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  1. My two cents i have the rift and i really like it. i agree with the res issues not great but i use it more at the start and end of flight to save on eye strain, also set up flight in 2D. Shafs
  2. well been flying the full version now and added the kodiak payware aircraft. likes it seems to be more realistic flying. trying to sort my rudder peddles out is painful the touchy on T/O and landing.
  3. shafs67

    Trim wheel

    ok thanks
  4. how do you get other controllers to work it doesn't pick up my trim wheel
  5. New to X Plane all my joysticks work but saitek trim wheel is working. trim wheel are other people having this issue. thanks
  6. After a week of flying the demo my thought is the default scenery is not bad and was impressed at the night flying. i have been flying the default 172 that seems ok but has large pitch changes when putting flaps down. and having done most of my real flying in the same type they are not the same. but i am impressed with Xplane 11. So i will buy it and still fly my other sim and start shopping for my first payware aircraft. the kodiak is looking good.
  7. Ok thanks guys i will try the demo.
  8. Hay guys i have been using flightsim longer than i care to remember and about a year a changed to prepar 3dv4 and liked it but i hear lot of people saying xplane is more like real flying is this true. Thanks
  9. shafs67

    737 immersion

    I had a look and it doesn't seem to
  10. shafs67

    737 immersion

    not sure will have to check
  11. ok i am sticking with my force feedback till i have the money for this baby
  12. Is the thrustmaster force feedback.
  13. shafs67

    GTX titan

    Hi Vp40p3 my titan has one hdmi plug and the two others are you running the three monitors from the one card. i have my pc overclocked to 4.40
  14. Hi can i get some feedback on the worth of going up to the next step in the way of graphics card. is it worth changing. here's my system numbers. intel i76700@4.00ghz and a geforce titan. Shafs67