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  1. Probably need more time to get all the bugs in.
  2. Make sure you're in the interior view of your aircraft when you first open the Airshow Assistant UI, otherwise it doesn't always initialise properly. Then you can switch to exterior view if you like. All you need to do is click the "cover me" button and one wingman should appear. You can then add up to 4 with the slider.
  3. The Kuro 787-8 is here: https://flightsim.to/file/45062/boeing-787-8 For the Horizon 787-9, you need to download the Headwind installer, and use that to install the 787-9. https://headwindsim.net/installer.html Note, you need to have the Premium edition of MSFS that includes the 787-10, as these are both based on that.
  4. https://flightsim.to/file/36280/fenix-a320-walkthrough-guilds
  5. I expect it'll be the C172 or C182 next. Neither of which I'd buy. I'm hoping it'll be the T-6, and really, really, really hoping it's the B-17.
  6. I always used to prefer the single seaters, but these days I prefer the twins. They're both beautiful in my eyes though. The twin sound pack is based off the single seat one, but converted to Wwise format so it has more features such as switch sounds (many recorded from actual Hunter controls) and the volume changing when opening the canopy. It was my first attempt at using Wwise, so it was a huge learning curve. I'm sure it could be improved, so it may be updated on the future.
  7. Well I'll be getting this on day 1. Wasn't sure originally, but UrgentSiesta had talked me into it!
  8. There is a Bronco being developed for MSFS. Can't remember who is doing though I'm afraid. There were some preview shots on on the MS forum. Looks pretty good, but no idea how deep it's going to be.
  9. 1) Mosquito 2) Beaufighter 3) Hurricane 4) Zero 5) Sea Fury
  10. This is a crying shame. I've only one upload on FS.to so far, (Hawker Hunter, currently 22000 downloads), I've no issues with a premium subscription to cover costs, as long as there is also free access. The new terms are out of order though. I'm about to release the trainer version of the Hunters, and it won't be on fs.to.
  11. Useful tool @MammyJammy, however it seems to miss some textures, leaving them at 4096. For example, "FSLTL_A20N_ANA\TEXTURE.ANA\FAIB_A320_PW_T.png.dds" does not convert, but "FSLTL_A20N_AMU\texture.AMU\FAIB_A320_PW_T.png.dds" does.
  12. As I say, I've only tried a couple, one was the Skybus livery & the other was one of the Defenders. Thanks! Hunter Ts coming soon (ish).
  13. I've only tried a couple of variants, but I've definitely seen 2 different panel colours so far.
  14. Nope, they have their own partial aircraft.cfg with the [flightsim.x] section and a [VARIATION] section that contains something like: base_container = "..\PMDG DC-6B" You need to set up the folder structure correctly, and include a layout and manifest json files. There was a doc online somewhere with the details, I'll have to see if I can find the link. edit: found it here: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/guide-creating-livery-packages-for-msfs.448795/
  15. This happens now. Many liveries don't require any aircraft.cfg editing, they are self contained and simply dropped into the community folder (or other folder if using something like the Addon Linker). Don't think liveries added while the game is running are picked up though.
  16. It's not you. Their webhost moved the site to a new server, but somethings not working. Arno's put a message up here: https://www.scenerydesign.org/
  17. You can't disable controllers in MSFS. You just need to create new empty profiles for each controller instead.
  18. For the 747 (& other 4 engined aircraft) you can set up a separate throttle profile in MSFS and assign one throttle lever to engines 1 & 2 and the second to 3 & 4, no need for FSUIPC. You have to switch to the profile manually though.
  19. The new gauge would cause a CTD for me too until I deleted the contents of the "FlightPlans" folder inside the "Prepar3D v5\Flight One Software\BN-2 Islander" folder.
  20. Yep, I've seen this to, but unfortunately no solution other than what you already do.
  21. Copy and pasted from my SimMarket receipt:
  22. All the info was in your SimMarket receipt.
  23. Oh, that looks interesting! Do the helos take off and land vertically ? (I assume so judging by the first screenshot sequence)
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