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  1. If your temps are that high at just 67% load and you didn't make any significant changes to your OS or flightsim, I doubt it's a software problem. I would troubleshoot your liquid cooling system. I'm running FSX with WIN-7 Pro on an overclocked i7-2600k @ 4.7 without hyper threading. When various cores (4) are running at 100% load my temps hover right around 55c. While I realize there are software and hardware differences between our systems, it's not really like apples-oranges. When I built my rig in 2013 I put in an Antec Kuhler 920 liquid system. I continue to be surprised that the darn thing still does such an excellent job cooling the cpu. At the same time it's the one part of my system that gives me the most anxiety. I worry that when it fails it's gonna totally destroy my entire box by spraying coolant like a geyser over every other component. So, I plan on replacing it in the fall when I upgrade my cpu, mobo and memory. Hope you figure out what's going on with your system.
  2. The PMDG MD-11 was my first payware aircraft. Like you I loved the cargo model and did more than a hundred trans-Atlantic and other long-haul flights in the UPS, FedEx and Lufthansa liveries. I also did an eight segment round the world trip. Even though I've totally enjoyed the NGX and 777, the MD-11 is still my favorite. I can't even fully explain why. There's just something magical about the look of that bird taking flight and the more hands-on job in the cockpit. And, given the state of software development tools and the capabilities of personal computers 10 years ago compared with the present, the MD-11 was incredibly well-done and a massive achievement by PMDG.
  3. coa1117

    Help with weather related CTD

    Like Bill I can't remember ever having a CTD crossing the pond with ASN even with PMDG aircraft. It would be helpful if you could describe in more detail when the CTDs occur and your system specs: CTDs on every transoceanic flight? Only when flying transoceanic? What about on long flights (5+ hours) over land? Which aircraft? What are your ASN settings (cloud coverage distance, number of cloud layers)? What are your system specs (processor, speed, overclock?, RAM, GPU, VRAM)? Are your FSX settings in the High, Medium or Low range? Also, lots of CTDs are related to VAS. Do you monitor VAS usage during your flights? If not you can ask here for pointers to utilities that will enable you to do this so you can know when free VAS is reaching critically low levels.
  4. coa1117

    PMDG 747-400 V3/QOTS II

    One of the best reviews ever here on AVSIM. You said that "performance remained smooth and consistent" on your "average at best" system. Can you please list the specs of the computer used to run the simulation for your review. Thanks!
  5. coa1117

    Recent Topics

    I complained about this so it falls on me to also say "thank you" to Brian for fixing it. Much appreciated.
  6. coa1117

    Recent Topics

    It's the same on my desktop browsers - Safari, Chrome and Firefox. 1 to 3 words doesn't give any clue of what the topic is about. Hope this gets fixed.
  7. FYI, the above action did not prove to be a permanent fix. After a few days the issues returned so I simply removed the nvidia drivers (344.65), cleaned the registry of all traces of nvidia software, rebooted and reinstalled the same version. Everthing has been perfect for a couple of weeks now. It was 3 years ago that I installed the drivers and lots can go sideways in that time with Windows 7 updates, FSX addons, etc. Fingers-crossed, this solved the problems.
  8. I was able to eliminate both issues by setting the nVidia Control Panel to manage all color values.
  9. I first noticed these oddities in FSX so thought I'd start searching for a solution here. There are two weird things happening on my Samsung PX2370 display which has a TN panel and is attached to a GTX580: 1. In FSX certain grey values in clouds display as cyan. This also occurs when, e.g., watching YouTube videos with lots of grey values, like aircraft taking off in heavy rain, fog. etc. See the video link below for an example of the latter, but it is identical to the kind of distortion that occurs at times in FSX. 2. Sometimes the backgrounds of windows (folders, browser) appear as a very light shade of cyan. Imagine in Windows a folder window or a Firefox or Chrome window with all of the overlaying objects removed. The background which should be white appears as cyan. These distortions happen intermittently, and I think are related to specific RGB grey values. When I attach my older Samsung monitor (also a TN panel) to my video card the problem does not occur. I have reset the PX2370 to factory values but the problem persists. Take a look at this vid which demonstrates what's happening a lot better than I can describe with words. There's a bunch of other distortion in the video due to differences in frame rate between my camera and the monitor, so focus only on the heavily cyan shaded areas. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks a lot.
  10. coa1117


    Thanks Dan. This will come in handy. Appreciate the help.
  11. coa1117


    Dan, I couldn't find "ILS Inspector" in the Library, but is this the utility you're referring to? EasyNavs FS9/FSX Navaids Editor ( If so, is the BGLComp SDK Microsoft program required to make these changes? I ask because what little info is in the library listing about the program mentions using the SDK to recompile the XML. I only have FSX Acceleration, which didn't come with the SDK. Thanks.
  12. coa1117

    PMDG 737-800 NGX Questions

    Best advice is that you do the tutorial flight. All of your new user questions and more will be answered. Most of us here in the forum cut our NGX teeth by flying the tutorial at least once.
  13. coa1117

    FSX Smoothness Configuration

    True that but glad you've found your FSX sweet spot. However, beyond tweaking fsx.cfg and nVidia Inspector, performance is heavily impacted by cpu/gpu capacity, many other settings within FSX, and the level of scenery and aircraft complexity during any given flight. It's a witch's brew of factors. At the top of my fsx.cfg file I have well over 100 commented lines noting changes I've made over the past 6 years in search of the holy grail of performance. I'm still not satisfied that I've found it but now I spend way more time just enjoying the sim and way less time fussing with it.
  14. coa1117

    Activation number not working on Steam

    This is a nightmare scenario for many of us unapologetic FSX users who have tons and tons of add-on scenery and aircraft and absolutely no desire to jump ship to P3D (or is it P4D now?). As it's virtually impossible to find originals these days, your post has motivated me to make duplicates of my FSX-Accel installation discs right away! Thanks for the peek into what could have been my very dark future, and good luck with your new rig.
  15. coa1117

    GSX and Ray Smith Scenery

    I appreciate Ray Smith's work and use a number of his sceneries. Don't think I've run into this limitation so far but it's great to know about this simple fix. Thanks for the heads-up, Ernie.