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  1. This is profound and so true. The other thing I like about X-Plane is that Austin and company occasionally put together a Q & A session and give us direct feedback about what they're doing and things their fixing or adding - even a proverbial put-off of a feature that's been asked for. Honesty and forthrightness go a long way in maintaining loyalty to a product. What's not to like about a development team that gives feedback back to their customers?
  2. I certainly agree 100% and there are many reasons why P3D is an attractive sim to so many people. No argument to be made here.
  3. Well filtered out a word I used about
  4. Ha! I was such a MSFS word not allowed from the early days. So much enjoyment over the years. Then came along FSW, XP11 and P3Dv4 roughly at the same time. So, I ditched my beloved FSX-SE for FSW and quickly realized it wasn't ready for prime time. So I picked up XP11 and said wow, this is a different sim. Then, just like curiosity killed the cat, I jumped on the P3Dv4 band wagon because the hype indicated it was the cat's meow. For 4 months now I have been bouncing from one to the other...not serious with FSW yet. But I set-up P3D pretty much with everything that was upgraded for free...but I did buy ActiveSky for P3Dv4. For some odd reason, I cannot pull myself away from XP11....even with it's minor flaws and missing some stuff (i.e. Seasons, airports with no buildings, etc) it is absolutely the most immersive sim I've ever had the pleasure of using. The only things I've purchased are XPRealistic, Carenado Beech Baron B58 and SimCoders expansion packs for the Baron and the LR C172. The rest of the excellent stuff has been free, like SimCoders Headshake, 124thATC, etc. I have also pulled down some outstanding free sceneries. I must tell you, and I know I'm preaching to the choir, the past few days I have had more fun flying around than I can remember having for quite some time. Sure many people can bash XP for one reason or another, but the bang you get for the buck is just crazy! I think Austin's vision for XP is nothing short of genius. I say that when I look at the features you get out of the box, like Plane Maker, Air Foil Maker and WED. Then, you couple in undulating runways, night lighting, flight physics, and general default scenery which are really leading the way. On top of that, the slick UI, easy controller set-up (I don't have anything complicated so cannot speak for anything outside my CH Eclipse Yoke), ease of installing the sim and the way updates are made and the fluidity and smoothness just to name a few. Then, as the cherry on top, look at all the really great FREE add-ons like what I mentioned above and the sceneries wow! Without vision and innovation, you get none of this. Thank you Austin and team! i have to admit I had a meltdown earlier today on a competing sim and posted it in Hanger Chat. I couldn't help it, but I will say I was honest and tried not to be too over the top. But I just couldn't take it anymore. So, I thought I'd come here to say that for me XP11 is my every day sim and for many good reasons, some noted above. Keep up the fight Austin and team!
  5. Please forgive me for this prose, but I have to say it. I have been a long time MSFS user going way way back. It wasn't until about 8 years ago that I got really serious with my simming. I am amazed at the level of experience of sim enthusiasts and pilots that enrich this hobby on a daily basis. I am not a RL pilot, but I do enjoy the feeling of flying - even if I have to do it from my desk. Anyways, thank you all because i have learned a volume of stuff about flying, right here on AVSIM, and the funny thing is, I don't feel I've even scratched the surface. Please do not think I am bashing anyone for the sim they use. I get it...we all have that one (or several) sims that we have grown into and love above all others. Nevertheless, with the EA release of FSW, I purchased it and installed it thinking that it would be the next progression from FSX-SE. I flew it for several hours and determined it's nowhere near ready for prime time. In the mean time, I had removed my instance of my beloved FSX-SE....ahemmm...this is what happens when you get old, you do stupid things without thinking them through. However, since I do have my personal simming space, I needed something that I could use every day. Luckily for me, XP 11 was recently released along with P3Dv4. I jumped on the XP11 bandwagon first (since Austin lives right down the road) right off and wasn't sure about it out of the gate. Then I noticed most of my FSX-SE planes, sceneries and some other add-ons were being converted over to P3Dv4 where they were co-developed for FSX and P3D. So, I pulled the trigger on P3Dv4. Off to the skies I went. I felt at home with P3Dv4 as I felt it was really my 64bit FSX-SE. With all that being said, here I sit 4 months later perplexed with what I feel is a pig being covered in make-up and at the end of the day, you can cover that pig in make-up but under all that make-up is still a pig. The pig I refer to is P3Dv4. What has triggered my perplexity was a post on this forum where someone innocently posted that Hotfix 1 was just released by LM for P3Dv4 even though it was released in June just prior to when I purchased P3Dv4. I didn't read all the way down the post, so I trotted off through the link given to see this new Hotfix. Well, by the time I got logged into the download section of LM's website, I found a link to the instructions on how to update P3D. