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  1. What makes you think that? really curious as I haven't heard anything about an update.
  2. Yes they charge for every update. But you can use the "old" version just fine when you don't need an Installer that points you to P3Dv5.
  3. Can't you look at the screenshots? I wouldn't buy them with a 100% discount. The fact that they realease a scenery per week should tell you that absoluteley no work goes into them.
  4. Look for Toliara and Nosy Be. Very high quality freeware in Madagascar.
  5. I bought it and wouldn't recommend it for the current price. Too many shortcomings and I am not aware of any updates since the release which is very odd (there was one hotfix after 1 day or so). It can't really keep up with other high quality aircraft out there and if you have anx of them (PMDG, FSLabs etc) you will feel the same.
  6. Hi, which simulator you want to use and what do you want to do exactly? The list of possibilities is long 🙂 Is the airport already existing in the simulator? First steps usually are with ADE to modify the AFCAD etc and then maybe a photoscenery with SBuilderX. You want to model buildings as well?
  7. It is working for me but I can't tell you how I did it because so many things are messing with this airport (mostly Orbx Vector & openLC). There is a thread somewhere in the orbx forum (German part) where some files are provided. But there will be a new BIKF from MK Studios in a few weeks (Q1 2020) so maybe just wait for that one.
  8. Yeah same for me. With the black friday sale they cost the same than a Flightbeam or Flytampa airport. I love Pacsim's sceneries and have quite a few of them. But prices have gone up considerably and it is just too much for me at this point.
  9. Hi, first of all thank you for this great tool. I have the feeling I am only using 10% of the actual features and everytime I use it I discover something new. Today I discovered the little feature of the runway winds. In the weather tab of an airport it shows me the best suited runways. Is there a possibility to see all the runways? Sometimes there is a preferred runway which would be used up to a certain tailwind component even if the other runway would be better suited wind-wise. So somehow it would be nice to see all runways there with headwind and crosswind component to make an informed decision.
  10. If there is something worth buying, I will buy it. But the last months are really slow from the developers as well. Maybe they are already knee deep into it. Who knows. Look at the flightsim show in Cosford. Not one thing from there that seems news worthy. X-Plane announcing a few more better landmarks and default airports for 11.40 and orbx and Aerosoft had basically nothing for P3D. Flightsimlabs and the A321 is also suspiciously quiet for the last few months. So, what can we actually buy to support them? On simmarket there are only the usual suspects releasing some bad quality for high prices but from the top tier developers you hear nothing.
  11. Thanks, that was really it. I made the update a few weeks ago but the northern (and southern) light files are from 2018. But no matter I have never seen those lights so I have no problem deactivating them.
  12. Thanks for your tip. Sometimes the strangest things can have an influence. Although I just recently updated Envtex, I will check my installation again and maybe deactivate the effects anyway.
  13. Hi, I have a strange groundpoly problem in MK Studios EKVG Vagar. I can't find a support forum of them and they tend to answer quite slowly so maybe someone here had the same problem: At certain angles the groundpoly completely disappears: At other angles it is completely fine: Anyone with an idea? While we are at it: Short time after the release there were some optional landclass files for the rest of the island. But they are not anymore in my simmarket account. Anyone know what happened to them?
  14. BIKF is one of the hardest airport to get running because orbx really screws with this one. But there is a solution somewhere in the orbx forum (german part) and I have it running successfully now in P3Dv4.
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