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  1. Well, no it isn't. The files they serve are from a different structure of servers that are sync'd worldwide, and download faster than any stream. Streaming is not the same as downloading. Not by a long shot. For one, streaming downloads at the rate the video plays. Also some streaming services charge per stream, as opposed to file sharing services that charge per MB/GB etc. That beings said I feel they could've used Vimeo's service (as they do on some videos) but I'm unsure what limitations Vimeo has. Afterall, there is a LOT of video.
  2. I will say this. The videos are worth it. Just to watch, not even to use with PDMG. It's fairly detailed. However, the fact they want to charge for downloads is iffy. They serve those files on a different server with what they stream. They could've offered some kind of premium service to pay for downloads, but also give a free slower download option. But streaming vs. download services are kind of iffy on whether you have to right to download something you are streamed or not.
  3. A pop-up comes up saying your card will be charged $0.00. It's rather confusing. I wasn't even sure how to buy the real product honestly.
  4. Tweak sure as heck works all around. 30fps in KDPX airport with real weather (broken clouds)
  5. Interesting. I haven't seen this tweak suggested yet. Curious to see others results.
  6. They are allowed to fix the multiplayer and make FSX Steam compatible, so steam will accept it. My guess is that's all.
  7. RAM itself is used differently than the paging file. A lot of apps use the page file regardless of how much RAM you have free.
  8. It could be allowed, just not EVERY single detail. As I've stated, I've been on an airline where the entertainment system would tell you airspeed and altitude, with a map of where you are. Those stats could be grabbed from other sources not directly connected to the airplane (maybe GPS). But access to entire flight data? Errr...probably not. And in a way, that may be boring. I wouldn't mind seeing some kind of segment where you see the cockpit via video feed. That's it. No direct stats needed. That's probably what the general public would be interested in. Or you could even do some kind of introduction segment where the pilots tell you things. Sort of a live video tour.
  9. Those using addons with no P3D support are going to get mixed results with any updates. At least the supported addons will update accordingly (as most have with 2.3)
  10. Just FYI to the OP: http://fscaptain.proboards.com/thread/1886/notam-fscaptain-1-5-brewing They seem to update at the forums, and don't bother with the site.
  11. Flying Frontier once they allow you to see airspeed, alt, etc. However, only at cruise altitude. Um...they are recorded and every move of the plane is recorded. Though those recordings only come to light in a disaster.
  12. Actually it wasn't me that flew. It was my friend that wanted to try. I had him try the F22 at first in PDX. Then I had him try the Q400 to show how realistic it is. I loaded up PAYA, with real weather. I screwed up the checklist (which I didn't even really have, it was by heart) and he took off at the LOWEST prop setting. After that I realized it, fixed it, but then he entered some weather. All red. Roller coaster ride. On top of that, I didn't pay attn to ice. That happened. Getting out of the clouds fixed everything to a smooth ride. Shows just how awesome OpusFSI is. Note: We were both drunk. Also FSUIPC was NOT installed. However, I am going to install it because there are some really weird lag/dead zone issues by default.
  13. Yes, I don't get FPS hit when going through clouds. I however did get a hit when going through weather that no pilot in their right mind (in a q400) would enter. All red on the radar between the north pole and Alaska.
  14. Wait, so does this software make any monitor or HDTV into 3d? Or does that still take a specific model? I still don't really know why 3d support is needed. Is it the polarization that's needed? I thought that was WITHOUT glasses (like the Nintendo 3ds)
  15. I don't seem to have any major stutters, and I'm not using FSUIPC at the moment. Anyone here NOT using that AND getting stutters?
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