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  1. Good to see you back, I was running as administrator, have it working, I think. Was FSUIPC . copied v6 to RC4 folder and that took care of the errors. Will attempt to fly a bit later today or tomorrow and see where I am. Get better. Best Regards, and thanks
  2. Sorry to hear about you having a cold, Lord knows I cannot afford to get one, at my age probably would not survive it. Take care and get better soon. I think I'm running in admin mode although I do not know for sure. Yes the path is shown in the main RC interface.
  3. Thanks much for your reply to my post. I followed your suggestion pointing to a previous post. That did solve one instance however not the (Check Options, test pilot voice, Error 75 rcv4 module.pilot_ack) or ( click on rebuild scenery, enter path to FS, C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 get error code 75 Path/File access error), also (Click start RC, ATC Connect window comes up with two options, 1- Clearance, click on this and I see "standby" for a second nothing after. clicking again gets no response. 2- WX, no response, and my only option to proceed is to quit rcv. that gets me Error code 75 fsuipc.rcv 4 code). I have searched for other code 75 posts but do not see anything that looks familiar. I am convinced that I have improperly installed RC and rather than try to fix these issues I will uninstall and reinstall. I do remember now that the installer kept asking for the fsx exe. I of course do not have FSX and I just disregarded the request, perhaps that has created my issues. If all else fails I could revert back to P3d ATC. Hopefully I will not have to post again for assistance. I do apologize for my ignorance and do appreciate your kind assistance,
  4. New PC build fresh install Windows 10, P3d v4, MSSTDFMT. DLL and FSUIPC v6 installed and registered. Problems getting Radar Contact to work . Get Error codes at different phases. Run Time Error 75 Path/File access error, fsuipc. rcv 4 code and rcv4 module.pilot_ack Bring up Radar Contact, click on fs200, bring up saved flight plan, click on Controller, make note that all is well, Check Options, test pilot voice and get Error 75 rcv4 module.pilot_ack, click on rebuild scenery, enter path C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 get error code 75 Path/File access error, Click start, ATC Connect window comes up with two options, 1- Clearance, click on this and I see "standby" for a second nothing after. clicking again gets no response. 2- WX, do get automated weather which just keeps repeating and my only option to proceed is to quit rcv. that gets me Error code 75 fsuipc.rcv 4 code. Hear P3d ATC Ground controller talking although Air Traffic Control is not checked in Navigation.
  5. Is the F1 GTN750 the same as the RXP GTN750 or are they two different products Found the answer please disregard
  6. Just tried the Aeroplane Heaven Sabreliner available free at ORBX, I'm not much into Turbines either with a Prop or not but liked the look of this so gave it a try. Going to take a little getting used to. looking for install instructions for the F1GTN750 so far without success, Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Goodness, another 86 yo I came on this thread while searching for the advantages (or not) of upgrading from v4 to 5. I too have been around since FS95, buying airplanes, scenery and whatever that I thought would provide the opportunity to relive days gone by. while presently in the midst of upgrading my system my thoughts were leading me to look at v5 however, reading your thoughts I will enjoy what I have.
  8. It seems to be on the Carenado A/C, the C421, C210 and the D18 are the only ones that I have looked at. I have opened a support rquest with Carenado although I have not yet heard from them. Also, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the 421 without any change.
  9. Have, Uninstalled FSUIPC6, Saitek and,Bodnar Drivers, Repaired P3d and reinstalled FSUIPC6, Uninstalled the Saitek Yoke System and reinstalled the CH Products Yoke. I still have the same issues, Shift +1,+2 etc as well as other clickable areas on A/C panels that do not function.
  10. Installed Drivers for Saitek Yoke System. On the Albeo C421 the Shift + 1 should bring up the GNS430 as a large pop up, Shift +2 the Auto Pilot. Neither of these or others are working since installing the Saitek Drivers. There were other issues also but seem to have resolved most. This Yoke System has the Leo Bodnar mod installed .
  11. Complete reinstall fixed everything. RC4 and GTN750 installed and working nicely. Will be more careful making changes in the future. 😬 Thanks
  12. My apologies, Flight Plan PAMR to PAGK- 11000 Low Airways. PAMR-BGQ-Matta-Eureka-Smokey-PAGK. T/O R/W 7. I did not select NOTAMS, but I will in the future. Climbed to 11000, Flew Rnwy heading 070 for 49 miles, left to 275 degrees 49 miles to BGQ 112.5.
  13. Ray, not really, happened again but think it has to do something with the tallest mountain within the area. The second time I decided to wait until something happened or til I just got tired. Then after 50 some miles after t/o, I was given a new heading almost 180 degrees from the runway heading which put me on a course to my first checkpoint which was 28 miles from my departure point. So flew 100 miles to get to my first checkpoint. Going to look at something to work around this. I did read a thread wherein you mentioned to do something different when in Mountainous area. Will look for that thread again.
  14. Thanks so much for the comments, Kind of felt it had to be my installation as I had searched here and elsewhere for bug speeds, flap and trim settings for this airplane without success but also felt it should fly off the runway at less than 120kts. with trim set at or near 0. Since installing I noticed how difficult it was to get it airbourne and then had to get hard on the nose down trim to keep it from stalling. This is what I have tried, T/O trim as much as 6.0 nose up (no joy), flap settings 1 and 2, (nope), attempt to relocate CG aft (no). P3dv4, PAMR, rnwy 25, Gross weight 7416 Trim 1.0 nose up Flaps 1, Tried to Rotate at 100 kts, full rear deflection of yoke was finally able to get airbourne at 130 kts. BTW the way I loaded the A/C- Pilot and copilot 190 each, 3rd row 300 lbs each side (fat guys) cab A 400 and B 100. This trying to get the cg rearward. Think I will reinstall and see what happens,
  15. Have not been able to establish a trim setting for T/O that allows for smooth rotation. Almost impossible to get airbourne without full rear deflection of yoke. Typical takeoff at any weight am still hard on the ground at 120k. Trim set at rear of T/O marks. Don't know if I have corrupted installation or not. What trim setting do some of you use and at what speed do you rotate the 421.
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