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  1. The -400M would be awesome! KLM is one of the few airliners flying it. How many other airlines are flying the combi?
  2. I still don't get it. Normally the recommended flightlevel is much closer to the optimal flightlevel. Sometimes even between recommended and max. flightlevel. Why not in this case?
  3. Enroute from KIX to AMS with a fully loaded B77W KLM. I noticed during climb, my recommended flightlevel is much lower then my optimal flightlevel. Why is that?
  4. Ooh nice. I'll try that later, I have ultra settings currently
  5. Most of the Aerosoft sceneries which are made for FSX work in P3D. I only have problem with a few. Aerosoft Amsterdam: Water on the taxiways en surrounding Aerosoft Luxembourg: Problem with terrain around the airport and flashing lights at night. Aerosoft Trondheim: Part of the runway missing, also caused by terrain issues I think. For the rest no problems found (yet) Anybody know I to solve these 3 problems?
  6. Don't know, I never had VAS leakage with any version.
  7. I had this problem too with V1.10.6492. If you downgrade to V1.10.6370 the problem is gone.
  8. Thankyou for that! Problem is solved now ^_^ I also added an extra fan on the Corsair H60. So now I have a push-pull configuration. Temperature went down with about 5 to 10 degrees celsius! B) Everybody thanks for the information. I have it stable now at 4,6Ghz So when a BSOD occurs, just add some extra Vcore to the processor ^_^
  9. Thats it, Turbo mode wasn't enabled. But I couldn't do that either. The option was black. As I do see now, it is decreasing to about 3ghz during idle mode. But not 1.6Ghz
  10. Oh yeah, almost forgot this. I set the Vcore to manual and to 1.31 volts. Now my corespeed does not get back to 1.6Ghz during idle load. It stays at 4.6Ghz all the time. How to solve that? All other options are still default.
  11. Thankyou all for your help. I'm having it stable now at 4.6Ghz What other CPU cooler would you advise? Ofcourse, a better one. The Corsair H100 does not fit in my case. So thats not an option.
  12. I will buy tomorrow a can of air and clean the radiator. Thanks for the hint. I am currently busy with overclocking and now stable (I hope) at 4,4Ghz. Prime95 is running for a while now and it still works. I started at a high Vcore and worked my way down to 1.28Vcore. Do you think it will be worth trying to get it lower?
  13. Thankyou, I am busy with the overclocking guide but I bumped into the DRAM Timing control. It sais that I have to take a look at my RAM to see what numbers I have to enter in the BIOS CAS Latency - RAS to CAS Delay - RAS Pre Time - RAS ACT Time - DRAM Command Mode - and the DRAM Voltage too So I did make a photo of my RAM but I can't really find the right numbers. Can you? EDIT: I just found all this information in CPU-Z
  14. I checked the PSU. It's a 700watt Silent Pro Coolermaster. Maybe it's not enough? Not sure what Vcore I had with 4,5Ghz. I have to check that in the BIOS again. I'm reading now the manual that Ezio gave to me.
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