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  1. rudder


    Hi, yes both fsx and fs9 are on my computer. when installing fsx Delux using the disks it asked for the english version. I have the Gold fsx version that installed ok. the planes are still fragmented. Have not installed sp1 or sp2 yet. Thanks.
  2. rudder


    Hi all, after reinstalling window 7, the aircraft are fragmented in both fsx and fs9. while installing fs9 it asked for dx9, could not install over dx11. while installing fsx it asked for the english version. ive had this game for 10 years. i know at times i am idiotic , but this very confusing, any help. thanks
  3. Thank you all for your comments, I tried all that you suggested and then took the easy way out, replaced the card, everything now works fine.Happy Presidents Day.
  4. Thanx for your reply, I have been messing with this thing for one week. I have the latest driver for the card. It seems to me, that until the computer reads the card for what it is, i cannot install nvidia drivers on a avg card. searching the web showes this is not new.
  5. tried to computer said best driver already installed. thanx for your reply
  6. Hi everyone. I just did a win 7 install and my nvidia 950 installed as a vga adapter, searched the web cannot find a cure . very frusterating. Any help will be apreciated. thanx .
  7. Hi Jim, thanks for your reply.This has been solved. The device manager listed the card as a standard graphics adapter , nvida drivers would not install. the answer for me was let win 7 update standard graphics adapter drivers ,everything now works. thanks.
  8. I recently installed a gforce gtx 950 card in my 5 moniter cockpit , only one monitor lit up.spent alot of time frigging around trying to find out why .FOUND THAT THE COMPUTER INSTALLED the card AS A STANDARD GRAPHICS ADAPTER along with generic drivers, not working very well. tried to install nvidia drivers, computer would not let me. serched the webs seems like this does happen, no one has the answer. any help will be appreciated. ( slowly going nuts) thanks .
  9. Thanks for your replies, at 83 yrs not enough time to frig arround. deleted xplane, reinstalled solved prob. I have a 5 screen, saitek equipped cockpit, not ready to give it up . thanks.
  10. HI/after many years with fs9/x fsx, I tried to work with xplane 10.36 first off I had a crash, after restarting I saw a window with use original rendering or default rendering, I tried to use default rendering, now I cant get rid of the window, no matter what i do. had enough trouble with fsx, and now with xplane. help me if you can, I quit and restarted many times. thanks, Rudder.
  11. Hi all. here we go again after several years not using fsx, I decided to try again,Installed fine Activated ok. now everytime I try to run it, it quits without warning or error notation, ive had fsx since the begining, never seem to get it to run well at all. HELP. windows 7, nvidia gtx660ti card.
  12. rudder

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    ronzie ,thanks for your reply. Tried all of the above no change. My question was, If I rienstall win 7 will the problem go away?
  13. Out of the blue, start fs9, I get, cannot run, Restricted user account. spent 3 days searching the forums and web, found other members with same prob. no foolproof fix. I have reinstalled the game and used fs9 on exterior drive no change. if I could be sure it would fix the prob. I would reinstall windows. I tried to run fs9 under admin. runs poorly, been running fs9 for ten years never had this prob. Help please. I never used my comp. for one week, noticed 7 security downloads from Microsoft august19 on start up. deleted them no change. thanks.
  14. As I stated, the selector switch was frozen. I have now fixed It. A small drop of lighter fluid down the shaft, works fine for now. Thanks for your responses.
  15. I purchased a multi panelDEC 27 2013, now the select switch for alt,heading etc has frozen. anyone have this prob. and know how to fix it