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  1. I would gladly donate if it would result in stopping the incessant ads.
  2. Copy. If I may say, as the SD+ is becoming a more popular way for better immersion in the sims, it may be a "killer" feature to integrate the SD+ into the AAO Editor and subsequently into the Web/Desktop FIPs. Regards.
  3. Hey there, will this work with a StreamDeck Plus? I'm trying get it to do so but the panel is showing many buttons seemingly patterned on the StreamDeck XL. Would also be needing the strip displays for the knobs if that's possible. Thoughts sir? Much obliged.
  4. Thanks for such a quick response. So, yeah, apparently MSFS is not recognizing AMD's FG the way Nvidia might be. I don't see in MSFS any setting selections for FG on/off. But, I thanks for the info about external usage. As the FPS displayed for MSFS is about half that of what AMD Adrenaline is reporting; I will follow your guidance can see how it goes. For the most part I prefer to run MSFS with DX11 (seems to less troublesome than 12); so I will continue to use 11 until such time as AMD/Asobo recognize that FG is active for AMD video cards. I must reiterate how impressed I am with AutoTLOD, it has completely eliminated the micro stutters I was getting on approach/landing of the FlightFS Honda Jet HA420. If you are inclined to try to get some deserved compensation for your efforts (Patreon, etc.) I would be more that happy to contribute. Regards.
  5. Greetings All, So much impressed with the AutoTLOD app; I thought I'd give this a try. However, no luck so far. I have an AMD Radeon RXT6700XT with FG enabled. Trying both DX11 and DX12 in the sim; the app does not recognize that FG is enabled and only with "Target PC Mode". Should this app work with AMD cards with FG enabled? Thanks
  6. Ahhh I didn't know (probably should have) that the AAO database is xml. I will take a look see. Might be an xml print dump utility somewhere. I wish I still had access to SPAD to show an example but my demo time ran out when I chose to use AAO. I have full backup of my SD+ profiles. I think I'll remove them piece by piece to see if that is the issue.
  7. I do very much appreciate all your efforts and timely responses. Before I landed on purchasing AAO, I tried SPAD for a while and it provides a way to print out all of the properties of the various elements on a profile by profile, page by page, element by element basis. Wasn't to sure how difficult that might be. Just thought I'd ask. As for the W11 issue for me and a few others... The editor used to work for me but maybe a Window update introduced something. Do you suppose there might be some kind of runtime package the needs to be installed or upgraded? Thing is that most of the downloadable profiles are for the older (more buttons than the SD+) So now I can' t use the editor to get them into my SD+ profiles to do as use suggest in other posts. Thanks again.
  8. Just came across this. Having same W11 issue with copying. Feature request as a bit of a workaround. Provide a means to print AAO Stream Deck documentation. I know that SPAD has this feature. Thx.
  9. While the 3.60 document references the "SPEAK" command; it only refers to the "SPEAKBLK" command by way of example. The release notes refer to adding the "SPEAKBLK" for text to voice. I'm curious what the difference is. TIA
  10. Copy. And I do think the change would be most beneficial. Regards.
  11. Alex, Thanks for the info. I really hadn't noticed the blue question mark. I will use that more often now that you've pointed it out to me. Please know that I did go to the online manual and tried a global search there entering "(T)" but that didn't work (brought back all of the "T"s).
  12. Lots of approaches listed ending with a "(T)" (e.g.: Approach ILS31 (T)). What is the (T) for? Googled but couldn't find anything relevant. Thx.
  13. Sir, thank you for your kind response. I have started using the Behaviors tool as you suggest. Thanks for that tip as well. I think I was a bit hasty in my comment about H: vars -- as it really boils down to what you say about var types and vars themselves are used -- which can be an interesting journey. Regards P.S. The HJet bindings document comes with the product and is downloadable from their Discord. HubHop also has them -- Vendor MGHarib.
  14. If supported, how can a get the Stream Deck Plus lcd screen to swipe left and right? Thx. P.S. Hoping to use lcd screen to move between pages.-
  15. For those flying the FlightFX Honda Jet HA-420 this also worked for me. Seems like the H: values in the HJet Control Bindings v2.1 spreadsheet do not work in AAO. Regards.
  16. Downloaded the latest demo version -- 3.60 b32. Launched AAO. Wanting to Scripting → Read HVARs from sim without connected to sim- (according to the accompanying "Lorby 'Axis And Ohs' for Microsoft Flight Simulator Documentation" Version 3.60 - 20.09.2023); but its missing from the menu. Is this feature not available in the demo?
  17. Hello, any update on this request? Thx.
  18. After finally getting AAO to somewhat work with Stream Deck Plus (at least they see each other).... Created a simple toggle button to toggle the Flight Director... Button on SD+ works but it doesn't in the sim. After much online searching... Discovered that the default WEBAPI ports have changed (why?).... Not reflected in the (with lastest AAO version) Change Web API address window (still on 9080)... Changed the ports to 43380... Stream Deck Plugin -> IP:localhost, Port:43380 now in black (was red when ports were set to 9080..... STILL NOT CHANGING IN SIM. Seems to me that the barrier to entry for this stuff huge. I've been simming for 20 years and know a fair amount but this takes the cake. All of the help videos seem to be outdated regularly as new versions constantly change things. I should think that creating a simple toggle switch that acutally gets toggled in the sim should be a no brainer. Instead it seems more like assembly programming. Sorry for the rant, but I think that if companies like Lorby and SPAD want to grow they should make entry a lot smoother.
  19. Thanks to all for you input. After yet another uninstall/install cycle; I got it working.
  20. Jeepers! Downloaded from Lorby site. Windows 11. Extracted to folder. Clicked on the MSFS install .exe. "This app can't run on your PC". Man alive this kinda stuff just shouldn't happen. Maybe I'll just go to SPAD.
  21. Can someone please tell me why on earth Carenado makes me get them to reset my install count. For heaven's sake, I bought the product and should be able to install it as many times as I please. Come on Man!
  22. For me all of the US maps (IFR high, IFR low, Sectional, etc.) are out of focus when zoomed out. Have to zoom in pretty close to get them to come into focus.. Thoughts?
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