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  1. Traditionally with Game Pass, when purchasing the game through the marketplace they give you up to 20% off. You get to keep the game after. They advertise this on the Game Pass website. Looks like this is exactly what this is.
  2. This is sort of a difficult answer to post. A gaming monitor can help with smoothness with the use of freesync and Gsync and high refresh rates. However, the hardware required and the reduced setting that would be needed to achieve those high frames negate the use of one. Honestly in the end I would not recommend one unless you play other games that will use the features.
  3. The product is actually made of wood mostly. I understand the pot issue. It is not perfect, but it is not too bad. The gears to move the throttles are what appear to be an MDF. I have thought about trying to 3D print some new ones to get it smoother, but there seems to be a never ending amount of things I need to buy.
  4. I use a QUATTRO from fsxthrottle.com. Overall I am happy with my purchase. I enjoy being able to go from a 2 engine aircraft to a 4 engine easily. I will say I do wish it was a little smoother, but the price was right and it works well.
  5. When the GPU usage goes up to 90% are you losing performance? There is nothing wrong with your GPU usage being that high, it's made to work.
  6. This aircraft is one of the most actively updated aircraft that I have seen. I am sure they are still working on the shared cockpit functionality. Congrats on your purchase. This truly is an amazing aircraft to fly.
  7. Can you just add additional cargo and keep the PAX numbers the same?
  8. Simbrief will use the weather at the time of the request. Winds can change, so you have to adapt your flight plan as you go.
  9. Deftintely sounds like the computer is not as powerful as you may think it is, at least for gaming. As was stated above, what are the exact specs for it? A 4 GB Nvidia graphics card is not high end by any means.
  10. In the aircraft I fly, throughout the flight I am updating the FMS with the current fuel on board. The fuel flow sensors within the FMS and the analog gauges we have in the engine stack can be off sometimes and I will update the fuel with the actual fuel on board to get a better idea of how much I will have at my destination.
  11. It is not so much that the fuel will come in contact with the leading edge, but that the slats at the leading will change the airflow which will allow the fuel coming out to contact the trailing edge. Hope that makes sense.
  12. The GTX 1030 is probably not much better than your onboard graphics. The 1030 was designed for simple workstation use only, not gaming. Typically, using different types of graphics cards at once cause all sorts of issues. You may have to purchase another 1070 to get it to work correctly.
  13. Did I miss something? Or this an official announcement of the NG3?
  14. Try reducing the autogen draw distance a level.
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