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  1. astro_liam

    Repaint Requests

    I have two, one from inibuilds and the other from 7x7 Pilot
  2. astro_liam

    1.3 Update Available

    If its not in the changelog, I doubt it.
  3. astro_liam

    Loading an approach & LNAV Heights

    I had this problem when it was first released. Was unable to select most approaches. Gave up and bought the F1 GTN750 Much better than the universal FMS
  4. If you are not aware - Update 1.3 has been released Changelog: - ATPCS test added - Fuel Used indication adjusted - Warning sounds fixed - Now autopilot is ready to follow FMS on Ready for takeoff option - Electric system on startup adjusted - FMS fonts adjusted - Overhead lights on startup adjusted - Fixes a problem where the aircraft ran parallel to the FP track only on virtual cockpit - Minor bugs fixes
  5. astro_liam

    1.2 Update now available

    Yh they are very basic rain effects, not like the ones from PMDG or Fslabs
  6. astro_liam

    panel textures location?

  7. astro_liam

    1.2 Update now available

    I'm surprised Carenado themselves dont post about the updates here on the forums
  8. Features added: - Rain drops effect added. - TCAS activated. Bug Fixed: - Pressurization system adjusted. - Extra texture in front of right engine fixed. - Minor bugs fixes.
  9. astro_liam

    DH selector

    Its below the FMS the button that says TEST below the FMS button that says GSPD TGT
  10. astro_liam

    DH selector

    Cant find it either!
  11. astro_liam

    GTN 750

    If using the F1 GTN then just run the F1GTN750AT45.exe
  12. astro_liam

    Slow to Climb?

    Cant thank you enough for this detail explanation! Thank you very much!
  13. astro_liam

    ATR missing documentation

    Excellent thank you!
  14. astro_liam

    Repaint Requests

    That looks really good! Cant wait get my hands on her. Sadly I dont know what to suggest about the mapping issues apart from moving the text so its less noticeable. 😞 I had the same when trying to do this exact livery. It seems to be less noticeable on my Flybe livery
  15. astro_liam

    Slow to Climb?

    Excellent! Thank you, I wasn't to sure on the position of the condition levers for which phase of flight so that is a big help. They really should have included a tutorial flight