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  1. Do you have a link for it, Id love to have a copy if you're willing to make it public
  2. i really want to see something come of this. Im somewhat hoping LM will pick up on what is happening and remove CS from the Default game, I wish they would have something happen aside from an article published and no more. After all, Id love to hear why i was banned, Do they have an Avsim account? Also, Im not saying but im saying, If anyone asks why i was banned ask at your own risk, do not endanger your account over Captainsim being petty like this, I have yet to check if i can still download my products
  3. Banned from Captainsim, what did i expect
  4. Notified FSelite about what was going on, If they decide to pick it up great for them, Just wanted to make sure they knew in the case they'd like to get it out, After all, this is pretty big for a developer of their size
  5. Are any of you able to edit your messages?
  6. Link to the Message itself, Copied from the message box pre post: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/705605746527699004/705605762025783396/message.txt Link to the current post if it is still up:https://www.captainsim.org/forum/csf.pl?num=1588299912/0#0 Images Showing the Post in full:
  7. @themasterWookiePerm to use your Screenshots? Im taking this one to the Forum again, and its getting sent to FSelite so they know what is happening
  8. Well well well, Forum is in "Maintenance Mode" aka delete everything against our mindset adn edit the rules to make it look like we were correct
  9. Not today https://www.captainsim.org/forum/csf.pl?num=1588289699/0#7 😎
  10. it was a while while back, Im pretty sure it was ruled as unofficial ways ago
  11. Also, Email FSelite, Tell them that they IP Banned you for speaking about concerns for the Addon, Tell them your not the first. I want this to come to light not hide away
  12. I'll keep responding for you, Its not over yet
  13. I wholeheartedly agree, Something is going to end here, Either it will be the Company or their Forums, They will just ignore them. In result of me spending all day, i think its time i use a good aircraft, Time for a maddog Flight lol
  14. First they'll spray it then try to sell it something, and have the same issue over again, Sounds firmilliar, 757? Nooooo never, 777, Not a clue L1011, what was that? almost like they forgot about it along with the C130 727 and 707, But the 767? its the Next best thing until the next addon comes out
  15. Should check out the Engine expansion poll, I think its about to get good, Either they'll drop a match into the Gas or they will start to clean it up
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