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  1. Spoke too soon, Today both Carenado airplanes are basically unflyable. 😬 Default A/C and FSX are not affected.😅 Somehow Axis and Button assignments are being changed without my input, on takeoff have turning to right, unable to correct without using left brake. Also had complete Nav failure. All Navaids just went dark. Methinks will wait until either Saitek or Honeycomb have products available for purchase. I have had this Yoke since MSFS 4.
  2. I thought my CH Yoke problems were fixed by using FSUICP v6 for LM P3D v4.5. Once I set up all of the yoke functions on FSUICP the problems I had appeared to be fixed. The problems; Sharp turning to the right, no directional, attitude control, trim, gear and flap button changes without my input, All of these issues were only with P3Dv4.5. Did NOT have problems with FSX . Default aircraft appear to be unaffected, only add on. Now today, I find that the Carenado C210 and D18 are unflyable (is that a word?) on P3Dv4.5. Somehow yoke button assignments are being changed without my input. I did read somewhere that the latest Windows 10 update caused similar issues.
  3. Did not realize how many issues there were with the CH Yoke and P3D v4.5. Also not sure when this started. The issues included complete loss of directional control and Yoke Button assignments changed without my input. I did not have the problems with FSX, only v4 P3D. Purchased and installed FSUIPC v6 and all of the problems I had with control are gone. Have to get the paid version but that is well worth it. Happy once again,
  4. Reload oof v4 no help. Going to try the FSUIPC6 route.
  5. Going to reload v4 to see if that corrects it.
  6. Nope, not Brake Pedals, but thanks for the thought.
  7. Recently using Carenado C210 in Landing config 82 kts, the A/C dove and turned sharp to right. Unable to recover. Later using the AC11 the same thing happened. Now cold and dark start C210, D-18, F22 and AC 11 when brakes released and power applied the A/C turns sharp to right. Difficult to control with full left controls.
  8. Thanks, appreciate your reply and advice, I kind of suspected it would not be worthwhile.
  9. I utilize just one of the P3d default A/c as I have installed the payware that I enjoy and use. It takes 2 minutes to boot P3d to my default flight ready to go. Wondering if, 1. deleting default A/C which I do not use will create problems. 2. If no problems, will the boot time be affected.
  10. Why do you not use the UTX? I loaded Ultimate Terrain V2 last night as it seems the majority of the threads I read preferred it over ORBX Vector. I am still involved with installing this new OS and Hardware so I have no experience with it yet.
  11. Yes, I did not intend to reinstall GE Pro, also not sure about the value of the FSG products. Presently installing the ORBX products and looking at Ultimate Terrain.
  12. Had all kinds of problems with my previous installation of FSX on Win 7 Pro.. Finally purchased another SSD and Windows 10 Home and Pro. (didn't realize I purchased both). Installed Home and did a clean install of FSX Deluxe plus Acceleration. Does it matter what order I install all of my addon Scenery? I have; FSG North America US East and West, Canada and Mexico, and World American Data Roads, Streams, Rails Utilities FS Pilot Shop JFD-390, MSE 160-1 thru7, FSG115, 320-1,2 & 3, AKHI, & FSGATAP_US_HI GE Pro FTX_AU, NA, OLC, Global Base,OPen NA, Buildings, Trees, Southern Alaska, PAEN, PAHO, PAJN, PAKT, PAVD & PAYA.
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