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  1. Well with the number of votes going toward the -200ER, I am sure PMDG will bring it up to us
  2. Hello, Would it be possible to do an Air France real registration such as F-GSPX and with more dirt on it. Air France operates a large fleet of B777. (eventhough it is not the LR type). Would be awesome ! Thanks in advance !
  3. Found something nice on the web : http://www.gadling.com/2011/07/31/cockpit-chronicles-the-eight-ways-to-slow-a-jet/
  4. Possible. During the 737NG TR, we used the 3 thumb rule, but the aircraft is slighly smaller
  5. That's totally normal behaviour. Actually the wing is so thin that the aicraft is hard to slow. Also the B777 has a lot of inertia, hence it is more difficult to slow down. That's why it's very important to well prepare your descent schedule and to make sure your on profile with this type of heavy airplanes. For deceleration it's a bit like the NGX, which also has a thin wing section. Good luck ! Use sound judgement and airmanship. To make sure you're on profile you can always x-check the VNAV with an easy formula with use on the big airliners : ALT to loose X 3 = distance required. Or you will loose 1000 Ft in 3 NM.
  6. See here as well : http://forum.avsim.net/topic/418358-autopilot-disconnect-alarm/ and try to avoid double posts. Read forum first. Enjoy your flights on the 777 PMDG !
  7. I am sure a lot of them use it ! And I know few Airline Pilots who used the NGX, as a preparation to learn their flows/procedures before going to the Full Flight Sim...
  8. BEAUTIFUL work Marcelo ! You are the man !!!!!
  9. very nice Delta repaint Chris ! beautiful job here. Josh
  10. Dear Etienne, yes it is coming nicely along, just keep waiting a little bit more... Cheers.
  11. Nice set of liveries here guy's ! but you are not bored doing fictional liveries seriously ? Cheers.
  12. Nice Air Austral repaint ! when it will be available please ? Cheers.
  13. Very nice repaints there guy's ! Just one question : it is normal that near the cockpit windows you always have some white ? Seems like an unfinished painting. Cheers.
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