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  1. Hi i was wondering if someone would be willing to create a microlight airfield scenery for me. I am currently a pilot in training and would love this airfield in the sim so i could do some ross country flights to it Airfield Info: Kilkeel airfield (Derryouge Airfield) This airfield is on the coast of Northern Ireland and is a grass airstrip It doesnt have to be anything special just something to do the job Thanks, Nathan
  2. Yes I did. And no my joystick doesn't move the ailerons etc. when outside. And yes i have calibrated my joystick. Advanced Animations, what are they ?
  3. Hey when i set up my aircraft for a flight i have a number of problems 1. When i input all my weights and fuel it does not change it. 2. When i go to taxi the joystick i use does not move the controls in the sim. The joystick im using is Thrustmaster
  4. Yeah happens in all payware aircraft. PMDG 777 Aerosoft Airbus X PMDG 737 d3fault aircraft do have the same issue. Window 10
  5. Hey i Have recently been getting a problem throught FSX SE. When i go to fly in a payware aircraft, when i go to put in how much fuel i want etc. it just doesn't change ! Help please Nathan
  6. Thanks a lot man! really appreciate it
  7. I'd love some Ikarus c42 repaint done G-DMCI G-CEEW G-CJAP G-CIIN EI-DXA Many Thanks Nathan
  8. No it's not included unfortunately
  9. Hey I was wondering if anyone is willing to make me a scenery for FSX. doesn't have to be anything special just something to do the job. The airfield i would like created as a scenery is Carrickmore Airfield in Co Tyrone NI. It is a microlight strip and i'm currently a member of the club based there and i would love it to be in the sim. An absolutely brilliant airfield !
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