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  1. Thanks for all of your replies,my comp is new w/win10.new install fsx.think i have full control and modify ok.I amtrying to install "mud and dirt on your wheels" I have also installed " holgermesh" no idea if this is working " I logged on as the admin. same result. Need permission to add files to this comp. thank all of you, Rudder.
  2. SteveW, thanks for your reply,tried all what you suggested, still the same ca not add files to this comp. ps. I am not using steam. rudder.
  3. HI all, just moved to win 10, installed fsx runs great,tried to install scenery get following. "need permission to load files on this computer" I am the owner of this computer also administrator. very frustrated.need help. rudder.
  4. Hi, yes both fsx and fs9 are on my computer. when installing fsx Delux using the disks it asked for the english version. I have the Gold fsx version that installed ok. the planes are still fragmented. Have not installed sp1 or sp2 yet. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, after reinstalling window 7, the aircraft are fragmented in both fsx and fs9. while installing fs9 it asked for dx9, could not install over dx11. while installing fsx it asked for the english version. ive had this game for 10 years. i know at times i am idiotic , but this very confusing, any help. thanks
  6. Thank you all for your comments, I tried all that you suggested and then took the easy way out, replaced the card, everything now works fine.Happy Presidents Day.
  7. Thanx for your reply, I have been messing with this thing for one week. I have the latest driver for the card. It seems to me, that until the computer reads the card for what it is, i cannot install nvidia drivers on a avg card. searching the web showes this is not new.
  8. tried to computer said best driver already installed. thanx for your reply
  9. Hi everyone. I just did a win 7 install and my nvidia 950 installed as a vga adapter, searched the web cannot find a cure . very frusterating. Any help will be apreciated. thanx .
  10. How do we find out what is the latest map version for " YAHOO" service #3. ?? thanks.
  11. Hi all, well I have finished my model, and now need to paint it. I'm looking for a texture and painting tutorial I know I may not find one to cover both items but anything would be nice. I plan on using paint shop pro 7. thanks
  12. Thanks for your reply, yes I have tried that site. the local airport mechanic helped me out. thanks.
  13. Hi all. anyone know where I can get a templete for a beech musketeer. I owned one for nine years, and would like to try and model one. All of my info went with the sale.I have never seen a model of a musketeer, I thought it was a nice flying plane. thanks for your help.I have searched the web, without any results.
  14. Hi Dave, YOU were right,installed the updated sdk, everything works ok. Thanks.
  15. Hi Dave, thanks for your reply, was thinking in bed this morning, that mayb it had something to do with the sdk. thanks again.
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