA64. Real world, P3D use and it's never higher than 56C. It is also delidded, however I just paid the cash and had silicon lottery do mine. Also, its under a custom watercooled setup. I didn't see what your cooling setup is, but those temps don't look horrible.
  2. 19dcavscout

    8bit looking textures at night

    Simbol, is there anyway I can see a night shot of your setup? Mine looks like garbage as well. heavily gradient. I will try and take a better nightshot with my setup. Pressing V gives really crappy, low quality picture, that though you can see the banding, makes it looks a bit worse than it actually is.
  3. 19dcavscout

    8bit looking textures at night

    Mine are doing the same thing. I have been following the thread to see if anyone can spread some insight on what exactly is happening.
  4. 19dcavscout

    Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Dual Throttle

    Yes. It works great.
  5. 19dcavscout

    Terbulant Design Teraflora

    I have wondered about Terraflora. With ORBX now publishing Turbulent Design software, I wonder if they will ever just merge ORBX tress and Terrafloa.
  6. 19dcavscout

    PMDG BAeJ4100

    I was wondering this the other day. Last thing I heard they were waiting for 4.1 to release, which was last fall.
  7. CHEMTRAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. 19dcavscout

    Are you a real world pilot (P3D users only please)

    I started using flight-sim since I was 8 or so, I am 33 now for reference. I was fortunate enough to be able to make my childhood dream a reality and now they actually pay me to fly. I love it and wouldn't change a thing.
  9. I fly a King Air variant with the -67 engines. Though ITT (We call it TGT but it's the same thing) does rise slightly, its not very much. Typically we worry about maxing the ITT in the climb in the summer and the N1, not ITT/TGT will be the limiting factor in the winter. The same could be said when I flew a KA with the -42. In my experience, about 1500 hours in the King Air, TGT/ITT does not climb very much at all. In fact I can't remember a time when in the climb where I had to reduce power due to temps.
  10. Just curious, what are you expecting the ITT's to do?
  11. 19dcavscout

    Amazing ipad weather ap

    Check out www.windy.com. Best aviation weather site I have seen yet. They also have a free app.
  12. Seems about right. V1 and Vr can be the same speed in certain aircraft under certain conditions. You are very light, 1/3 cargo and fuel is not a lot, so those speeds would be attained relatively quickly. What are the takeoff distances you are seeing?
  13. 19dcavscout

    MaddogX and MCP Boeing II problem

    P3d was not running at the time the screenshots were taken. It is running when I am attempting to use Maddog X and that is when I am having the problems.
  14. 19dcavscout

    MaddogX and MCP Boeing II problem

    Thank you. P3D was not running at the time so it was not highlighted. It usually is. Any possible ideas what might be causing this?
  15. 19dcavscout

    MaddogX and MCP Boeing II problem

    Sorry for the late reply. I just noticed you had replied. I have made no changes to the MCP Combo assignments. I just checked and teh PMDG 777 profile works with no issues at all. I am still having issues with the MADDOG X for some reason though. I have updated to the latest version of LINDA (3.0.6) and still have the same problem. Here are my assignments. https://drive.google.com/file/d/165nUusIS2QAP-8sMcmJ1HJpi2dUYMZ2z/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PXjHyIF74xHspq2KlnYkXYlgHhlUEMy4/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1reiDdDdnsaYFWIBXICjcV7pWsy3tG_YO/view?usp=sharing