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  1. Hello there guys! So I am planning to upgrade my aging gtx 970 g1 to an MSI RX 480, is the Rx 480 a good GPU for FSX:SE? Or i should just stick to nvidia?
  2. Richard Avenido

    [13MAY15] Intercontinental breakfast, anyone?

    god, it looks good!
  3. Richard Avenido

    Long Flight Times without OOM & VAS issues

  4. Richard Avenido

    Heathrow Xtended + All Orbx + REX4 = You Know What!

    agree, agree, agree, AGREE! heathrow should be made by FSD, Flight Beam or Fly Tampa NOT aerosoft.
  5. Richard Avenido

    [Beta Preview] NGX SP1d

    but i still need ASN to make the weather radar work right?
  6. Richard Avenido

    FSX: SE PMDG 777 updates

    nice. thank you very much!
  7. Richard Avenido

    PMDG slow download speed

    hello guys. may i know why the download speed of your site is slow? im redownloading the whole installer of the PMDG 77L and 77W cause i upgrade to FSX: SE. you guys having some server issues or something?
  8. Richard Avenido

    PMDG 777 FSX update for FSX:SE

    sorry i misread it.
  9. Richard Avenido

    Cabin Lights

    try on daylight and look at the cabin windows. if you cant see through the windows then there something wrong in your repaint
  10. Richard Avenido

    FSX: SE PMDG 777 updates

    i just want to know if do i still need to install the sp1 - sp1c ?
  11. Richard Avenido

    PMDG 777 FSX update for FSX:SE

    you need to download the installer again on your PMDG account.
  12. Richard Avenido

    [07FEB15] PMDG 777-200LR/F & 300ER for P3D Released!

    i just spend all my money on liquor last night and now this thing release out of nowhere. god damnit!
  13. Richard Avenido

    Stutters on landing

  14. Richard Avenido

    FSX: SE Anti aliasing

    well... that sucks.. anyway thanks.
  15. Richard Avenido

    FSX: SE Anti aliasing

    im planning to move on FSX :SE. but before i upgrade. i just wanna know if dovetail fixes the anti aliasing issue on FSX boxed ed.??? or do you still need to tweak the anti aliasing setting on the nvidia inspector?