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  1. MSFS' update process and Aerosofts history of providing updates will not play well together in the not so far future. That's why I will stay clear from them as good as I can.
  2. Yes it is hard to grasp. Because why would I make an advance payment for the MSFS Version of 100 Dollar in 2019, makes no sense. So the Logic is clearly: Buy the P3D Version and get credit for the MSFS Version. Not the other way around. If you understood it like this (clearly as the only one) I think that is your problem.
  3. Yes since the update I also have the issue that the CRJ during cruise gets slower and slower no matter how much power I actually use. I always end up stopping my flight as I can't see me doing something wrong.
  4. Interesting. I will definitely have a look. Thanks for that!
  5. I agree with Chock here. I adjusted quite a few images myself and I am an amateur. And while it was a bit more tedious in P3D with all the seasons, the different LC products etc. it was actually just a breeze in MSFS. One adjustment and you are done. Also I might add while 64 square km might sound much to you, it actually isn't. 8km x 8km is not such a huge area, specially when most of it is water. So I would think twice if this is really the point you want to justify the price with...
  6. That doesn't make much sense. Take for example Incheon for a normal price of $36. They run their discounts with 20% which brings it to $28,80. That brings you to Flightbeam/Flytampa full price territory. This is not what a good sale looks like. Specially not during the holiday when other developers run their sales with 30-40% and you can get a Flightbeam airport for around $15-$20. Don't get me wrong. If it is an airport I really like/need then I am more than willing to pay a good price around 25-30$... But they charge just too much for my taste but it seems working for them so who am I to judge...
  7. I liked PacSim a lot and although I would not see them up there with Flightbeam or Flytampa, their prices unfortunately are well above those two. That's why I haven't bought a PacSim scenery in a long time. Before those prices went up to $35-$40 a scenery I bought quite a lot "obscure" sceneries from them like Rarotonga, Nauru or Tonga. RPLL was great as well.
  8. I am a bit surprised to see such enthusiastic reviews here. Yes it is nicely done but it doesn't add too much after you chose the route. It is more or less a very expensive random route generator at that point. I really hope more depth will be added at some point. I like the random feature as it also brings me to areas I am not thinking of. But unfortunately 90% of the times it brings me to the USA from one farm to another. I think the huge amount of airfields there just outnumbers the rest of the world.
  9. Yes that's how it worked for me. Just I bought the Standard version as I don't see any benefit in the Deluxe versions.
  10. Time to time there is a discount for GamePass users. I bought mine like this. Just do the $1 trial and buy it for a discount.
  11. Come on, I think everyone here knows, that the Aerosoft CRJ will be nowhere near FSL or PMDG. To be honest I would be very surprised if it is a lot better than the Default planes we have now. The CRJ for P3D was pretty much wasted money for me and I don't really think, more system depth will be the goal this time. The goal is to be the first with a proper add-on airliner.
  12. Someone knows the actualy state of this? SP1 still left me pretty disappointed. Any updates since then? Is it v5 compatible?
  13. If the quality is good enough, I don't care about the date but for me it is about the huge amount of areas where is no satellite image at all.
  14. But it is only for relatively small areas each time. So for any given area it is only every few years.
  15. If I understand correctly, then it only happens with the world updates every 2-3 months and only for the area the update is about. I really hope, that I am wrong though.
  16. It is not like you see a ton of new things for MSFS. Most of the stuff is just ported scenery from P3D because it is rather easy. Now after the first two month when the honeymoon phase seems to be over, I think developers will realize that people can only buy so much for MSFS without any planes. My money will still go forward to good P3D sceneries for now and I can't be the only one. Even if they develop first for MSFS, to bring the scenery to P3D is not that hard. So I still expect some development happening with P3D but I hope that 5.1 will make a big step forward in the TrueSky department.
  17. I agree, 20% is rather on the low side of discounts. Seeing all these add-ons pumped out on a weekly basis, even from the small developers, shows me that the conversion is rather easy. So I just wouldn't be willing to pay 80% again, unless it is an airport I REALLY want. I also think, that the developers have to wake up a bit. I for one (like many of you) spent a ton of money on airports before. But I haven't spent a dollar yet for MSFS airports. Partly because I am waiting for proper planes and more updates and partly because I am not willing anymore to spend that amount on scenery because in the past I found out that I am not getting my money's worth out of it if I am flying there 2-3 times per year. FSDT seems to be the one to understand, selling their airports at 10-15$ and I can totally see myself buying those, as soon as I use the sim regularly. Flightbeam with 15$ for a big airport also seems attractive. But 15$ for a runway with 3 buildings, no thank you. Default is good enough for that (If the airport exists in the sim 😉 )
  18. I also find this statement a bit weird. Whose else would it be? I mean this is really a task for the intern to compare the database in the sim and the database they have from nablue to check for missing airports and (if important enough), add them manually. Because Malage and Stuttgart are by far not the only ones.
  19. Hi, I have to agree, I love this function. Also it would be nice if they would be more visible independent from the Zoom Level. When I am zooming out, a lot of them are disappearing again. Sometimes I am not even sure why or what it is triggered by. For example JustSim EDDS disappears rather quickly and the program seems to think it is a very small airport. But an optional exception for add-on airports would be rather nice!
  20. FSDG announced it a while back but with no new information for quite a while. They announce a lot and not every announcement gets a release in the end.
  21. I am really indifferent on this. As it is probably a good thing that small independent developers have a place where they can easily sell their things. But literally 90% what goes online there is pure junk. So I am not sure if they are doing themselves any favours. Just today someone uploaded a few liveries for FS9 for 12 EUR. The reviews are not really helping as most of those items don't have any. But I take it as a good sign and hope, nobody falls for it.
  22. You will be just fine if you don't have it. But is there actually still someone out there who doesn't use Global?
  23. Actually UGMS is there twice, once as UGMS and once as UGME. I already opened a ticket but it can't hurt if you do it again. The ICAO Codes are largely fictional for smaller airfield. For example UGSA Nataxtari is UGMT in the sim or UGGT Telavi is UG25. I am sure there are hundreds or thousands more like that around the globe.
  24. Kos in P3Dv4 was also an absolute performance hog. That's why I avoid Gaya Simulations for now. Heard the same about Vienna so I think they have some problem in their workflow somewhere.
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