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  1. I ran into another strange issue today that I thought was fixed. At FSDT KDFW I was just going to watch the traffic so I was sitting next to the runway and the planes started to taxi out. One plane took off but then the one that taxied into position just sat there. This then caused a landing plane to do this really odd like low fly by of the runway and it drifted into like the middle of the grass between the runways. I don't think it ever landed it just kinda kept gliding really close to the ground. I tried resetting the traffic but again only 1 plane was able to take off before the next just sat on the runway.
  2. No I'm seeing SIDS/STARS being assigned. I think I have it all working now!! Great program!!
  3. Interesting ok I will try that. Also one thing I did not do before was "enable" the jet routes on that screen when setting it too UT2 compatibility and have the PMDG jet route data set in the path option screen. Could that have caused the problem where sid/stars were not being assigned because I had not enabled the jet routes on the jet routes page?
  4. I really don't know the difference. Just looking at it from a which option gives me a more up to date/realistic representation of the jet routes.
  5. My question is can I now use the PMDG Jet Route data with UT2 planes when the compatibility is enabled or is it best to just leave the PMDG Jet Route data out and use the UT2 jet routes?
  6. I think this was mentioned above but I have seen a couple planes taxiing through the grass. I did modify the numbers to what was posted above and while I did not notice planes taxiing in the grass before, after altering the numbers I did notice it. So maybe altering the numbers has reduced it from what it would of been?
  7. Not sure if this would be considered a "bug" or some random occurrence but during my preflight at KDFW I noticed that the UT2 traffic got stuck. Like there was a plane sitting on the runway and it didn't take off. There were no other planes that would interfere with this plane taking off. So because that plane didn't take off I noticed a plane landing had to do a go-around. The plane that was on the runway then "disappeared" and a couple more planes then took off and I taxied out to the runway. And again the same thing happened. I got stuck behind a plane that just sat on the runway for no reason. I eventually just "Reset" the UT2 traffic and took off. I have UT2 compatibility enabled as well as set the AI STAR SPAWN setting not exactly sure the name off the top of my head at 70.
  8. So if we are using UT2 is there a downside to leaving the UT2 compatibility disabled?
  9. So it appears I have found the issue because when I went to the major airports I was seeing no SIDS/STARS being assigned as I previously was. It appears the jet route path or something to do with the assignment of jet routes messed everything up. Once I deleted the jet route path everything went back to normal and SIDS/STARS were being assigned. If I want to use the jet route paths are there certain options that I need to have enabled? I am also using UT2 if that helps any.
  10. So I have seen some pretty cool things with this program at the major airports that are covered but I keep running into the same issue at the smaller airports I have installed. Like at KRDU in the AI monitor it says planes are taxiing/pushback or whatever and it says they are being controlled by FSX not AI Controller. These planes also don't get assigned a SID. It's not until they reach 18K ft or something that they get assigned a JET ROUTE and get taken over by AI controller. Is there a way to get these planes to be controlled by AI controller from the start even at the smaller airports?
  11. Very cool program. One thing I have encountered though is planes lining up on the runway like 2 at a time. Like one is taking off and the other is just sitting right behind it. Can anything be done about this? Also when adding areas not covered in the program. I found the PMDG sid/star folder and have been searching by airport ICAO for the files I want to add and then making a new folder in the AIcontroller folder for the airport. I am wondering if there is a way to add a bunch of airports by state? Say I want to add a bunch of Florida airports. Do I have to add each airport individually like I was doing or can I add the entire state of airports somehow?
  12. How easy is it to create a sid/star for an airport not covered in one of the files within this program or is that not possible? Still looks like a fantastic program!!
  13. So I downloaded it and saw all the airports/areas that the program covers very cool. I am wondering though is there a guide or something that explains how to manually input sids/stars for airports/areas that are not covered in those files?
  14. Not exactly sure this is the answer you're looking for but PFPX comes with aircraft templates for quite a few aircraft if you look in the aircraft manager section. You just need to add the ones you want.
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