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  1. Experienced the same at KORD today! Frederik
  2. I'm glad to see you like this . I am planning on supplying a dll to "ground parties" (e.g. IVAO or VATSIM but also VAs) enabeling them to develope their own clients (ATSUs or in the case of a VA e.g. a flight planning software or a T/O performance calculation software) for communication via the ACARS network. Frederik
  3. That's what I'm aiming at.... :Nerd: Frederik
  4. The GUI (the MFD) is written in C#. The CMU was originally written in C# to but due to anticipated compatibility issues with FSX was rewritten in C++. The DSP (WCF service) is written in C# and so will be the dll that enables ground parties to communicate of the with acfts. Frederik
  5. As I said: What you see is just a GUI to test the underlying dll which acts as a CMU. The "CMU" again communicates with a WCF service which acts as a DSP (Datalink Service Provider) and so on. So, it is not possible to implement the GUI with FSX...BUT...the dll acting as a CMU can be accessed from within FSX. Frederik
  6. A little of topic but maybe of some interested for some guy's around here. [media=] [/media] This is a very, very, very, very early demo of a B777 MFD Comm testbed for a CMU (Communication Management Unit) I developed. Since it is in a very early stage of developement many of the functions are not yet available. The purpose of the project is do demonstrate the feasibility of an advanced communication environment for FSX. I am planning of giving regular updates, but since I have a very time consuming real-life job don't expect an update every week. I'll be very happy to answer any of your questions. @PMDG: Feel free to delete if you do not want these kind of posts in your forum. Frederik
  7. FrederikS

    777 EFB

    As Ryan said the EFB was kinda superseded by datalink delivery of performance data. So, I think that a good implementation of ACARS would add much more realism to the sim.Freddy
  8. Airbus:A310-300 (Hapag-Lloyd)A319 (British Airways)A320 (British Airways)A380 (Singapore Airlines)Boeing:B737-300 (Lufthansa)B737-700 (Air Berlin, Hapag-Lloyd Express)B737-800 (Ryanair)B767-300ER (British Airways)B747-400 (British Airways, Singapore Airlines)B777-200 (British Airways)B777-300ER (Singapore Airlines)Bombardier:CRJ900 (Lufthansa)GA Planes:Britten-Norman BN-2 IslanderFrederik
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