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  1. Wow my friend, you have saved my life. I was going crazy here, tried absolutely everything except turning EA off. At least deactivating and activating EA again makes it work. Thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks for the answer. The text that appears using ctrl-z works fine, its the text in the green banner that is not working 😬
  3. So here is a weird one. Suddenly my P3d message text is unreadable. I use certain addons like GSX that require the use of the message box, so its a problem for me. Its like the fonts were replaced by boxes. I have tried a lot of things: updated video drivers, reinstalled client and content, deleted shaders, p3d.cfg, reinstalled GSX, FSUIPC, Simconnect, started the sim windowed, changed AA and AS settings, but no sucess so far. Please if somebody could point me in some direction will be appreciated. Thanks 🙂
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