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  1. I have been facing facing this problem ever since I downgraded to windows 7 due to performance and haven't been able to find a solution, every once in a matter of minutes the wifi connection says that the connection is limited and I have to manually fix the issue by resetting the wireless adapter. Is there a solution to permanently fix this problem? Thanks in advance. Kind regards Amr
  2. I recently downgraded to windows 7 duo to performance and have been facing this problem, I am sure that others like me still exist that's why I sent the fix
  3. Yes I am aware, I sent the fix so people in future could find it
  4. I have finally found a fix for the vistalizator problem, first run the program in the compatibility settings set to windows 7 and choose tye language pack you want to use, then when the program shows the message that says save your work and exit the program to apply changes instead of closing the program normally terminate it via task manager then restart manually.
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