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  1. 2.6.14 worked ok for me unless I missed an update. What do I need to edit? Think I figured it out, the FP.
  2. Since the last update I have not been able to load a flight plan into Active Sky X. The error says unable to parse. Generally this happens when an airport is not in ASXP, but not in this case. When I do it manually in ASXP it creates a flight plan ok. Anyone else had this problem?
  3. Is there a way to disable the scroll auto return in the flight plan window. When I scroll over to see VOR freq. the bar returns to the left edge instead of staying in place.
  4. I use the betas and am on 2.6.4 now, still have the problem. Funny how the test work fine, but still does not update the database.
  5. I have experienced the same with Vatsim weather. Test runs fine, but unless I restart navmap, vatsim weather does not get updated. Above ping works perfectly to both sights. My Little Navmap runs 24/7 unless I need to do something else I just tested via http vice ping and us.data gets a 404 error and the others return text.
  6. After running scenery library database function in LNM I get the following error: Database Error I have sent the error before, but not heard anything so I thought I would try here.
  7. All good, thanks for your help, now if we can just get com freqs working please!
  8. Didn't get word there was an r2, will re download. Thanks for the heads up. NOTE: That's just plain weird. All of my NAVIGRAPH updates are still at r1 while LNM and x-plane are the only one to r2!
  9. Really? So any idea why I am not seeing them? All of my stuff are up to date, all files are where they are supposed to be. Here is my view: http://prntscr.com/p04vd1 http://prntscr.com/p04w25 http://prntscr.com/p04wv2
  11. Sorry, did not get a notification you responded, Yes, I keep all my sims and addons as up to date as possible. Have the NAVIGRAPH service and run it monthly. Also, I have noticed that LNM does not have/contain all the airport procedures. I have found numerous smaller airports that do have RNAV approaches in the GPS, but does not show in LNM.
  12. The freq. used in P3Dv4 work in X-Plane 11.35r3. I load P3D library and get freq, then reload xP and tune freq.
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