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  1. Dont worry Dominique, we all know they are in it for business ., so im sure they wont take it seriously
  2. Dominique I could just see that sunset remark coming
  3. All valid points Razor blade Sure will be the cause off some scrap metal lying around AND a lot of kamikaze flying done by civil AC Might be fun to sit in the tower
  4. Ysterplaat. Some fond memories of being an appy there
  5. Retrenchment meeting next week. No work , no pay, no internet, no new rig and alas no new sim. Will maybe move to the coast and stay with my son. BUT, being 54 in SA at the moment its going to near impossible. At least got a good pair of shoes to take to the streets looking for a job. It just amaze me how quick this virus can turn life completely around. Well, I am sure there are people who is harder hit than me at the moment, so ....still all Mods, feel free to cut and paste, I just had to " talk " to some one
  6. Hallo Asobo So glad you are all well, and thanks so much for the communicae, much appreciated from my (humble ) side. Second piece of good news is that things are going on, also much appreciated for the efforts you are trying to put in in this difficult times.
  7. Wasnt that other aircraft at 1.58 a bit close in the above video? The one of landing at LSGG
  8. Sorry, son and boy the same, prefer to call it son. Aich
  9. Terms of endearment Ha ha ha. For the son, the wife or the boy? I am sure the "rude" language explanation went down better with the boy than with the mom
  10. And a map function with a distance measuring tool
  11. Mission for the Kai Tak " Heart attack" approach in Hong Kong
  12. Sure, shouldnt be reading this if that was my view, but reading anything on the upcoming sim.
  13. Ha Ha So true But old habits die hard, they say Me, cant wait to get into a plane and NOT wanting to tweak here and tweak there, even if its not perfect! So used to tweaking to get better this and that , and toooo little flying
  14. Thanks LHookins As said, brilliant idea I read but couldnt remember from whom
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