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  1. In P3D there are the very useful night_threshold and day_threshold settings which can be added to the CFG file which allow you to change the threshold at which nighttime lighting comes on/goes off. Is anybody aware if there is something similar in MSFS? Thanks,
  2. Confirming a second successful flight: YSSY - YPAD, a truck load of add-ons active and the most recent FBW A320 development release, using live weather. Looks like it definitely was the live weather issue which was causing those CTDs, for me at least.
  3. Just successfully completed a flight which was crashing yesterday (YPKG-YPHH), with all add-ons active, using live weather. The live weather patch seems to have fixed the CTDs. I hope it fixes it for you too @RJC68 !
  4. A fix has now been deployed for live weather, so it will be good to see if that sorts everything... https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/update-live-weather-server-issues/486525
  5. I've also started getting the same behaviour with the FBW A320 Dev version in only the last few days. Haven't had CTD with MSFS for over a year and now the last 5 FBW flights have all CTD well into the flight, usually on approach. Got a heap of add-ons so have will use add-on manager to 'remove' them all tomorrow and do some tests as well.
  6. 30% off most products until Sept 8 at https://www.flightbeam.net/
  7. Hi, Over the last few years I've spent 198 Euro on FS2Crew products. I think its a great idea to introduce the all-access pack. I'd love to get the 3 remaining products in the pack that I do not currently have. However, it feels unfair, to have to currently pay 50 Euro, the same as someone who has not supported FS2Crew in the past, to get those additional 3 products. Any plans to provide discount pricing for customers like myself who have already supported your products over the years?
  8. @Boeing or not going - This is the reason I was using the AIG updated version of the AFCAD, as it fixes the hold short nodes and can be compiled in ADE. I've posted my changes of the original version at the bottom of this thread ... https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=35831.0 (you'll need to be an AIG forum member) Full credit goes to Kevin and Christoph who did the hard work on the original AFCAD.
  9. Thank you for the suggestions, they helped me joined the dots. As I am using an AIG-specific AFCAD, I want to keep the updated parking details, so the airport is busy with AI traffic. Looking at the AFCAD in ADE, under the Lists > Comms menu option there were no entries. I filled them in using information on the airport charts, recompiled and everything is now working as you'd hope including ATIS. Here's what I added if it helps anybody else... Airport Type Name Freq ZSPD GROUND SHANGHAI 121.700 ZSPD GROUND SHANGHAI 121.800 ZSPD ATIS ZSPD 127.850 ZSPD TOWER PUDONG 118.400 ZSPD APPROACH SHANGHAI 120.300 ZSPD APPROACH SHANGHAI 125.400 ZSPD CLEARANCE PUDONG 121.950 ZSPD GROUND SHANGHAI 121.625
  10. Recently bought WF Scenery ZSPD and also updated the AFCAD with one from the AIG forum. It all works well, but P3D ATC is strange. On approach, you can 'preselect' any runway. On landing, you advise when you've vacated the runway, and I couldn't contact ground, to be assigned a gate. I've not come across this before. Is there something 'special' about ZSPD?
  11. @IanHarrison - In SODE, go to the Tools > Settings and set the Enable AI Traffic Detection option to True
  12. They've done discount for their other MSFS airports, so maybe NZAA will be the same. I'll buy it for both sims regardless, as I'm a kiwi. I like that FB also give discounts based on how much you buy from them. They are one of the fairest companies out there, as well as having the best airports!
  13. More great suggestions to try! @787flyerIve not noticed a drop in frames while the jetways connect to the AI. However this may be being masked by the 10 minutes longer it takes to prepare for a flight as I get distracted easily in external view and watch all the jetway activity nearby!
  14. Thanks @simfan1983 and @roostbrood, these are great and will improve immersion/realism that bit more
  15. I just came across the option in SODE which allows jetways to operate for AI aircraft. One simple option and wow, airports are so much more realistic now! Are there any similar 'options' in P3D or add-ons like ActiveSky, Chaseplane, etc. that are not that well known, but you think people should know about? Peter Gordon
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