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  1. Bill, Ok selecting Vcockpit05 in the panel wizard did it. Thanks for all the help Bill !! Ok lets get this baby on the road.....................Matsu
  2. Bill, They are all showing version I want to purchase that new Carenado A42 and i wonder if that's gonna be a problem loading the integration with the GTN750. The Window pop up docking has no problem even with other third party aircraft models. It works flawlessly. But Carenado designed their model to integrate with this GTN750 within the VC and it ain't happening on my setup. The PC12 has two NAV equipment, it's able to display the GTN750 on the smaller Nav system but not the actual panel. So it is displaying but not on the panel that was integrated to be used. Matsu
  3. Flight Simmers: I've purchased GTN750 and loaded to one of the Carenado plane (PC12). Run the config GTN for PC12 on aircraft folder, execute the sim, load the add-on, execute the process per procedures. All i have is the blank panel for the GTN750 on the VC panel but no display. I can click the panel and the GTN750 Window panel will pop up normally. What am i doing wrong here or is there another configuration step like that F1 GTN configurator which i don't have. thanks, Matsu
  4. I've upgraded my graphic card, switched to DX10, apply the Steve fixer, got some tips on the Nvidia inspector setup. My FSX came back to a new life with all that VAS issues gone...that i've experienced before DX10. I have a better quality now, shadow effects are cool, i can fly any high end payware aircraft (PMDG, Captainsim, Majestic, Aerosoft, BlackBox, Ifly, etc...) you can throw using Taxi2gate sceneries without OOM, CTD, etc... Kin M. (Klax)
  5. This BBS A340 will do, until Aerosoft comes out with their own version sometime this year.............. Kin M. (Klax)
  6. I have PMDG, Captainsim, QW and among other things. When will someone do an Airbus A340 and A330, when hell freezes over? Well now we have a good Airbus to fly with. I will not knock this product down and it flies great with my FSX (w/ Steve DX10 fixer and among other goodies) with no issues what so ever. Kin M. (Klax)
  7. CS777-200ER thanks, Kin M. (Klax)
  8. Getting ready for Ver 0.8 thanks for checking, Kin M. (Klax)
  9. A perfect combo with Rex4 Direct. Much better selection and loading interface... compare to previous Rex versions. Kin M. (Klax)
  10. They look nice and it helps a bit on the frame using PMDG and CS777. Any suggestion on which number style is more realistic when running ASN? Kin M. (Klax)
  11. Lufthansa from VHHH to EDDF.... Kin M. (Klax)
  12. Daily early departure Nippon cargo flight from KSFO to Narita... Kin M. (Klax)
  13. FSX has that Nimitz model and the new F35. You can do flight operations and land on the Nimitz. Kin M. (Klax)
  14. Looking forward on the new B748F. There Version 1 modeling is not looking bad.......... Kin M. (Klax)
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