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  1. My PMDG 737 taxi and landing lights have a very short illumination distance. Is there are fix for this? Any comments on going to A2A 3d Lights? Thanks,
  2. In some PMDG 737 liveries, like American Airlines and Southwest, I get what appears to be anti-aliasing problems especially around the passenger windows. I can zoom-in and the problem disappears. In most PMDG 737 liveries, there is no problem at all. Any suggestions on a fix?
  3. I have Fixer 3.1 I can't remember where I got it. I have an account with Flight Sim Store but there is no record of DX10 purchase. That leaves Fastspring. I can't figure out how to navigate the Fastspring site to DX10 update to 3.3 Any ideas? Thanks,
  4. Cai, I have 737 Immersion Package. It mush have be overwritten. Reinstalled into FSX, Everything works great now, Thanks!
  5. My landing and taxi lights are quite dull. Any solutions?
  6. Thanks MaDDogz, but I'm having a bad day. I'm unable to find the place to check throttle axis is set to all engines in FSX settings.
  7. Using Logitech Extreme Pro joystick. Slider always worked perfectly to control both PMGD throttles until now. I can start both engines but joy stick will move only one throttle, #2 engine. Cannot figure out solution. Please help. zach
  8. Problem solved. Latest update of FSUIPC (4.96 registered) in FSX modules looked odd because there were several missing tabs including "wind". Reinstall of FSUIPC rendered same odd display in modules. Deleted 4.96 and installed previous FSUIPC copy: BINGO! RC4 is now fully operational. Thanks for the assistance! Now the really BIG question, when will someone put out RC5?
  9. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have been working on FSX but can't remember what I did to cause a problem with RC4. Yes, there is a frequency for wx briefing. RC4 does everything but provide wx information. I think where RC4 goes to get wx has been interrupted, but I don't know where it goes for wx.
  10. My RC4 was working great but now no weather information. On ATIS, for example, RC4 reports "zero" for all weather data. Thanks for any suggestions on a correction? zach
  11. I'm preparing to move from FSX to Prepard3d. I've been reading about HRD Premium TV (true HDR TV). Color is fantastic and resolution is 3840x2160 which my video card (via nVidia control panel, DSR) can render. So, would I significantly benefit from moving from a Dell U2713HM monitor to HDR TV as a Prepard3d monitor? And, would super high resolution be a frame killer? Thanks for the comments? zach
  12. I am long-time user of FSX with DX10 fixer. I get super resolution, no problems. I am interested in making the BIG change to Prepard3d. Will there be a significant change to my flight environment? So, once I purchase the Prepard3d software, please give me an idea of the order for installing it and uninstalling FSX. Also, once Prepard3d is installed, do I just load my must-have software: REX, Opus, PMDG, RC4? Is GEX and UTX used in Prepard3d or not necessary? Thanks for any help on the BIG switch. zach
  13. I cured the problem with super resolution. The old PMGM in and out is crystal clear. How to enable super resolution "5129x2880x32" in FSX without changing monitor resolution: This is for Nvidia graphic cards with current or somewhat current drivers. 1) Leave your monitor resolution the way you want it. 2) Right click on your screen click on Nvidia Control Panel click on Manage 3D settings, click on Program Setting tab, click on drop box, click on "Microsoft Flight Simulator 10", leave it there click on Global Settings tab (located next to Program Setting tab), "Base profile" is in the box just below under Settings, click on DSR-Factor click on "4.00x (native resolution)" ONLY, make sure of that at bottom of page click on APPLY next to Base Profile click on dropdown box click on "MS Flight Simulator X", DSR-Factor should be "400x (native resolution)" ONLY. click on APPLY, close the control panel. 3) Load FSX. Under Options, Setting, Display, Graphics, click on "5129x2880x32" 4) your graphics will be super sharp. enjoy. If you have any visual problems, I recommend DX10 Fixer "How -to" Guide To find it, put the title in your search engine, click search, then click on The DX10 Fixer "How-to" Guide-NZFSIM. In this guide there is an important exception, under settings for Nvidia Inspector, Frame Rate Limiter must be OFF
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