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  1. Ha Ha, enjoyed it very much. Please tell us about the rabbit or quail
  2. Noel, this is so wonderfull writing Sure, you dont want to publish, but would you think of sharing your other stories as a download here on avsim. I would love to get them all. In any case , another great telling from you, enjoyed it very much, THANK YOU
  3. https://www.avsim.com/profile/251375-sd_flyer/ Hi to all Bit off MS2020 as such so please move as you see fit @sd_flyer You mentioned in another threat about shooting dual VOR approaches. Can you please tell me more about that, as I also only fly with only the needles and no GPS Recently digged into fix to fix navigation, and what fun that is. Really keep you engaged (and busy) , but for me MUCH more pleasure, than trying to get the magenta line to follow me as to where I want to go Well, each on its own
  4. Just saw video on YT, landing was succesfull, amazing
  5. Martin you right, never show off .........
  6. Noel , If ever heard a REALLY, REALLY true to the bone saying, this was it And,as an afterthought, also our downfall
  7. Truth is , from earliest biblical times till about 150 years ago, this planet, was RICH in recourses (wild live, fishing, birds , eggs, sea live etc....) Were talking thousands of years. And in a matter of 150 years were almost on the point of no return. Iam not talking of thousands of years, I im talking couple of decades, where things have gone so bad that another 150 years from now , well, te my guest. For me , normally the glass is half full, even after a year since Covid stole my job, but for the prredictions of this MOST beautifull peace of real estate in the universe, i dont know
  8. Mm If we cant make it here on this beautifull place with all its resources (for free) cant see we will make it any other place Note I know this was ment in a broad perspective Martin


    Ha Ha Ha Thanks Jay
  10. Freud would have had a royal time picking those guys brains that want to go there for life
  11. One day they`re going to pick him up - in pieces
  12. Yes Thank you soo much and for all your hard work Spending more time playing with LNM than actual flying But for me its fun playing around with everything Thank you Sir
  13. Hi Alex Sorry, I thought i had to bother Bina At the bottom it says "Done Offline" in red In my settings the "Use Offline globe elev. data" thingy is ticked Is this what you need to know Thanks
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