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  1. Thanks, could not find anything posted.
  2. Hey, long time user and grateful follower. Have a problem which developed recently and I can not figure it out for the life of me. I fly X-Plane with NAVIGRAPGH data and LNM. I can no longer see frequencies in the COM tab for airports. Quite a few in fact and this is giving me a headache. I run LNM on a networked computer with all databases synchronized and happy. I have even copied the databases from one comp to the other with no change (yes even the local LNM does not show them). I have only "NAVIGRAPH NAVAIDS and procedures" checked. When I tell LNM not to use NAVIGRAPH data I see the frequencies. What's up?
  3. BBQSteve

    Error 73

    Spot on. Thanks.
  4. BBQSteve

    Error 73

    I get this error with the RealAir Legacy V2 "looks like you have not selected an aircraft as user vehicle" and PSX closes. ????
  5. Thanks and thank you for the great program!
  6. One just generated from simbrief of same basic departure/arrival: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <FlightPlan xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" FlightType="IFR" Equipment="/G" CruiseAltitude="25000" CruiseSpeed="268" DepartureAirport="KJAC" DestinationAirport="KTEX" AlternateAirport="KCOS" Route="ALPIN2 KICNE DCT JNC DCT ETL DCT" Remarks="PBN/D2 DOF/181104 REG/N831SB EET/KZDV0050 PER/B TALT/KIDA RMK/TCAS SIMBRIEF" IsHeavy="false" EquipmentPrefix="" EquipmentSuffix="G" DepartureTime="1700" DepartureTimeAct="0" EnrouteHours="1" EnrouteMinutes="32" FuelHours="3" FuelMinutes="38" VoiceType="Full" />
  7. Gee Alex, I really don't, I could post a flight plan, but other than that, clueless. Flight plan has a .vfp extension and is as follows: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <FlightPlan xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" FlightType="IFR" Equipment="/L" CruiseAltitude="23000" CruiseSpeed="275" DepartureAirport="KBZN" DestinationAirport="KJAC" AlternateAirport="KSLC" Route="DCT 4529N11116W 4527N11114W 4524N11112W 4522N11110W DCT 4520N11110W 4519N11111W/N0276F220 4517N11113W 4516N11115W 4514N11115W/N0275F230 4509N11114W 4505N11113W 4504N11111W 4502N11107W 4500N11105W 4458N11104W 4452N11103W 4450N11105W/N0276F220 4449N11108W 4449N11111W 4449N11113W 4450N11116W 4451N11119W 4450N11119W/N0275F230 4448N11117W 4446N11116W DCT KWYS DCT 4440N11104W 4440N11059W 4439N11055W 4439N11052W 4435N11050W 4430N11050W 4428N11050W 4426N11044W 4427N11041W 4425N11035W 4429N11032W 4428N11031W 4429N11027W 4429N11025W 4432N11024W 4432N11022W 4432N11018W 4428N11017W 4424N11017W 4415N11027W/N0276F220 DCT 4409N11040W 4403N11043W DCT 4352N11039W DCT" Remarks="PBN/D2 DOF/181102 REG/N012SB PER/B RMK/TCAS SIMBRIEF" IsHeavy="false" EquipmentPrefix="" EquipmentSuffix="L" DepartureTime="2035" DepartureTimeAct="0" EnrouteHours="0" EnrouteMinutes="53" FuelHours="2" FuelMinutes="44" VoiceType="Full" />
  8. Hey, great program, but why isn't VATSIM flight plan saves not an option. I just started back on VATSIM and have been using Little NavMap since release giving up all others, but when I looked for this option it wasn't there. How could you forget this! 😉
  9. BBQSteve

    KORF lights

    My house is about dead center of your great shot.
  10. BBQSteve

    KORF lights

    Local myself, live at the threshold end of 05. Need any pics, let me know. Glad to see you are still working on a fine airport.
  11. Yes. My solution was to revert back to the original APX17140.bgl in base 0201. It was changed by fsaerodata.
  12. How the heck did you get it to work? Mine has pockets all over the place.
  13. BBQSteve

    No Data Stream from Real Traffic

    Must have been "atc_model=BE58 " because when I added it all worked. "Category=airplane" was already there. Guess we chalk this one up as solved! Thanks for your assistance and the great freeware software!
  14. BBQSteve

    No Data Stream from Real Traffic

    Well I guess you gave up, but I didn't. I think you have a user aircraft issue. I can load most of the default and some of the more popular publisher aircraft and so fax PSX loads fine. I load a freeware aircraft, the Beechcraft D18S by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas and Andre Folkers, or the avatar Bob and it will not start. Before you tell me avatars are not allowed, I know, I read it in the manual too, but I needed a comparison. What prevents loading in my sim: avatars Beechcraft D18S Shupe B17F Aeroplane Heaven submersible submarine ohio class