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  1. Hello there guys! So I am planning to upgrade my aging gtx 970 g1 to an MSI RX 480, is the Rx 480 a good GPU for FSX:SE? Or i should just stick to nvidia?
  2. for the people who is having a performance problem on the sparsegridsampling. ( forgot waht is really called ) try using a dxt textures on clouds ( if youre using REX ) . i don this and now i dont have fps loss even in bad weathers.
  3. RPLL- VHHH RPLL - RPVM SBGL - SBGR (emirates) OMDB - OPKC KSFO-KLAX ( not sure )
  4. the bad luck brian post is funny!
  5. just go to couatl menu the click check update.
  6. gsx releases an offcial update for the 77W support
  7. thank you very much! it works. but why it always uses a small tug on the 77W. sorry for the bad english.
  8. there's no Airplanes folder inside Virtuali folder. should i create one?
  9. yes all of his textures are rubbish because of his stupid branding.
  10. the cost of living in japan are high that's why their price on FSX addons are high
  11. yes i remember. i was 6 that time and we took a philippine airlines flight to cebu ( 1 hour flight) then philippine AIR uses its 747-200 i was amaze on the size of 747. then the first time i heard the takeoff sound i was like ( WOAH!!) the roar sound of the 747 200 was AMAZING
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