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  1. Hmmmmm...according to the x forums, the BN-2s were on the roadmap for XP-12. Of course, if you're speaking of a "free" upgrade for XP-11 owners, that I haven't heard.
  2. I do own the Nimbus BN-2 for XP-11 and quite like it, but I am at work currently. I will download the updated version later to see how it goes in XP-12. I was hoping Thranda would post a video, but haven't seen one yet. Maybe soon... I also own both variants of the TorqueSim BN-2s. I think they're working on the XP-12 updates, but not alot of news coming out.
  3. I see Thranda released their rendition of the BN-2 for X-Plane 12 today, then Nimbus has updated their version. Has anyone tried either of them? It looks like if you own the Nimbus for XP-11, you'll get the upgrade to XP-12 version for free.
  4. oh well. I missed out, now they're gonna miss out on my purchase. I guess sending notifications to registered users is too much.
  5. Since Carenado is selling through the MS store, wouldn't it seem plausible that MS would insist/require bug fixes come at intervals to maintain the store contract? Time will tell, but I think if Carenado survives the MS store, then I'm sure certain requirements must be met. I don't see the Carenado products being study level, but I truly believe for the systems they employ in their products, they will have to meet their obligations in order to sell their craft.
  6. Try using a VPN to allow you to connect to a different server. I live in Southeast US and the default server is trash...it always hangs during downloads. I connected with a VPN and it gave me an IP address in the northeast and everything downloaded and installed without a hitch.
  7. I cannot say my time with MSFS has been trouble free; however, it's never failed to update and I have only the rare CTD...usually due to add-on(s). On the other hand, in the early days, I was having an issue when downloading updates. The updates would hang. I even logged tickets with Zendesk and even talked to them and they could never figure it out. Then, I read somewhere that not all the distro servers were 100% reliable. Someone mentioned using VPN as a way to set your IP address to a different location. I did this and boom, the updates came in quickly and without issues. I cannot speak to anyone having issues with where you have the sim installed, but definitely, if you're having download issues, try a VPN to see if it helps. Meanwhile, my biggest gripe still is melted buildings. I figure it is due to my limited bandwidth, but can also be other things contributing to this, so I fly mostly in remote/rural areas until I can get better service and living in a rural area is like living in a time capsule - nothing moves very fast. Good luck!
  8. I will buy this if it can simulate a typical fishing outing, where I whip out my pp to take a leak after all the beers I drink and the wind blows it back onto my fishing partner. That would encompass all the aspects of a spectacular water sport environment.
  9. Yeah, this pretty much answers the question of whether msfs2020 is a game or a sim...case dismissed!
  10. I finally got the error message cleared. I had to rebuild the resource folder - well I probably didn't have to, but I did anyway. Thanks for the tip! Merry Christmas!
  11. Sorry for the text file, it is a download link...I will try what you indicated above. I tried to add another link to the log file, but it doesn't seem to want to do it now. Anyways, thanks for the tip!
  12. I'm getting the following error, but I'm not sure what to do to resolve it. I have looked at my log file and deleted the files it says are in error, then updating XP, but it still doesn't resolve. Below is a link to my log file: Log.txt Thanks for the advice.
  13. I can fly from Point A to Point B, so yeah, it's a good patch; although, I try not to open my eyes to see broke things.
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