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  1. Martinair Cargo fictional please on the 777LRF!
  2. I have flown many many long hauls in FlightSim. Here are just a few: Amsterdam - Sao Paulo Amsterdam - Honolulu Los Angelos - Sydney Amsterdam - Johannesburg Amsterdam - Capte Town Amsterdam - Singapore Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur All flight the other way around too.
  3. I know Martinair doesn't have a 777F but I think their paint would look AWESOME on the 777F So I say: MARTINAIR :lol:
  4. I found a big solution for the bad frames when looking at the water (Shader 2.0)Do this:Anisotropic Filtering mode --> Application ControlledNow when looking to REX water shader 2.0 I have 35fps. (external locked) Even when looking over the horizon over the sea the frames do not drop :(
  5. How about Corendon? and the Dutch variant: Corendon.nl
  6. I'm only 19 years old.I do want to fly more (holiday etc.) but I do not have a moneythree in my backyard. :( In 1999 I flew from Amsterdam to Tenerife(north) with Transavia, Boeing 737-800 (and back duhh)In 2004 I flew from Amsterdam to New York JFK with KLM, Airbus A330-200 (and back duhh)In 2008 I flew from Amsterdam to Bodrum with Transavia, Boeing 737-800 (and back duhh)In 2010 I flew from Amsterdam to Bodrum with Transavia, Boeing 737-800 (and back duhh)I also flew in a Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee Archer, PH-SNE, At Seppe airfield (EHSE) and in a C172 at Hilversum airflied (EHHV)Thats it :( And this year, in August I will fly from Amsterdam to Zakynthos with Transavia, B737-7/8 (and also the return)
  7. Can I also add CapsLock as a Mute Button? Because I prefer to use CapsLock as a push-to-talk button in Teamspeak. (with IVAO)Thnks!Robin
  8. FPS are still very worse.With other planes I do not have any problems in Windows 7. But the Wilco/Feelthere Embrears do not work very well.If anybody has still some tips....please, go ahead and share them.Grts,Robin
  9. Well I did this now, and it seems to work. No low Fps anymore :( * Go into program files\microsoft games\ * highlight Flight Simulator X folder and right-click on it * Select the SECURITY tab * Click on your username (not on Administrator 1) * Click on the 'edit' option (it should have a pic of a shield on the button with edit next to it) * Then you should be prompted by Vista security module, click on 'ALLOW' * Then tick the 'Full Control' box and press 'OK'But then ofcourse for my Fs9
  10. Well I did everything with security and what you guys said. When I start my flight the fps is oke. Around 28 stabel. After a few minutes the fps drops down. In the sky I now have only around 17fps (with luck) and on the ground it is even worse.My specs:Q9550 (3,2Ghz)4GB RAMGeforce 9800GT 1024mbOther addons like PMDG planes with aerosoft scenery's are the most of the time above 25fps.
  11. Well thanks alot for some advice. I will try it tomorrow and tell you how it worked for me.
  12. My FPS with the Wilco E-jets (FS2004) on windows 7 64 bit are also not that best.On Vista I had no problems at all.Maybe somebody knows a sollution or I just hope Wilco will make an update.GrtsRobin
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