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  1. Timothy Treadwell said the same!
  2. Harrisburg, like in the Kraftwerk song Radioactivity?
  3. This is easy. 4.5 until they fix v5. Yes you can run v5 vanilla and, as noted here, it's performance is outstanding, but as soon as you start to add to it, you run the risk of CTD's. v5 is a different beast and everyone is still learning what's under the hood, including LM. Their forums are a mess of users expressing frustration multiple crashes and that's been going on for some time.
  4. The Bell Centre on the Montreal preview.......nice.............
  5. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/546685-carenado-pc-12-rxp-gtn750-and-rxp-gns530-resolved/ The RXP forums have a ton of information on gauge integration for specific aircraft
  6. Hi Bert, thanks for the reply. Well, I guess in looking at the setup, I see that you can choose longer dimensions so rather than have the 530 underneath the 750 I thought it would be nice to just have the 750 and nothing else. Where then does the 650 go? Are you saying that the 650 can't be installed as a replacement gauge unless its a pop up window? Guess I'm having trouble figuring out how the 650 goes into the 530 slot when they appear to be two different sizes. The 750 is perfect but as you've alluded, I may be stuck with the layout designed by Carenado
  7. I realize this is a bit older in terms of information, but I have found it incredibly useful to help me install the 750 into the PC-12 2 Questions, 1) I purchased the 650 as well as the 750 at the start of June but I'm not quite sure how to install the 650. When I replicated the steps above (which was for the 530) I ended up with a display that was too large for the screen and so ultimately, I could not select any of the touch functions inside. Can someone help out with installing the 650? 2) More imporantly, is I'd like to have both of these units together, the 750 on top and the 650 below it. Can I install both that way, replacing the gauges that are already there? 2b) If I can only have the 750, can I increase its overall length to take up the space currently occupied by the 750 and the 530? So many questions, such little time JH
  8. Lorby SI, Addon Organizer. Free. Does many of the exact same things. Simstarter is very good, but it has a lot of features I never bothered with. https://www.lorby-si.com/
  9. I fiddled with some of the earlier Microsoft Simulators, but SubLogic ATP is what I consider my first. It wasn't even included in the review! Weak JH
  10. Do you use Vector? There are a lot of posts on the Orbx site about this issue. I don't believe it's an FSX issue. Jh
  11. First trip. 19 years old. Wardair - Toronto to Montreal. A310 - Beautiful. Weather was awful in Montreal when we landed, but he brought the thing in without issue. Had a trip to the cockpit on the return flight, when you were still allowed to go up.
  12. Yes, but he and other users "want" to use the 2d panel. I've experienced this problem with P3d in past versions and I was afraid it would return with this latest update. Can anyone offer opinion on what's going on?
  13. Not sure what happened exactly, but all of my STAR files are located under the country of origin, but not further divided into states and provinces. I can't point the STAR path to this directory without an error. There's no way I can take the time to add each and every star to the appropriate state or province, it would take forever. Maybe I can try the SIDSTAR converter again, but I'm afraid I'm just going to duplicate the problem. Any suggestion is appreciated. UPDATE Re-ran the converter, all is fine now. I must have had it set improperly.
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