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  1. Naw...one just needs a little intellect and clear and articulate communications skills if he wish's to have interactive dialog there....just saying
  2. I'll just say that I continue to enjoy XP11 very much. Yeah, I have add-ons that make it more immersive, and that's ok too. I'm not one to look out the window whilst flying to and fro to seek out my house and if it is placed properly and looks like my house. I'm busy in the cockpit monitoring, adjusting and anticipating what I should do in case something should fail. XP11 runs great on my dated hardware and I don't have to worry about my limited bandwidth causing pauses and stutters and waiting on forced multi Gig updates to take away precious time I could be flying...just saying. I concur with the previous posts as well. EDIT: I forgot about the OP. I'd love to build out a home cockpit, but mama has say in that - even in my man cave. But like someone wrote, I don't need that to have an enjoyable experience.
  3. It's a game that simulates flight 🙂
  4. Things like this is why this title is so frustrating in it's current state. Even though I haven't seen this error, I cannot seem to get past the twitchy controls issue (for another thread). Anywho, they have our money and here we sit. Maybe they will listen to the Beta testers and will resolve some of these issues before they release the updates to the masses - that would be a step in the right direction I think.
  5. I did a couple of rounds around KSEA and Boeing Field in the C152 and I did not experience any stutters or pauses. Framerate was between 40 and 55, although I was on Medium settings, but before the update I did encounter stutters and pauses. I'm not a tube flyer, but I wanted to report my experience.
  6. I get it! In my job, if I delivered a solution to my customers that only half worked, then I say I'm going to fix it and give it a makeover, but don't fix the underlying problems - time and again, I'd be fired. We're well over a year into this project, they have my money, yet I cannot see we're any further along in the maturity of the product. If it wasn't for the modders I'd venture to say a very large swath of simmers would be elsewhere. LMAO, I'm still using Process Lasso since the first days of release, that in itself is a testament to where the sim is.
  7. It is apparent in my eyes that both MSFT and Asobo reek of arrogance and the mindset of too big to fail where MSFS is concerned. I spent my hard earned money to buy a full featured pc based flight simulator/game whatever. They use smoke and mirrors with their roadmap to placate us into thinking they will deliver the goods, but in reality, they haven't lived up to the hype they blew up our hind ends prior to release. They have only proven they can stream Bing data to the simulator in real time; otherwise, it's the same ole pig with different lipstick and an obvious lack of "sense of urgency" on their part or maybe they bit off more than they can chew, but again they believe they're too big to fail. If you think they give a rip about this community, you're in for a rude awakening. Additionally, if you really think MSFT is going to bankroll this project for 8.5 more years whilst Asobo continues to break things with every release...well, I have some ocean front property in Arizona I'll sell ya. It's all about the money train and when the track runs out, where will MSFS be? I hope I am proven wrong, but with each release comes only aesthetical feature enhancements and not much other improvements to the nuts and bolts. It wouldn't surprise me once the Xbox title is released, the pc based version will be dropped like a hot tater because the money will be on the console. As for me and my yoke, I'll keep letting this title dazzle me with the lack of anything but visuals and the other half on a tried and true platform sans the lipstick. I'm old and grumpy, and I must vent every so often and this seemed like as good a time and place as any.
  8. This cured my stuttering, but now I have a lisp impediment.
  9. I'm not a tube flyer, but I enjoy reading this thread. I'm still hesitant to buy add-on planes just because of the other "things" that still need to be addressed in the sim. In my mind, why buy a decent add-on if the sim itself is going to make my experience a less enjoyable one. One day perhaps, the pendulum will swing the other way and I'll not feel this way.
  10. I would also consider the space for which they might have acquired the model/artwork, if they in fact are using it. For example, there is such a thing as public domain which no claims can be sought if someone else uses it - "if" it is considered part of that public domain space. It may be very difficult to prove your case, but do your homework first to ensure your model didn't end up in a public domain along with the other suggestions in this thread. I hope you get resolution.
  11. So, I equate this to smoking meat - hence the handle SmokeDiddy, I have to tell my wife this almost every time I throw on a pork butt, brisket or some other kind of meat on the smoker, it's not done until it's done; therefore, my advice is not to invite your friends over to see the maiden voyage because you may still be waiting. You wouldn't ask a cook in a restaurant to hurry up with your chicken, else you may get something you don't want. I equate Smoking to MSFS also, it's past the raw meat stage, but it's still gristly as word not allowed, so it still needs time cook and render the rest of the fat.
  12. When I want immersive flying (from a aircraft systems frame of reference only), I go to X-Plane, but be that as it may, until MSFS gets aircraft with mostly functional systems, X-Plane is where my time is spent. Nevertheless and even though it's not something that would entice me to buy a payware airport for MSFS, the animated folk in the terminals etc, is a nice touch for those liking that bit of xtra environmental immersion. I haven't purchased any payware airports for MSFS yet or have any moving terminal people that I know of, but I wonder if the developers are including any type of setting that can turn off the moving people or even keep them from spawning - if it's a performance issue for some?
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