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  1. I have the same CPU, please try the following: AffinityMask=16777215 P3DCoreAffinityMask=8388604 MainThreadScheduler=2 RenderThreadScheduler=18 FrameWorkerThreadScheduler=0 Install the Ryzen Master and find the first preferred core of the CCD0 (marked with a star) and use it for the MainThreadScheduler. Find the first preferred core of the CCD1 and use it for the RenderThreadScheduler. Then find the second preferred core (marked with a dot) of the CCD0 and CCD1 and use either one for the FrameWorkerThreadScheduler. P3DCoreAffinityMask uses all except Core 0, HT0 and HT11 where I park Active Sky and Chaseplane with FSUIPC: [Programs] RunIf1=AM=8388608,c:\program files\parallel 42\chaseplane\chaseplane.exe RunIf2=AM=8388608,"C:\Program Files\HiFi\ASP3D\ASP3D.exe" -simVersion=5
  2. Released a fix for sode jetways. http://www.taxi2gate.org/downloads/p3d/LFPGV5-SODE-FIX.exe
  3. I have already purchased it but it does not work with current version.
  4. I think the problem is with the activation file, it generates a .net error.
  5. Quote "The distribution of this product has been suspended due to LatinVFR releasing their Miami KMIA V5 scenery which includes many downtown buildings." Unquote
  6. I'm having the same problem and when I mute the sim the frames come back to norm. I also noticed when unmuting that Windows Audio process uses more cpu resources. GSX has no affect.
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