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  1. I would much rather have this than people walking through each other which IMO is very un-realistic. Maybe an option to have them walk at the same speed if preferred? Don't know how hard this would be. Otherwise, thanks for the continued P3D support!!
  2. I would be happy if they got the basics right like people not walking through each other and baggage not protruding through the side of the air stairs as they walk down them.
  3. Now just the obligatory 7 day wait for FSPS to update FFTF Dynamic 😆 Or maybe we won't need it anymore?
  4. You can't use external frame rate limiters or this happens.
  5. Yes that is what I am trying to do, thanks anyway.
  6. Yes I do have a second PC that I use for my EFB, so I might give that a try thanks.
  7. Thanks for the tips Ray, It's a shame RC4 doesn't divert voices to the Voice Playback Device selected in P3D. That works really well with the standard P3D ATC.
  8. I use a real world David Clark headset with a Flight SoundX usb adaptor and it works great with P3D ATC voices, just not with RC4 😞
  9. Thanks for the info, all up and running now. Only problem is I can barely hear the voices as they are played on the main speakers at a fairly low volume level. I have voices set in P3D to play on my headphones but RC4 doesn't seem to use them, is there any way to change this? Also tried changing volume levels in P3D for voices but no change.
  10. Did you have to re-install FSUIPC inside the simulator - I've installed RC4 ok but I don't get the little display window (AdvDisp). I'm guessing it's because I have FSUIPC installed as an XML addon also and it's FSUIPC that drives this display? Any advice appreciated.
  11. Maybe GSX is exacerbating the problem. Just seems strange that I had never had it before using GSX.
  12. IMHO I think this has something to do with GSX or the Couatl Engine. I have never suffered this problem at all since installing 5.3 and both Hot Fixes until now. Everything has been fantastically smooth!! I haven't used GSX for quite a while until today when I purchased FSDT Euroairport Basel on sale at Simmarket. Unfortunately, it wouldn't install unless GSX was installed in the simulator so I downloaded and installed GSX and GSXL2 and activated them both. I then loaded the sim into my default airport of EGGP and while stood at the parking position I started playing with the settings in the GSX menu. Suddenly I noticed the simulator was extremely slow in responding - view changes were taking 4 to 5 seconds as was any response to key presses. I looked over at my GPU monitoring software and it showed that my GPU load was 0%, which I have never seen before. The simulator was unusable and the only way I could cure it was to exit and reload. The next flight so far has been ok, but it just seems too much of a coincidence that I have never seen this problem at all until loading and activating GSX. I will report if I have any further problems, at which point GSX will be binned again. Do all of you who have this problem use GSX? Just my 2 cents. 😕
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