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  1. I think the ideal spec is 50 Mbps, not 50 MBps - Big difference!! At least I hope so or it won't be running very well on my internet 😆
  2. Do you have the Isolation valve open to allow air flow from the number 1 side to number 2 side? Also it is normal to start the number 2 engine first. Hope this helps.
  3. This link works, but the download link it takes you to for v5 doesn't work, it gives the following message 'The requested URL /FFTFP3Dv5/FFTF_Dynamic_P3Dv5_Setup.exe was not found on this server.'
  4. Exeter (EGTE), Bournemouth (EGHH) and Bristol (EGGD) because I learnt to fly at Exeter and those 3 airports formed the triangle in my Navigation test flight. Also Inverness (EGPE) as that is my home airport now and the surroundings are so beautiful. 🙂
  5. Also working here now, although I did have to download it twice as the first attempt must have been corrupt and wouldn't install.
  6. Hi Stan Same here, managed to register it, but it won't run. Either error message or nothing at all. 😪
  7. Thanks for the heads up! Great news 😀
  8. They used to be one of the first to release an update, but not recently. Wonder what has changed? Maybe just that v5 works so differently. Anyway hope it's soon as it is my must have add-on!
  9. Any news on an update for FFTF Dynamic?
  10. Sorry, I tried removing my reply because it only related to v5 and I re-read your post and saw you were using v4.5. Just to clarify, in v5 if you have v-sync off the problem isn't there, If v-sync is on then I found you need to turn Triple Buffering on as well to avoid halving the frame rate when you have an un-docked panel. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. He said 'it feels like a total new sim' not a completely different LOOKING sim.
  12. It's very much appreciated, thank you 🙂
  13. Yes, I had the same thing a couple of days ago. Frames were fine at 30fps on the ground, went to outside view of the left side of aircraft and frames plummeted to 11. Every other outside view and cockpit views were fine at 30, but every time I went to outside left frames dropped again. Didn't know what caused it at the time, but maybe AS beta 4? No thunderstorms at the time though, so maybe un-related.
  14. It has been released, but not everyone is getting it at the same time via windows update. Apparently it also checks your system and won't offer the update if it feels it will be problematic. Both my Desktop PC's are not showing the update. You can download and install it manually if you want, but you could run into problems. Hope this helps.
  15. No, you don't need it. Just rename your v5 install folder to v4 and change the registry entry for v5 to v4 (details of which reg entry to change are in the Pirep article) and it fools the PMDG installer in to thinking that v5 is actually v4. Don't forget to copy the xml.dll as detailed earlier in this thread. Also change everything back to v5 when finished.
  16. Ok, I have my sensitivity set to 100 in P3D (Default 127) and no Null Zone. In the CDU I have 'Steering Feel' set to 'Using raw input'. But bear in mind that I have an actual Tiller Wheel, so these settings may not feel right with a joystick - you may have to experiment a bit. These settings will reduce the twitchiness but it will never feel like another aircraft or the NGX because of this new system PMDG introduced with the NGXu that most people seem to dislike. Hope this helps.
  17. Sorry, I can't remember my sensitivity setting, I'll post it next time I am on P3D - hopefully not too long. Just try reducing to about 75% initially and see how it feels - it's probably an individual thing - what's right for me might not feel right to you 🙂 Just assign the joystick axis to 'steering tiller' in the P3D menu and choose Tiller in the CDU menu.
  18. I have all my axis set up in P3D and it works well for me. FSUIPC is fine for other things such as joystick buttons etc. but I don't think it is recommended for axis setup with PMDG products. Just my opinion. If you want to stick with FSUIPC you can adjust the curve to make the axis less sensitive initially which should help.
  19. Have you tried reducing the sensitivity of the Axis you are using in the P3D menu (options, control calibration)? that worked for me.
  20. Thanks for correcting my post, I wasn't aware of those changes.
  21. HI Stan Just to let you know, Gsync and Freesync are two different systems that achieve the same thing and shouldn't be used together. Gsync is developed by Nvidia and Freesync by AMD. If you have a Gsync monitor, you will need an Nvidia graphics card to use Gsync and if you have a Freesync monitor you will need an AMD graphics card. Other combinations will not work at all and shouldn't be used e.g Gsync won't work if you have a Gsync monitor and an AMD graphics card. The purpose of Gsync OR Freesync is to constantly try to match your monitor refresh with the output FPS of your graphics card for a smooth experience. This is in contrast to Vsync where a set fps of say 30 is required for it to work. So you only ever need to use one of these technologies depending on which monitor and graphics card you have. Hope this helps.
  22. Is this a typo? Should be Alt and Enter.🙂 Maybe that's why you've got a problem? works fine here.
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