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  1. That's normal, it's showing used cockpit, a simple scratch
  2. Well F-GZNL is cleand in real life as well : http://img.planespotters.net/photo/376000/original/F-GZNL-Air-France-Boeing-777-300_PlanespottersNet_376415.jpg
  3. Hello All, So here we are after Luke BA liveries and New Zeeland, here are mines from a typical Air France ones ! Enjoy
  4. Well with the number of votes going toward the -200ER, I am sure PMDG will bring it up to us
  5. Hello, Would it be possible to do an Air France real registration such as F-GSPX and with more dirt on it. Air France operates a large fleet of B777. (eventhough it is not the LR type). Would be awesome ! Thanks in advance !
  6. Found something nice on the web : http://www.gadling.com/2011/07/31/cockpit-chronicles-the-eight-ways-to-slow-a-jet/
  7. Captain and F/O minimums baro or radio must be set both together in order to hear the minimums callout.
  8. Joduv

    Check list bug?

    Please do a complete RESET of the checklists before using them.
  9. before saying in your title it's a bug, I suggest you read the manuals. Check the FS Options in your CDU, you'll find what you need for the altitude callouts. The compact engine display explanation can be found in the FCOM's as well..
  10. Very nice Jamal ! thanks again. Can't find the textures on avsim library. any idea ?
  11. Joduv

    No trim sound?

    As said it is not the trim sound but the pilot seat adjustement sound.
  12. Thank you so much Jamal ! the paint is perfect. Thanks for your time doing it. Looking forward to see your next paints.
  13. Washington Dulles -- Brussels intl. Resting there right now
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