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  1. SimMarket has some USB panels on sale right now. I've never used any of these, but probably worth a look.
  2. I'll continue to support FSW until it's in final release, then make my decision. Speculating on things that may or may not be in the core sim at this juncture is not constructive at all. A moving map and view & Slew are very low on my priority list of features that I think should be included in the core sim. Those are cheap add-ons compared to some others I can think of. I'd rather DTG look at including some of those more pricey features as part of the core sim vs these tiddly wink features which will come along from 3rd party sources anyway because there will be those who will complain about almost every feature included in the sim for one reason or another.
  3. I have the same issue, only everything works on my CH Yoke except for the inboard rocker switch. This all started yesterday, but not sure what even might have caused it. The switch cannot be reprogrammed at all or mapped to a sim event.
  4. I installed yesterday. I wasn't sure the difference between the Clear trees and the Dark trees. I installed the clear trees. I'll admit, things look pretty good. I did see a good bit of popping, but I think that's an issue already reported to FSW.
  5. Thanks for sharing the video! I cannot figure the point of this software add-on if you cannot save the presets.
  6. Aye, good point! Thanks for the recommendation!
  7. No, I built my own custom system. This is really strange! I've since created a new stronger password.
  8. wth? Has my account been hacked? I've never seen this thread and it looks like it was started by me
  9. I can confirm when trying to fly AP HDG mode it doesn't hold heading and it seemed to not hold VS, but I didn't spend too much time with the VS since big mama walked in and busted me....ahemmmmm...she was vacuuming
  10. Oh forgot to mention that i use a 720p monitor which i'm sure helps the performance
  11. I recently bought a Dell Inspirion desktop for under $300. To my surprise the X plane 11 demo works better than i expected. It seems to have more fps than FSW with decent settings. The demo is playable and is good for me given how great it looks. I am planing on upgrading my graphics card and now i don't feel the need to go all out on a expensive one. My question is will the full version still perform as good as the demo? My settings are: Sim objects-high, Reflection detail- min Aliasing- up 2 notches,i think the texture setting is half way System Specs: i3 6100 HD 530 graphics 6gb ram Thanks
  12. Does the SDK need to be updated also? I don't use per 'se, but I thought some add-ons depend on the client being installed. Maybe I am thinking about scenery creation stuff...thinking out loud.
  13. Thanks for this feedback. I was really concerned about this since this is my first P3D update. Their web site is so confusing...I think LM just needs to link here for upgrade advice and support.
  14. I looked at LPMA, 6CA5 and KATL in FSW defaults and didn't really see any issues. Of course with LPMA, that airport does sit on a plateau on the edge of the sea, but it has a man made taxiway/area built on the side of a cliff more or less and the default scenery may be a little exaggerated on that side giving it a steep plateau instead of the man made area.
  15. I think you mean your hardware is not so well optimized for XP11.