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? From top to bottom about ten scrolls of my mouse. This is a very donkey way to update an application I think, especially given the total size. So you're given a choice to download the complete installed or download components and run them individually...but then you have to uninstall the old to add the new, but don't forget to click no to deactivation, etc., etc. By the time I got to the bottom of the instructions, I sat back and wondered why they would create an update that is so old school and cumbersome - it is beyond me. So, I started reflecting back over the last few months with my experience with P3Dv4 and XP11. I know that XP11 will tell you when an update is available when you start it up. Not so with P3D, you have to find out somewhere. Additionally, the install will just happen in XP11 if you click the Download and Install. Sure, I suspect some things might get bumbed up in the process, but I haven't had that happen in three updates since I've had the sim. I always wondered why LM recommends you place 3PP stuff outside the core install location - this is another donkey thing. Scenery is another thing that just isn't right in P3D. Stuff seems washed out and old school, but I look at what comes out of the box in XP and it seems so much better looking. It's true, many XP airports don't have any buildings, but the ones that do, are much more pleasing to the eye. I can alwys use the installed libraries and WED to create the buildings around the airport very quickly. Undulating runways are something else to behold as well as night lighting not to mention flight dynamics amongst other things. Yes, I know, P3Dv4 has dynamic lighting, but it half works. I will give P3D 3PP devs this however, they have a bountiful selection of add-ons for sure. But you know, under all those decent add-ons, is still this same ole pig. You can cover it up, but again at the end of the day, that pig is still there. Overall, I am very underwhelmed with P3D. It just doesn't feel like it is on the cutting edge and quite honestly, I don't think it will ever be in this present version. Since I am old, I've had to start watching my money situation. I ask myself, why spend hundreds or more on this sim when it is basically the same thing I had with FSX-SE except 64bit and no OOMs - which by the way I never had that issue with FSX-SE...some stuttering yes, but OOMs very very rare. I understand P3Dv4 has some stuttering issues, but that's just stuff I have read on here, but I haven't seen them myself. Then I think about XP11 and it's smoothness and fluidity and how it is being developed and the plethora of freeware add-ons and some great payware stuff too, but it is good enough to use out of the box on it's own. It is true XP11 has some flaws and is missing some things that P3D has, but overall I find it much more immersive and definitely more fun than P3D. Ummmmm...maybe it's the totally different sim that is XP more than the 64bit FSX that P3D seems to be has me mesmerized like a child at Christmas? I don't know. Again, this isn't a knock on any individual and the sim you use, but I am really struggling to understand why I have to buy all this stuff to make myself enjoy P3D in the same way I enjoy XP11. Just knowing what P3D is out of the box is still the same P3D with all the make-up. Of course, I can say the same about FSX. There are many more things I could say about either sim, but I am tired of typing. Please don't bash me for being honest and venting a little. I still have my P3Dv4, but lately it has been collecting dust with FSW and it appears XP11 still wins the day for me.
  6. jajajajajaja!!! Sorry bout that. Ok, maybe it's the Steam client. I have very similar set-up as you do, but on my laptop, I access Steam only through web browser, not Steam Client. You can still login, but without the client being installed. Robert Edit: I also access Steam through my iPad and iPhone via browser only. Maybe the client is confused. I know you can move an install of FSW, FSX-SE via Steam Client and you'd think it wouldn't get confused, but I'm certainly not convinced.
  7. JAJAJAJAJAJA!!! That's hilarious. I think I would throttle my expectations on that one. If they ever achieve that, they could nevermore update it forever again because they would break it and go back into the vicious cycle of fix and break.
  8. First, I would ditch the laptop instance. Once you check the integrity of files as recommended by @A32xx on your dedicated desktop and you are able to use FSW. I would then use it for a couple of weeks so that you have a stable instance. I personally am not a big fan of having multiple instances of a game on separate devices. I get it and some want it, but I think it's wasted resources to keep up multiple instances of the same licensed product - but again, that's just me.
  9. Aye....I totally forgot about Accu-Feel being part of FSW by default. Thanks for the detailed explanation nonetheless.
  10. Whenever I fly my MU-2B in P3Dv4, atc addresses it as zero. I have checked the aircraft.cfg and the atc_id=N321GM. Does anyone know what the issue might be? thanks for the help!
  11. Great video Chock! Thanks for sharing. I concur on all the points made. There seems to also be a difference in "feel" (handling) from FSW and P3D. I sense a subtle difference between the two sims when I fly them, but you didn't mention it. Would like to know your thoughts on it.
  12. @simbol That is great to hear. I will also try reshade. I've never used it, but I've seen some videos of it being applied. I'm still holding off on Activesky / ASCA and FSUIPC5 for the time being. Anyway, keep us posted on your progress.
  13. WED isn't that difficult to learn. Of course I was familiar with ADE from my FSX days, but WED isn't that complicated. I haven't tried Overlay Editor, but may add it soon just to see how it works.
  14. @simbolJust temper your expectations. I recently made the switch from FSX-SE to P3Dv4. I was pleased that many add-on airports, aeroplanes and a few add-ons were upgraded free and were easily installed. Although, be ready to purchase FSUIPC5 and ActiveSky and ASCA if you used those in FSX-SE. For me, those were the most expensive of my add-ons. So, for the limited expectations part, don't expect an orgasmic (only word I could think of atm...hahaha) experience with P3Dv4. Outside of 64bit and dynamic lighting (which hits ya on frames) is really nothing more than what FSX-SE already is. This is only my experience in my migration over to P3Dv4. It is ultimately your decision and I am not trying to sway you one way or the other. My FSX-SE has been uninstalled forevermore and I am using P3Dv4 along with XP11 and FSW, but for sure, P3Dv4 is currently the most complete sim offer IMO
  15. Hahaha....I went to YouTube and checked out BetterPushback and it looks great! currently I only fly GA birds, so not much need for pushback in a C172, but the plug-in is noted as a gotta have when I decide to fly some heavy metal.