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  1. The developer of Air Hauler mentioned today in the AH2 beta forums that he is now "considering" Air Hauler 2 for X-Plane sometime in 2019. This would be a great addition to X-Plane...I am so hoping this happens!
  2. Go to SimMarket or FSPS to purchase; otherwise, go to HiFis web site.
  3. SmokeDiddy

    DHC-3 Causing CTD P3Dv4.4

    You're a genius CJ!!! Thank you for the suggestion. Robert
  4. SmokeDiddy

    DHC-3 Causing CTD P3Dv4.4

    You're a genius CJ!!!! That fixed it right up. Thank you for the suggestion. Robert
  5. SmokeDiddy

    DHC-3 Causing CTD P3Dv4.4

    I have also posted in Milviz forum on AVSIM. As the title says - as soon as I set-up initial flight, and click Load Flight, I get the CTD with this aircraft. I've tried other aircraft, even the 310R Redux and it works fine. Anyone else having an issue? Edit: Sorry, I am referring to the Milviz DHC-3 Otter.
  6. As the title says - as soon as I set-up initial flight, and click Load Flight, I get the CTD with this aircraft. I've tried other aircraft, even the 310R Redux and it works fine. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!!!
  7. SmokeDiddy

    Am I the only one?

    Nope! I also use pretty much the basic stuff and rely on ORBX freeware sceneries for the places I like to fly - only GA for me. I do have a bunch of payware scneries about the Caribbean tho and ORBX PNW
  8. SmokeDiddy

    MilViz T310R

    @Milviz Thank you for your honesty! I recently purchased my first Milviz product a couple weeks ago, the DHC-3 for P3D, and I love it. In order to continue my support for the Milviz family, I will purchase the new 310R for XP tomorrow and of course I will always buy direct.
  9. SmokeDiddy

    New to p3dv4 and wondering something...

    Thank goodness I fly only GA into regional or smaller airports. I think I'm too old to fly sophisticated wife would probably find me dead leaned over my keyboard with some flashing cursor FMC input error.
  10. SmokeDiddy

    Software update annoyance in the FlightSim world

    I feel your pain. One of my biggest complaints about P3D is LMs donkey way of rolling out updates. Obviously, if a user is given a choice of well, you can install this one and this one, and no need to install that one, the chances of getting it wrong is very high. Then one has to worry about whether or not their add-on stiuff will be removed, overwritten when updating. I think LM can do a better job on P3D updates (IMO). Updates in this day and age should be somewhat automated. LR has it right in regards to updates to XP. As far as 3rd party add-ons, yeah, it is very time consuming to seek out updated installers and fixes. I love the ORBX model with FTX Central. I do confess though, that if I want an add-on, I buy it without regard to how it is updated. I suppose I do suffer when it comes to updating my add-ons and I agree some developers can do a much better job with how it is done. You also better be good at record keeping electronic files of your purchases. So, I agree with your assessment, but again if there is an add-on I want or need, I go get it and give no other thought about it.
  11. SmokeDiddy

    Could we ask for more ?

    Am I gonna go blind because I clicked on the link?
  12. SmokeDiddy

    Traffic Global

    What about GA aircraft in TG? There is no mention of GA aircraft is why I am asking. I fly to mostly smaller airfields like county and some regional airports. Currently I use UT Live and I am satisfied with it as far as GA AI. Thanks!
  13. SmokeDiddy

    One of the elephants in the room with P3D

    Profound, but true. P3D keeps me breathing and satisfies my need to sim every day I can. There was a time when I was holding my breath on XP and big mama kept asking why my lips are always blue, so I've been happy with P3D for the most part and will stick with it for now.
  14. SmokeDiddy

    Websites for freeware airliners

    Fair enough my friend, but I do wish you'd have prefaced your original reply with the notification of title edit.