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  1. Bill, Ok selecting Vcockpit05 in the panel wizard did it. Thanks for all the help Bill !! Ok lets get this baby on the road.....................Matsu
  2. Bill, They are all showing version I want to purchase that new Carenado A42 and i wonder if that's gonna be a problem loading the integration with the GTN750. The Window pop up docking has no problem even with other third party aircraft models. It works flawlessly. But Carenado designed their model to integrate with this GTN750 within the VC and it ain't happening on my setup. The PC12 has two NAV equipment, it's able to display the GTN750 on the smaller Nav system but not the actual panel. So it is displaying but not on the panel that was integrated to be used. Matsu
  3. Flight Simmers: I've purchased GTN750 and loaded to one of the Carenado plane (PC12). Run the config GTN for PC12 on aircraft folder, execute the sim, load the add-on, execute the process per procedures. All i have is the blank panel for the GTN750 on the VC panel but no display. I can click the panel and the GTN750 Window panel will pop up normally. What am i doing wrong here or is there another configuration step like that F1 GTN configurator which i don't have. thanks, Matsu
  4. This BBS A340 will do, until Aerosoft comes out with their own version sometime this year.............. Kin M. (Klax)
  5. I have PMDG, Captainsim, QW and among other things. When will someone do an Airbus A340 and A330, when hell freezes over? Well now we have a good Airbus to fly with. I will not knock this product down and it flies great with my FSX (w/ Steve DX10 fixer and among other goodies) with no issues what so ever. Kin M. (Klax)
  6. I got B77W flight plans ready for first six flights...originating from my home town. 1.) KLAX (FSDreamteam) to RJAA (Wing Creation) : All Nippon 2.) to RPLL (PacSim): Philippines 3.) to LTBA (Taxi2gate): Turkish 4.) to EGLL (Aerosoft) : Speedbird 5.) to YBBN (ORBX) : Virgin 6.) to NZAA (ORBX North Island) : Air New Zealand All Black
  7. Ok..i see the ones that i really need right at the plate. Get well soon to RR, so we all can enjoy the fourth of July weekend flying the 300ER. Thanks PMDG..................
  8. Like the US carrier fleet, we only have 11 compare to 15 ten years ago. Out of those eleven 6 are combat ready (3 in the PAC and 3 in the Atlantic) the five are training, in-port, upkeep and major extensive overhaul. We can't fight two regional conflicts like this and expect to win it. Cut somewhere else not defense, like Reagan said...."Peace Through Strength". Kin M. (Klax)
  9. Put a republican back in the White House, we will bring that A10 back. Hell, will bring the A7 Corsair back..... Kin M. (Klax)
  10. I will just invest my money on new airport sceneries that i've been waiting for like Manila, Sydney, Auckland and Denver. I do most of my flying on PMDG and at FL370 going Mach.83, i won't be able to tell the difference on these vector and land classes stuff. Kin M. (Klax)
  11. I will just invest my money on new airport sceneries that i've been waiting for like Manila, Sydney, Auckland and Denver. I do most of my flying on PMDG and at FL370, i won't be able to tell the difference on these vector and land classes stuff. Kin M. (Klax)
  12. This is becoming to be..buy this and buy that, which they could have released all these features on that first version. I have FTX Global which i though will be the textures that will replace all of the FSX textures to make my sim more realistic. Now, you got this FTX Vector which they could have included that with the FTX Global and not to mention the new land class that is suppose to come out with bunch of regions. By the time you get sucked on buying these to get "more enhancement" on your existing FTX global textures, you will be spending about 500 bucks. Is like Apple, here is first gen Ipad, now we have Ipad with retina display and now Ipad Air etc....you will end up buying a version which is a small step from the previous version. Just my two cents........... Kin M. (Klax)
  13. Yes, so we can fly these real airlines flying these real routes. Forget these fictional B77LR liveries like American, United, etc.... In fact I ran out of real routes as I have flown all the actual livery routes on the B777LR and freight. Kin M. (Klax)
  14. This poll has no value.....the B777-200 standard and ER should have gone first out of the box. Then 200LR and 300ER should be expansion. But then again, it is. Business strategy, like Apple IPAD, they could have thrown everything on the first generation, but people keep buying every time a new generation is released. Just my two cents..... And yes...I love to see th 200ER. Kin M. (klax)
  15. No freezing on my setup, besides I have a new and powerful rig. Again, this product is no PMDG, Aerosoft Airbus, QW or CS. So you are not getting any AP command stuff on the VC view...only misc clicking of buttons like lights. There is a limited functionality or nothing at all when commanding the aircraft from the virtual cockpit view. Do all your setup and takeoff/landing profile into the 2D panel view. I only use VC for looks and viewing...but nothing there to command the aircraft. Kin M (PHNL)
  16. These are great repaints...............thanks. Are Ethiopia and Qatar liveries around the corner? Kin M. (Klax)
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